Markets this Saturday

We have a busy few days ahead and I think I will be all ginger breaded out by the end of it, but they are definitely going to be fantastic pre-Christmas markets.

If you are looking for some beautiful craft and delicious goodies then pop on down to The Gardens Market at the Botanic Gardens and Made ‘n’ Thornbury in Thornbury.

We will be making Lemon Tart, Pear & Almond Tarts, Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake, Gingerbread, Cupcakes, Muffins, Herb Breads and some delicious savoury treats especially for Made ‘n’ Thornbury.

Ok, enough…off to do some prep and hope to see you there.

  • I almost forgot – is it too late to order a lemon tart to take home with me on Saturday?

  • Made n Thornbury is definitely a market I need to get to – I hope you have a great result

  • If i could I would; I love markets, but where I live there it is just a small one in the summer. In my mind a market in the Holiday season must be WOW!thank you for sharing and making me a little jealous; had to say that.

  • I would love to be to come see and join in the fun Cathie…alas…and oddly enough have not come across such craft markets over here…hope you have a wonderful time and good luck with everything…!

  • Did I hear 'savoury treats'? Yes Please! I have always been the savoury girl sitting alone in the corner snacking on her cheese pinwheels while the others ate the jelly beans and cupcakes around the pink fairy decoarted party table.

    And 'Thornbury'? What a gorgeous name!