Love waking up to

these little toes that sneak in during the night

I have to edit to add that this is Aidan

that sneaky smile that makes my heart smile

wearing daddy’s shoes because he loves it so much


the boy being home on the long weekend and enjoying his brekkie outside in the beautiful autumn morning sun


  yummy hot soy chai with honey
 home made hot cross buns


and I especially love that after an anxious few months, I can finally sleep knowing that it can just be stress that makes you feel sick

Hope you love waking up to the simple things around you.

Enjoy the long weekend and the last few days of the school holidays my friends ♥

  • Couldn't want for a better prescription for an Easter holiday. Breathe easy, sweet lady.

  • oh Cathie, I am so glad you can sleep.
    So very glad.
    And chai and sunshine is really good medicine isn't it.
    And, you have made me smile, once again, with beautiful images captured by a mum.
    And, how great is the hair on that child. Wow!
    And, happy long weekend, lovely x

  • Oh those toes, that smile! what a great way to wake up. Glad to hear you have a smile on your face this long weekend
    have a very happy easter Cathie

  • jeez you sure have yourself a really unfortunate child in the looks department!!!he is so … so… beautiful!

    I am glad your health is good and nothing that cannot be fixed with some life adjustment and talking. Hugs cathie. xxx

  • Such a gorgeous post, Cathie! I'm glad you're sleeping better, too….

  • there is nothing like that little person in your bed! I miss mine that much at the moment. I am very happy that you are sleeping better, and you are enjoying the simple things, like sunshine, awesome chai, and those hot cross buns!

    happy easter lovely xx

  • Completely adorable, my son is wearing my husband's shoes right now (he always puts them on to put them away & walks them down the hall) scary that at age 7 his feet are so huge, it's not a struggle to wear such enormous shoes!! I've never encouraged my children to climb into bed but they're always welcomed with a cuddle when they come in, even the high schooler, especially on a cold Wintery morning in Canberra. It's a bit nuts when they're 6 in the bed, but hey, that is how it ends up on special days like tomorrow – Easter, with their eggs & hoping they don't melt onto the bedlinen. Love Posie

  • Oh boy…your little man is super adorable 🙂 all our children have gone through the faze of wearing their daddy's shoes, such a cute sight to see them clobbering around in them.
    I know all too well the anxiety that stress can cause on one's health and am glad to hear that you can sleep peacefully

  • Beautiful. Sleep well xo

  • Tas

    I am glad that you are smiling at the moment. I don't wake to little feet in my bed lol because if they are there, I am not sleeping 😛 Beautiful pics and you have such a gorgeous little man!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • YAY!!! that's the best news ever!! Sleep deep my sweet friend xo

  • so glad that you are finally breathing easier!! and just gorgeous pics of the boy! He is looking so much older and even more like miss A, i reckon?!

    XO happy easter

  • I certainly do Cathie – lovely to see your post tonight! Thank you for the blessing you've been to me with your kind words. (: Love Rach xo

  • Gorgeous photos of your boy, Happy Easter to you all xx

  • Vic

    So. Gorgeous. SO GORGEOUS. Gah. What a heart breaker…!

    Happy Easter Cathie. xx

  • How much does Aidan look like you!!! Wow!!
    Gorgeous photos and wonderful post Cathie.
    I'm so pleased you are feeling better.
    And that you have your chef boy around a bit.
    Sleep well lovely.

  • It's amazing what stress can do to you. Glad to hear that thing are getting better. Gorgeous pictures yet again!

  • Such beautiful pictures that make my heart smile too! Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous family!

  • Happy easter Cathie – i love these sweet pix of your girl – her smile is worth a million dollars! So funny to think it's autumn where you are. Here, lilac is in full bloom! Cheers to a relaxed and fun long weekend!

  • Oh my Darling you have a beautiful family…and those toes…perfect!
    Have a BLESSED Easter my dear friend, enjoying much laughter with family and friends…HUGS and KISSES…Rosie

  • Such beautiful photo's there is no need for words with them they each tell there own and with such beautiful delight to. Your little girl is so very pretty and such gorgeous hair to. Have a lovely weekend, hugs, dee xx

  • thanks for the sweet comments ladies, I really have to put a disclosure in there sometimes to point out that it's a "he", Aidan…I know, the hair fools everyone!

  • B

    Stunning photos Cathie – your little princess is so adorable, awww! Glad to hear you are sleeping and feeling better. The effects of stress are really quite scary.

    Happy Easter – enjoy those buns!


  • Stress sure can have a massive impact on your health, and often without us having any idea. I'm so glad you are feeling better for knowing this, I wish you a beautiful easter weekend with your family, enjoy! xx

  • A gorgeous boy for a gorgeous mum. Happy Easter love. xx

  • aidan is so adorable! that smile! that hair! those eyes! : ) why stressed cathie? don't worry, be happy… : )

  • Happy Easter guys. Hope you've had a super fabulous chocolate filled day!

  • Happy happy easter to you sweet lady and your beautiful cutie pie family;) I am so happy to hear that you are ok, I was very worried. Stress can do some horrible things to our bodies, I've started going to yoga to try and de-stress and I've been really enjoying it so far. Enjoy the rest of your weekend together. xo

  • Happy Easter Cathie!
    Oh those little toes sneaking up on you ~ in the quilt and in Daddy's shoes… grow up * they still do that even when they're 27 yrs old :o)
    thank goodness! Treasuring each moment!
    Happy Happy Easter!
    Blessings always,

  • You have quite a beautiful life Cathie thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Your pictures made me go oooh, as always.
    I hope you have enjoyed a lovely Easter, sweet Cathie.
    Love for the new week xxxxx

  • looks like the makings of a wonderful holiday.
    {i secretly love those night time visits}

    take care lovely


  • Oh look at that baby, and his gorgeous toes! Actually, the buns are gorgeous too. So lovely to have a little people to snuggle – and they grow so quickly, so you just have to enjoy the little moments…

    And pesky, uninvited stress… begone!

  • Ahhh! He is so gorgeous! I could never get after that boy! He would get away with everything with me because he would just make me smile even if he was up top no good. & your photography is sooo magazine worthy!

    I got the sweetest cards from Australia today! I even knew it was coming & I still did not know how fu that would be to get a card from you! I was so happy my little sister was here to show them off too! & I read the opening complimentary line twice to her just because I loved it 🙂 You are too sweet! But then I already knew that 🙂 Oh & thank you so much for the extra card! I want to put it in a frame I can't imagine sending it off! It is just way too cute! If you ever quit baking…photoshoots & styling is right up your alley! Thanks Cathie!!!! Love Lib

  • Can't argue enough how nice it is to wake up being greeted at the sight Aidan the adorable one. Glad you finally have a breather just make sure to drink a daily dose of those life's sweet moments and you'll sure be okay.

  • What cute little toes! Adorable photos. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Homemade hot-cross-buns?! You amaze me! XOL

  • What a cute little guy! And he looks so well in daddies shoes 🙂
    Hope you spent a great weekend! Here we did.

  • I am glad you have so much to be grateful for. Yummy looking easter buns. Hope your weekend was fab 🙂

  • Nothing better than sweet toes that find their way into your bed like a well rehearsed play.
    Your boy is adorable. So sweet…
    I'm glad you had a good weekend.

  • Hey Cathie, I just loved this adorable post, your little one is so super sweet. It looks like things are good in your world, so happy to hear that and to see you celebrating the simple & beautiful moments. Much love to you xo

  • Beautifully captured moments, Cathie. Breathe them in…. xxn

  • Stunning!!! Wow, you really caught the such beautiful moments 🙂

  • I love everything about this post – just gorgeous!!

  • Oh Cathie, this is just beautiful. And you are so right. I hope that there is less stress and more sleep in your life. What's not to love about those beautiful men in your life?? And those hot cross buns look SO yummy! xx

  • Wow, Cathie – those photos are wonderful – you are a gem!

  • Such wonderful photos Cathie! And little Aiden, what a beautiful boy, he'll be a heartbreaker for sure. : )
    Hope your weekend is lovely. x