Lucky girls

Don’t we just love the postman!

I wonder if the postman realised how loved he/she is in the land of blog.

My little girl loved her very beautifully, detailed and delicately handpainted doll that arrived safely all the way from New Zealand. A gorgeous giveaway gift from the wonderful Jennie.

We were both like kids in a lolly shop, beautiful doll and beautiful cards as well.


And can you see the inscription on the back of the doll, isn’t Jennie wonderful!


But why should my little one be the only lucky girl, I was also smiling when I received this wonderful quilted journal, made especially for me from Sarah, just because.
I can’t believe Sarah made it just for me!!
I think a few treasured recipes will be living in that very soon.


I hope you are having a happy day and smiling at the postman and hope you can pop round and visit these two wonderful girls.

  • Oh gorgeous! There is nothing more beautiful than something crafted with love is there?

  • that doll is just the sweetest! have a happy day enjoying your new gifts girls x

  • That is an incredibly cool doll!!!

  • Beautiful!! I love getting goodies in the mail!

  • She's beautiful, couldn't have gone to a lovelier family!! Just for the record . . . all Jennie's rock, are kind & generous, 'tis in the name, well actually it means 'white phantom' & i am NOT stealth!! Jennie can also mean strong, I am strong, mentally & physically, would love to be a marshmellow!! Love Posie

  • no other parcel today? 🙁

    that doll is amazing

  • I was sooooo jealous when I read that you won that doll!! She's just gorgeous! And the journal is fab too! You certainly are lucky girls today!

  • You are one super lucky dame!!! That DOLL is DELICIOUS!!

  • Those gifts are just lovely…..the doll is to die for and your journal looks so scrumptious. Lucky girls indeed!!!!

  • You received much loveliness, Cathie! I love seeing the postman too!!

    Have a happy day, or better, night! 😉

  • Cool pressies – Love that little doll she is super special.

  • WOW Cathie you definately are a lucky girl today too! Such beautiful goodies you have there absolutely stunning, I am off to check out the sender's blogs right now

  • They are lovely. It is so important to treat ourselves too from time to time. You deserve it! x

  • And why, pray tell should you not be lucky? Fabuleux…

  • I am hyperventilating over that doll!

  • Oh I know how much fun it is when the postman calls! Glad you got to open some lovely surprises.