• Hey there…way cute pics with your fixed cam! I am feeling blogland love too right now! I wanna go click on your links! Night!!! Oh & I am so glad you are gonna enter the cupcake contest! I wish the prize was bigger!!!

  • The blog world really are amazing!

  • So much love in the blogging world. I quite simply LOVE it. 🙂

  • And much LOVE back at you Cathie 🙂

  • Awesome – and loving your photos!!

  • Yay camera is back! Great shots.


  • blogging is a beautiful community and so is australia. I love how we all join together.

    love your images…. yay for the camera! x

  • Very simple yet creative. Beautiful photos

  • aww so glad your camera is back look forward to all your lovely posts again ;-)) Dee x

  • Hi Cathie.
    May I please feature your wonderful yellow buttons heart on my rainbow blog? I'm celebrating the colour yellow and looking for awesome yellow stuff! Or maybe you can email me a guest write up on anything yellow and attach your pic. to it? Mon x

  • Yes blog world is working hard to get some handmade craft to auction & raffle off, it's one great step towards feeling less helpless. My husband lives in Brisbane, he can't even get to his house, stuck on the north coast of NSW. Love Posie

  • Much love right back at you, sweet Cathie. The blog world is a very inspiring community indeed! Hooray for having your camera back in the house and do have a lovely evening xxxx

  • right on cathie !

  • Oh Cathie, you are so supportive. And your photographs… stunning. Glad you have your best friend back 😉 xx

  • Sweet photos! Hooray for your camera coming home! 🙂

    xo Catherine

  • Such beautiful photos dear sweet Cathie xox

  • I just discovered your blog and got so inspired! Love your recipies feel like trying them all!
    Take care

  • I've found that visiting so many lovely bloggers this morning has inspired me so much, and restored some hope to the feelings of helplessness. So glad your camera is back xo

  • Yay for the camera fix..Sweet sweet photos and lot's of love right back at ya!

  • Bec

    It is a wonderful community Cathie, I love watching people come together to offer thier support x

  • Yay, its back, and what beautiful pictures it takes too! Love the creative yellow heart in the grass ♥

  • These floods are so devastating 🙁 – my thoughts are with those that have been affected.

  • Love these pictures – so good to see this green, green grass, so funky with the yellow heart! Enjoy taking photos again!

  • Oh this snappy is FULL of love…as is this post.
    Are you affected by all this water dear one? My thoughts and prayers are with these families during this devastating event.
    Oh so nice to see those cute toes in that soft green grass…We have MUCH snow…so I am sending you a warm January HUG.
    * * * xoxox (OK,a couple kisses too) * * * Rosie

  • Gorgeous photos!