• I wish…that I could take pictures half as gorgeous as yours.

  • I'm closing my eyes, blowing and wishing you a happy Wednesday. What beautiful photos!

  • My wish is made! xoxo

  • Beautiful, magical, stunning! Thankyou so much for taking and sharing these photos Cathie.

  • lou

    Beautiful, I have made my wish!

    Love Lou xxx

  • Thank you Cathie –
    thats just what i needed!


  • My 3 year old has just exclaimed "Oh look at those lovely wisher things". Just gorgeous Cathie!

  • Pam

    Just divine Cathie. Hope you never think you're not creative and talented!! x

  • Growing up in N Ireland we called them clocks. You would blow all the fluffy bits of it and every blow would be a number, until all was gone and that would be declared the time. Not quite sure why, but we enjoyed doing this so much!
    I think i like the wish thing better! Beautiful photos. x

  • I wish for a beautiful sunny weekend with my partner and my camera – and get some good pics

  • Stunning photo. My Henry is obsessed with these at the moment!!!

  • sweet childhood memories flood back whenever I see those pretty fairy wishes (as they have always been called by me)…

  • ahhhh…I have closed my eyes as tight as they would go, and wished a very fine wish, for a Wednesday filled with wonder…smile on Rosie

  • Dandelions are the best to photograph. Don't you agree?

  • Just beautiful Cathie – thanks for helping to make WW so enjoyable XO

  • What exquisite photos!! And a wish…no, I can't tell you what it is or it won't come true 🙂 It's a secret! Hope all your wishes come true 🙂

  • Stunning Cathie. I'm making my wish right now.

  • I wish for you sweet dreams as I suspect you are heading off to sleep and I am heading off to work for the day! 😉

    xo Catherine

  • I wish that I would be able to master PSE this summer. OK, maybe not master, but at least apprentice.