• Anonymous

    love you and your watercolours too!

    Michelle B xxxxxxxx

  • I can't agree more …

  • Right back at you!

  • Loves all around!!!

  • love xx

  • That's beautiful! Happy Valentine's!

  • Hope your day is full of cuddles that are long, and soft with lots of kisses from your family 🙂

  • Cat

    Wholeheartedly agree Cathie. I hope you and your loved ones have a LOVE filled day. xo

  • hugs & kisses
    Cathy xx

  • Absolutely!! My husband is out field & can't even SMS a message of love today, but doesn't bother me, i know he's thinking of me regardless. We don't celebrate anniversaries either (good plan seeing he's miss 11 of them so far!!) Every day we're together is so special, ahhh. Love to you & your husband, love Posie

  • To be honest it's been more a day filled with oven-cleaning (ergh!) than love but I fully intend to do better tomorrow…

  • xoxoxoo sending you lots of sweet love today my friend.

  • That's exactly how I feel!

  • yay! i love this :)) and i love youu :))
    happy valentie's dayyyyy!

  • Yes Isn't it so important to love and feel love everyday and not just one day a year:)

  • Mmmmmwwwwaaaaahhhhhxx

  • Kat

    what a sweet post! I hope your day was full of love. Happy Valentines.