A market or two…

I have been battling with a head cold turned migraine the last two days and now I am up to my ears in flour, dough, sprinkles, icing….you name it.

We have two markets on tomorrow, the wonderful Northside Makers Market and The Gardens Market.

Would love to see you there, you may even find some gorgeous handmade stuffs and a cupcake or two there aswell. (this blatant advertising tells you more)

Hope you have a great day today, I’ll have another cup of lemon honey tea and some paracetamol and let you know how I go.

  • Hope you feel better soon Cathie xx

  • I'm hate hearing that a migrane has got hold of you again Cathie. They are bloody awful. Look after yourself xxx

  • Oh no, I empathise deeply with you. Get well soon x

  • Wish you could stay in bed. Hope the remedy works. Lisa x

  • Oh dear, you can't be sick the day before a market! Hope you're feeling much better and refreshed before tomorrow.

  • Hope you feel better and enjoy the market tomorrow!

  • Do hope you are feeling better soon – that cupcake looks so pretty!

  • Sure hope you are feeling better…migranes are no fun…my sweet 14 year old suffers from them. I have also been baking baking baking..have fun at the market!

  • so sweet! happy weekend!

  • Oh no Cathie! I hope you feel better really soon and have a great market weekend. XX

  • I got to give you credit for baking during a migraine.My I just have to lay in a dark room and try to sleep.The cup cake in the photo looks yummy,lol.its late here too I think Im getting hungry for something sweet,lol.

    Take Care hope you feel much better tommorrow.

  • Oh your in Australia it is tommorrow then.lol

  • ok, how incredibly cute is that cupcake! Sorry you've been unwell, we have lurgy in our house too. Totally sucks. Hope you're feeling better and make some good sales at Market 🙂

  • I think you're amazing! Feel better soon and put your feet up after the markets .. hope they go well. xx

  • I do hope you are feeling better soon. I am sure a morning in the sunshine with lots of good company will cheer you up a bit.

  • Poor love!!
    One day… one day… I am gonna come down and eat one of your cakes for sure.

  • Oh Cathie,

    I hope the day is busy and you feel heaps better!!!

  • Good luck with the markets and gettig everthing done:) Be gone headache.

  • Hope you are feeling on top of your game really soon….Good Luck at the Markets, I am sure you won't have a problem selling all that yummy goodness 🙂

  • What I wouldn't give to go and visit you at the market. I am a Marketolick. Hope you are better soon.

  • Oh no, Cathie, I hope you feel much better soon. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  • hope you are feeling better and that the baking turns out a complete success!

  • Oh poor you on top of the work and stress that goes within preparing for a market (two would be worse, even if they are wonderful on the day!)
    I really hope you feel much better and have a very rewarding day.Hope you get to enjoy the market.Hugs X

  • Anonymous

    Me too Cath- but I don't have to bake- poor sweet.
    From one red nose to another, thinking of you!
    Michelle B xxxx

  • Hope you are feeling better! A head cold ~ never fun… 🙁