A little bit awkward…

Hello friends, just a quick post about Kidspots top 50 bloggers which I have been lucky enough to be nominated for.
I feel a bit at a loss, I don’t normally try and promote myself and posts like these make me feel a little uneasy.
I know everyone says they blog because they just love it so I don’t want to give you all that, you know that I do, so things like this are hard for me to promote, those who know me in the real world would know that this is quite painful to do.
So put me out of my misery, please vote for me  and I will be back later with what I do best, a recipe for some date & walnut cupcakes.


  • oh course i will go and vote for you Cathie! Off to click now…

  • Fun! This sounds exciting! xo

  • you have my vote beautiful lady! xx

  • Cathie,
    Done – you've been on the top of my list since I started blogging & I always love reading you. I'll look out for that recipe – sounds delish.
    Have a super dooper week.

  • Good on you Cathie – I'm off to vote and will be back for promised recipe later on! Yummy.

  • Congratulations Lovely Lady and well deserved! I have voted for you already!

  • you are my favorite aussie blogger! voted.. good luck – hope it brings something good to you cathie! you're very talented… i always thought the stars were sprinkles btw..

  • Cathie I would be only too HAPPY to vote for you..have only been a follower for a little while but have been reading back through your posts whenever I get the chance and love your blog 🙂

    A big congrats on your nomination, I think you are very deserving!!


    ps that recipe sounds delish.

  • I voted you x

  • Voted for you! Your blog is just so lovely xx

  • Congratulations Cathie! Your blog is so full of joy, delight, goodness and yum – you wow my eyes and warm my heart, and it's been that way from the moment I first clicked my way over here. Good luck to your delicious M.E, lovely lady!

  • Done! All voted 🙂
    Good luck mama.

  • you have my vote for sure … and i love the sound and look of those delicious muffins . enjoy your moment x

  • Of course I will head off and vote for one of my absolute favorite blogs!! All the best 🙂

  • Voted! Well done and well deserved! I privilege to be in the Top 50 with you. x

  • I've voted for you. The muffins sound yummy. Hoping that you get the recipe up tonight. Someone is having a birthday here and she has to make her own cake – muffins would be super

  • You are the toppest of bloggers Cathie –
    we love popping round to visit you in this beautiful place!XX2U

  • This is so wonderful 🙂 I've voted

  • aww bless you but you so deserve it your blog is wonderful. I am going over right now to vote..good luck ;-)) Have a lovely day, dee x

  • Congrats Cathie, I cast my vote for you 🙂

  • Cat

    I was so thrilled to see you nominated (and of course I voted for you!) cos you know I just adore your place and well, you! I feel the same way about self promotion and haven't even posted about it yet that's how silly I feel. xxxxxxx

  • Tas

    Of course I will vote for you…as long as you post that recipe 🙂

  • that is awesome. i am so happy to be your blogging friend and so fortunate to have met you and your lovely daughter too.

    You are one special lady!

    well done on successful blogging without the intent of fame 😉 x

  • Kat

    Congratulations! That is so cool. I will definitely pop over and vote for you.

  • Yay! Congratulations! …youve got my vote! ; )

  • Cathie!! Well done. Please don't feel painful or awkward {although I totally get where you are coming from} you deserve this high praise indeed. Off to vote. x

  • Congratulations Cathie! I saw the list yeaterday and voted for you straight away!

  • How exciting!! Congratulations Cathie! I am on my way to vote ~ fun!
    xo Catherine

  • You gorgeous girl. I'm so delighted you're getting the praise you deserve. Wishing you the best of British, sweet friend. J x

  • Just did Cathie! & I will send this link along to some friends!!!

  • Hi Cathie,

    I am visiting from Libbie's sweet blog. I voted for you! 🙂 Your blog is lovely! Good luck…I hope you win!!


  • Indeed I have voted. Great voting system I must say. Good luck.

  • go for it Cathie!!! off to vote XO

    p.s have passed on an award to you over at my blog XO

  • I went off to vote, but forgot to tell you… so now I have xx

  • Congratulations! I have voted for you!
    I love your blog as you are so genuine and your photos and cooking are both delicious.

  • I was too late! Sorry. You have a lovely blog award or no award.

  • Good on you Cathie it is a well deserved nomination. I have popped my vote so good luck!!

  • Well done Cathie! You sure have my vote!

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