• How cool is that?! I know exactly where that has come from! How lovely to see it on your gorgeous girl.

  • Ohhh, she is a lucky girl!!! I love that dress so much even I would wear it!

  • Kat

    what a very lucky girl!

  • Awww- that is so sweet!

  • That is one fantastic dress! It looks so lovely on A!xx

  • A very lucky girl indeed!

  • It's such a lovely dress! You are very lucky! 🙂

  • Very lucky indeed! The dress is gorgeous.

  • Loving the dress, the cupcake and pink converse looks cool too.

  • Yay!!!! lucky Amelie. xx

  • I thought I recognized that beautiful dress…So so sweet of her…It's perfectly adorable on your cutie pie.

  • YUM! Thanks lovely girls that was just what I felt like.
    Its long. I guess that means it'll fit her for a few years.
    I hope your princess enjoys wearing it.

  • ooooohhhhhh!!!!! Gorgeousness!! Does it come in adult sizes!?

  • drat, here was i hoping Kate would want a 30 something foster child and make that dress a bit bigger to fit me – I am so glad Amelie got it for her birthday though – its a very envious outfit !
    Happy Birthday Amelie !

  • A1! It's just fab

  • How gorgeous!!xx

  • Hi Cathie! Your Amelie looks so sweet in that pretty dress!! Lucky she is and me too!! Thank you for the lovely words on my blog!! Today is my birthday and you are responsible for making my day happier!!!
    Kisses from Brasil!! Bela.

  • Oh my! That dress is just gorgeous!

  • she really is lucky (and gorgeous…)

  • lucky girl! looks so pretty 🙂

    by the way, i wish i got chance to cupcake work with you..

  • Very lucky indeed. Such a sweet sweet dress for your gorgeous girl. So much loveliness all round. Makes me smile.

  • Adorable photo,so colorful and sweet excuse the pun,lol.Thanks for sharing Cathie.

  • i recognized the dress right away, you lucky ladies.

  • What a wonderful dress! So neat to see where that gorgeous dress ended up!

  • Did I ever tell you how much I love your sweet daughters name, Cathie?
    It's beautiful!
    Just like your pictures, cute and gorgeous.
    Enjoy your morning cup sweet friend. xxoxoxoxo

  • Mel

    Fantastic! I love seeing that dress in two different blog spaces! How perfectly does it fit your girl!

  • Oh how fantastic – I now have to pop over to Kate's!

  • I saw Kate creating this on her blog. It looks even sweeter on it's new owner! How gorgeous.

  • Love the photos – just beautiful. Kate is such an amazing sewer. Dress looks divine. If you do have that photo of the coffee table, would love to see it. Email address (just in case you don't have it anymore) is: hysend@bigpond.com. When you send the pic, would you mind sending me your address. Have a little something for you! Trace 🙂

  • What a clever idea for a dress, so sweet! Very whimsical. Clever woman at Fox's Lane! x

  • I recognise that dress!! And the cupcake she's holding looks perfect.

    I hope you're having a decent day!

  • Super duper cute – love love love.

  • How COOL is that LOOK?! I need to wear sweet dresses and pink sneakers more…

  • Such an adorable dress on such a sweetpea! xoxo

  • Ahhh..so sweet my dear…delightful!!!
    …….love Rosie……

  • beautiful photos to catch a memory forever

  • What a beautiful gift for your little one. I think it's lovely that she is also seeing the goodness that there is in the world when such gorgeous gifts come her way from wonderful friends.

  • Beautiful dress, and I love it with the shoes 🙂

  • so, so pretty for your lovely girl!

  • Amazing dress, lovely shoes AND a cupcake. With a little rose. How much better can it get? Have a lovely weekend!

  • I love the dress!!! Oh it's just the sweetest!!! Have a lovely weekend and thank you for the sweetest cupcake 🙂

  • This is so precious!

  • Hi Cathie! Your lovely and enchanting photos put a smile on my face on this sunny summer Sunday!

    The little dress and the pink shoes are so cute!!!

    Have a nice day!!

  • So ADORABLE! I am dying over the dress!

  • That dress is divine! What a beautiful photo!

  • That is so sweet. Love the photos:)

  • Oh, does that have "Kate" written all over it! Just gorgeous, and pairing it with those pink Converse couldn't be cuter…Enjoy!

  • I love the look, that dress and the shoes, just gorgeous.xo