Made ‘n’ Thornbury Market & The Gardens Market tomorrow

I know I should have been preparing for tomorrow’s markets last night but I wanted to finish off my market apron and as my little one would say…”ta-daaaaaaaa”.

I did have a laugh at a few of your comments yesterday though, thanks for the encouragement, but I will definitely be wearing clothes under it 🙂

It’s all done, but please don’t look too closely at the stitching, I am by no means the queen of aprons!

Off to bake now for the markets, happy Friday to you all and hope some of you can pop by and say hello, us girls will be at Thornbury and our boys will be at the Botanic Gardens.

  • love the new market apron, well done!
    wishing you a happy and productful day baking and good luck and happy sales at the markets 🙂
    xo, Kali

  • Your new apron looks just the ticket! I'm glad it's cooled down for your pre market baking today. Good luck for tomorrow xx

  • Such an awesome apron! Very hip!

  • The apron looks great! Wish I could pop by but we'll be at Collingwood children's Farm farmers' market. Hope you have a great and successful market. X

  • YaY!!!! It looks FANTASTIC…and you know how I love a combination of 2 fabrics together..BRILLIANT!!! x

  • Love the apron , love the fabric !

  • Oh WISH I could be there… can I justify a flight from Hobart to Vic to go to a market????

  • Clever lady – love that apron!

    Have a great market day tomorrow x

  • You have done a great job! Have a great day at the market

  • Cutest apron…My first time here!
    Enjoyed discovering your earlier posts…
    Happy LOVE month, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings…
    Stop over when time permits…Love to meet new people!

  • Vic

    "Ooohhhhh Ahhhhhh!" she gasps "That is pwetty!"

    I demand an action shot… and soon!

  • What super gorgeous fabric. Where did you find it?

  • Such a fun apron! I wish I had a pretty apron to wear to the market…actually…I wish I had a market to go to! None here until summer… 🙁

    Hope you have a terrific day! xxoo

  • Cute apron! Have a great time at the markets.

  • It's excellent!

    It sounds as if you guys are taking over the taste buds of Melbourne.

    Hoping you have a fantastic day.

  • Looks great Cathie, hope to see you in it tomorrow.

  • this is so beautiful…i wish i had the talent and patience to create such a darling piece.

  • Your beautiful apron is a cute little piece of artwork! Love the fabric…

    Happy Thoughts and a Happy Valentine's Weekend too!!

  • It turned out just perfect Cathie! Have a good day at the markets. Happy weekend to you and you lovely family.xo

  • That is worth a big "ta-daaaaaaaa" Cathie! Well done. You will look even more gorgeous-er in your handmade apron at the market. I hope you girls and your boys both have great days.

  • Great apron, I hope you have a great market day.

  • Oh so no bikini under the apron?? Sounds like you'll need gum boots though!! Cute apron, ta da indeed. Happy market day, love Posie

  • have fun at the market in your funky as apron…love it, you clever grrllll!!

  • Wish I could go to the market with you;love the apron.

  • To market you will go, and I wish I could visit the market along with you as well!..,

    You are warmly invited to a cyber afternoon tea my dear! We have "freshly baked scones with clotted cream, jam and lemon curd, tea sandwiches, sweet treats galore and of course, hot freshly brewed tea"; all for you and all 'calorie free'!..,~Wink!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen, (for Valentines tea); and @ Silken Purse ( cheery delights)

    Cheers from wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  • The apron looks gorgeous and so does your frame – loved the pear tarts I bought from you today as always!

  • Your apron is wonderful. Success! Yay for you!!! Wish I lived closer by so I could pop by a market and indulge in some of your yummy delights… perhaps one day.

  • Magnifique!!Me too… I confess I LOVE your fabric choice and so much "adequate"!!
    Hope you had a fab market Cathie.xx