• such a great photo Cathie, i lvoe those ones when they don't know you are taking them…

  • Wow, they look so alike!
    Hope you are all having a lovely week Cathie.xx

  • It sure is a precious moment, such a lovely picture…

  • Oh you should see my children this weekend, clinging to their papa, it's just beautiful. Can you imagine 9 months apart?? But you know what, it's like he never left, they're so close immediately.
    That is a gorgeous shot, my husband & son have a very close understanding of each other, starting with both having lots of big sisters!! Just beautiful, love Posie

  • Ho! so cute!

  • Very sweet Cathie! A good shot to frame xo

  • awww that's sweet – what a lovely candid pic 🙂

  • Lovely! What a sweet picture.

  • Oh Cathie!
    What a photo! What a gorgeous moment to capture. I'm with Beck, that's definitely farmeworthy. X

  • GOrgeous Cathie.
    What a precious moment to capture.

  • such a lovely moment … it made me smile!

  • Hi Cathie – what precious moments indeed…moments to cherish!
    Have a happy, blissful week 🙂
    xo, Kali

  • Beautiful!

  • this is a beautiful thought to start the week on.

  • such a relaxed portrait – the way your colours are aged is so striking, it warms the picture to match the moment.
    have a lovely week cathie 🙂

  • You are so right Cathie, these moments are soooo precious, what a great thing that you can capture them so beautifully! Have a great week filled with more precious moments xx

  • TK

    absolutely beautiful photo……

  • Priceless! They look so alike! And Aidan is looking so grown up!

  • Happy week to you to Cathie xx Lovely photo!

  • I love that both your boys are in their socks! Have a lovely week Cathie, I hope the Melbourne sun shines for you all (except maybe those rabid Pies supporters!)
    Millie ^_^

  • Adorable sweet one….sending you love for a great week.

  • Hi, Cathie!!

    Two boys and so much love around!!
    Intimate precious moment your lovely eyes registered!

    My best wishes for the best week for you all!!! Kisses!!! Bela.

  • This is such a precious photo a memory to treasure.
    Have a wonderful week with precious times. xx

  • Wishing you a happy and smiley week! Enjoy!

  • Bec

    Aw that is such a sweet photo Cathie, so relaxed and really captures the feeling in that moment.

  • When I grow up, I wanna take pictures like Cathie!


  • Oh absolutely precious!!! This is just priceless 🙂

  • Flo

    It's so cute… A great moment !

  • Anonymous

    Master chef & little chef ?
    Lovely imagery Cath.

  • Gorgeous photo. A loving moment captured beautifully. x

  • Your sweet pea is soooooo ADORABLE, Cathie. The cutest, precious little face ever! Much love for the rest of the week. xoxoxo

  • Oh, this is precious. You've made me happy this afternoon.

  • Aww … Precious!