Magical March

Welcome March and welcome Autumn in Australia.

I think March is going to be a magical month, I don’t know why but I am wishing it is.

We are well in routine mode at the moment with prep and kinder and enjoying the moments we spend together even more despite the three year old tantrums that I am learning to “tune out” from.


He screams, he cries and then needs a cuddle but I love him each day even more because as I say, he is my favourite boy in the whole wide world.


So I wish you friends a magical month, with laughter, sunshine, love and lots of squishy cuddles

  • You enjoy your Fall while I am so ready to enjoy Spring, sweet Cathie. Mr. Sun is here but it is still ccccolddddd.
    Have a lovely evening! xxxx

  • Ah 3 year old tantrums, not glad for you, but glad to hear I am not alone. 2s have nothing on the 3s!! Happy March!

  • A magical month would be nice wouldn't it? But I know you'll make it magic with your lovely posts. I'm wishing for a certain kind of magic this month
    Im happy we're into autumn, autumn and spring are my favourite seasons.
    Hope to see you soon xo

  • it's funny how those little ones always need a cuddle after a tanty attack. I have a lot of that too 🙂 Sad to see "the summer that never was" leave us, but it's great to welcome Autumn, one of my favourite seasons.

  • happy march, I hope it's wonderful for you cathie, and a massive hooray for Autumn. Gee I love your photos

  • Tuning out from tantrums? Sounds a lot like my sort of day!!
    Enjoy your autumnal day, we are hoping for warmer days of spring but it is ffffreezing here!!

  • I so hope you are right and I certainly hope it is magical for you and yours!


  • Heres to a magical March!
    Can't wait!! Much love to you and yours,XXJ.

  • March is my family's mega birthday month (i only have one child to contribute to the list) so March has always been a multigenerational event in my world. Love Posie

  • Enjoy your magical March, Cathie.
    I hope the 3 year old tantrums are over soon. We had a MEGA 4 year old one last week, it was awful – but not very common, thank goodness! xox Cat

  • Wishing you a happy and magical month of March. Hearing you on the three year old tantrums. Who ever came up with the idea of terrible two's was kidding themselves. Three's are definitely worse.

  • Hoping the Perth heat is behind us soon and the cool winds of Autumn blow! Let's hope the devastation of January and February across Australian and the world is behind us and there is only goodness to come.

  • lovely shots. wishing you lots of magic!

  • Sending you oodles of joy for the month of MARCH! I am with you …I think it will be a great month…at least I will try to make it one. oxoxoxo hugs

  • So strange, we're all looking out for spring over here and you're welcoming autumn in your part of the world. I just love blogging, if only for these small things.
    Have a magical month!

  • Right back at ya, babe! I can relate to the tantrums except Fern is only 2…. sigh….. what will she be like at 3? Autumn is a magical month, and the only month I wish I lived in Canberra, those tree lined streets are absolutely beautiful at this time of year!

  • wishing you a beautiful, magical month too xo

  • I think March is going to be darn good too 🙂

    And we can both tune out of tantrums together 😛

  • Your photos are gorgeous Cathie! Love the Autumn leaf 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cuddles makes everything better – even in adult world too
    + soy mocha's with extra chocolate

  • I like the sound of Magical March. xx

  • I am late to comment on your post, but I hope you have a wonderful month of March, Cathie!! xx Natalie

  • Squishy cuddles are the best… gets even more love out then.

  • I hope you do enjoy March and the fall. I am really looking forward to spring! Gorgeous photos (and I love your boots!). Bon weekend xx

  • Magical march sounds good – and i could do with some magic right now, lightening it all up with sparkles! So strange to think you're heading towards autumn, when here it's going to be spring! Gorgeous pix, as always! Have a fun weekend with your little boy 😉

  • 3yrs old are gorgeous …I miss mine but 4's are just as adorable well mostly and still give lots of squishy cuddles.

    PS Where did you get your 'builder' Yakka overalls I had a pair for my now 17yr when he was a little guy , now I need another pair or two for my 4 yr twins.

  • Hi Cathie,

    I think you are right March is magical. I spent some time with my mum today and it was so precious. As I say in my post, 'spending time with your family and loved ones is something you just can't replace'. By the way your photos are stunning as always.

    xoxo Sophia 🙂

  • Love those boots! Need them, too! (Where did you FIND them? ;)…)

  • Autumn for you, spring for us!!!
    So you say it doesn't stop at 3 years!!! Oh gosh help me 🙂

  • Hiya Cathie, long time no chat. I think you're right, March is magic. Especially with all the leaves starting to change. I'm so looking forward to autumn in Melbourne, I've been told it's beautiful! Fantastic leaf pic, love the textures.

  • Boys do that too? I'm hoping for a magical month too. One away from screams at 3am, where I'm left thinking "really? no one has called the police with all this screaming?" I hope our biggest delight who's 4, finds a little maturity…no, I don't want her to grow up. I just want her to SLEEP! I'm with you in having faith and staying positive x

  • I am raising my teacup to YOU, sweet sweet Cathie. Wish it was as pretty as yours 😉
    Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful card, I love love your sweet notes in my mailbox!
    Much love always xxxxx

  • I love squishy cuddles …. I hope March is magical too!!

  • I'm getting used to little boy tantrums lately too – although these are 2yo tanties… Funny, I'm much more able to ignore them than I was my daughter's little 'moments' first time around. I wonder if it's me responding differently to the different needs of two very different children, or if I am just more relaxed second time around! And Ms Cathie, your photos are oh-so-beautiful, as usual.