Made with love

It was the big boys birthday the other day and the kids drew him this picture of our family which I embroidered and appliquéd


I asked them to draw onto the fabric panel with a quilting air dry marker and embroidered their drawing and message, as is, capturing their unedited creativity

It makes me smile when I look at it, you know how much I love kids drawings


I think the birthday boy loved it, how can you not when it was made with so much love!



p e r f e c t !

what are you up to today?  hope it’s filled with love and creativity

  • Kat

    That is such a cool idea! I am sure he would have loved it. It's perfect!

  • Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

  • I LOVE it!! I just adore the look of the way you embroider kids drawings you clever clogs! xxx

  • So beautifully done – how could he not of loved it and I think for a very long time. Imagine it hung up in the grandkids room one day .. LOVE!

  • Fay

    Such a great idea. Love it!

  • So clever and how cute are your children! xx

  • What a great idea for the three of you to do for him. I think it's perfect too!

  • That's a TREASURE!!! A perfect gift!

  • It's gorgeous Cathie:) I love Aidan's face too, with his little crinkled nose, so very cute. Have a wonderful day lovely. xo

  • A perfect gift for sure. Fantastic.

  • Oh such a cute idea.Your little boy is just precious.To cute!Watch out for the girls Cathie he has a few years yet LOL.

    Have a happy rest of the week.

  • Magnificent!!
    A family heirloom!!!

  • Oh this is gorgeous! Lovely work family x

  • Tas

    It's beautiful, Cath. Perfect gift from the family.

  • Oh I love it too Cathie! It's just gorgeous, makes my little heart sing seeing drawings like this one. And what a clever Mama you are to capture it forever in such a beautiful way. Your boy is a stunner, such a delightful little face :o) xo

  • Such a special gift.And so clever of you to think of embroidering and appliqueing it.

  • absolutely and utterly adore it. Beautiful drawing beautifully done, just gorgeous Cathie! xo

  • SO gorgeous! well done – wish I had some kind of crafty bones in my body!

  • Brillant idea ! and how cute is lil Aiden' face !

  • This is just too clever and cute for words! What a lovely, individual piece to treasure forever!

  • This is heart meltingly beautiful. Such a special present.

  • What a treasure for sure! Love it. I have plans to embroider Cohen's first people drawings soon. So cute aren't they? 🙂

  • Lou

    Adorable! Well done. Looks great. Lou.

  • Oh I love this! Such a great idea.

  • Rie

    Wow… a true treasure! Kids did a great job drawing & you did a wonderful drop with the embroidery.

  • TOtally and UTTERLY love it.

    I will have to copy one day : o )

  • Thats a bit cute…

  • So heart warming Cathie.

    I love your boys locks.


  • What a great idea, so sweet. And that final picture is just adorable!

  • Love that first shot! Sooo sweet! This is something I have to try with my little chicken's art – such a lovely idea.

  • that is so precious!!
    just found you through a recipe card linky thing I think – love the blog

  • Ohhhhh….I would love this! This would make me cry. My little girl has made portraits of both myself and their dad which have been laminated…love kids artworks, they are so proud of themselves when we put them on the wall.

  • So beautiful, what a divine keep sake & even more gorgeous that it's from their drawings. When we travel, i get my children to draw on fabric & pop it in a hoop to embroider, it's such a cute thing to watch them do (from about age 4) but nothing as meaningful or as lovely as this. Love Posie

  • How adorable! That is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, Cathie! Beautiful idea.

  • Just gorgeous. Perfect in every way.
    Hope your week is turning out lovely.

  • You always make the most beautiful things . Thanks for sharing yet another one.

  • What a brilliant idea! It turned out fantastic as well!

  • Your son is edible! I want one!

  • What an adorable idea!!!
    I ♥ it!!!!

  • Jem

    What a gorgeous, personal gift – it's wonderful!

    Jem xXx

  • aawww what a beautiful gift bless him it fills you with warmth ;-)) dee x

  • Vic

    Well, who's a clever, creative & flippin' gorgeous family then…? xx

  • Wonderful! Absolutely flippin' gorgeous!

  • Hi Cathie! I'm so glad you stopped by! I saw one of your comments the other day and I've been meaning to visit here …

    I love this idea ~ you have truly created a fabric memoir out of the drawing! I still have one my oldest drew for me. I framed it and it's lasted so well. She drew of picture of "Mommy Smiling" when she was little ~ I've had it in my sewing room for over 20 years!

    Enjoy all those sweet and tender moments … it's such a special time~
    blessings always,

  • Beautiful Cathie!

  • That is really lovely Cathie.

  • Sweet Cathie.I am sure you will treasure this present for a long time :)Hope your Man had a great day! xx Sandrine

  • awwww… how sweet 🙂

  • I just love how you've made it something you can keep forever.

    And that last photo… oh, bless!

    He sure is gorgeous! If my Noah grows to be as cute as him…!


  • That is so gorgeous!

  • What a beautiful treasure to have. The love in your family just shines through!

  • What a great gift. They grow up so fast. Wonderful to create and preserve such precious memories

  • Oh my goodness – is that the sweetest thing I have ever seen?! How beautiful is it that you can always have something like this!

  • That is perfect! If I start now I may be able to use this idea as a Christmas gift. Thanks x

  • That is perfect! I love that you have added your touch with your embroidery. x

  • So beautiful Cathie, to be treasured forever. I love this idea, I might try something similar. Thanks for the inspiration xo

  • So sweet. Now that IS made with love.

  • so darn cute. aidan and the drawing.

    rachel xo

  • It's just wonderful!

    Happy Birthday to the cutie!

  • Bec

    HAHA!! that last pic is so cute! Love that idea too, such a great idea to preserve a special memory. Hope you dont mind, Cathie, I used your idea of the pirate cookies on my boys birthday cake 🙂 Our boys must only be a week or two apart in birthdays, no wonder they are both so lovable x

  • you are AMAZING, what a gift to treasure.

  • Oh my, that is too awesome for words. As a fellow lover of children's drawings, you are my hero 🙂

  • What a wonderful idea!