Market hangover

Remember that feeling of partying all night and then having to go to uni in the morning and feeling sleep deprived and a little hung over?

Well, that’s how we felt all day yesterday due to a baking induced hangover and no sleep.

Luckily we had my lovely and always smiling sister-in-law there to look after the hungry crowd.

Overall it was a fabulous market, wonderful stalls once again, great crowd and of course the best craft table in town.

Speaking to the other stallholders it did appear quieter than the previous market but it was a little windy outside despite the rain holding off.

My wonderfully talented and creative sister was there with her beautiful wares.


and we had some lovely friends drop by for a much-needed visit (I am actually trying to hold my head up on the little one :p) .


There will be more photos coming that I will post on the Northside Makers Flickr group when I have finally come out of this hung over state.

Fabulous market organisers thank you and for those that I saw throughout the day, please do not think that I am always so ‘spaced out’…just tired.✗


  • It was ace to meet you properly Cathie. I was a little out of sorts due to being on Sudafed and Panadol. Your cupcakes were fab as usual, my 9 year old son ate them all. 🙂

  • Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks as always for being such a star, Cathie. I've got that market hangover feeling too! Can't wait to see more of your photos.

  • Hehe – I totally hear you on the baking hangover, I have felt that many, many times 😛

  • So sorry to have been unable to get to the market on Saturday – I had to go out of town. I hope you get plenty of rest and feel better soon!

  • Nat

    Cathie you have such a beautiful family…and I love the artsyness of all these pictures….! The button hair bands are so cute too…i LOVE !

  • Oh Cathie, I hope the baking induced hangover was quicker to get over than those ones from our uni days! Although I'm wondering if it's a build up of busy, busy days on top of the late night and no sleep? I hope this week is full of…. nothing!

  • I hope you've managed to get some sleep after all that baking…. I definitely missed your cupcakes on Saturday!

  • Rest up x

  • Wishing you a relaxing week Cathie, I can relate to this feeling of exhaustion after each market I think…mine is Saturday just tired thinking about it:)xx

  • hope you are feeling better lovely! was nice to see you again in person, and your gingerbread man was yummo!

    ~ Samone

  • hope to meet you at a market one of these days!!! I am sure you can create some delicious hang over feast to make all the fuzzies go away! 🙂 xo

  • Good morning from Canada.Love you blog;it's beautiful; pictures are great; hope you got some rest. Love markets no much around where I live. Thank you for stopping by.

  • I hope that you are feeling better today and that you got some rest. Great to hear that you had a good day at the markets.:)

  • oh what fun! It looks like a fabulous day! Nothing wrong with a baking hangover 🙂

  • I do love a market day Cathie (only as a Buyer I hasten to add!). Love the last pic of you & the kids with that gorgeous Melbourne Bluestone wall behind you. MOTH would sell all the kids to have some of that in our Adelaide Hills garden!
    Millie ^_^

  • I was so wanting to come out and say hello and indulge a little – well perhaps a lot. Darn those kids and there inconsiderate illnesses

  • Ash

    I wish we had more markets over here… they always seem so few and far. I love the pics!