• No way. I feel like you've been here FOREVER. Only one. You're but a wee blogging bub.

  • Wow, happy birthday!!! Hope you whip up something sweet to celebrate xx

  • Happy Birthday! Can I join in for a cuppa and a cookie? Wish m.e many years of gorgeous blogging to come!

  • Cat

    Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You continue to inspire me with the beauty you spread Cathie. I adore your blog. xo

  • Me loves you too!!!! XXXX

  • I'll have what he's having!…….Happy Birthday to the most drool worthy blog around
    xx Betty Jo xx

  • Happy Blog Birthday!
    love the freckles and petals combo!

  • happy blogging anniversary! Can't wait to see what another year brings you! xox

  • Happy Blog Day! Wow, I can’t believe you have only been doing this for a year, you have it so together! I still feel like I am fumbling my way through this blogging adventure a lot of the time! I always love popping by this special place of your for a “cuppa”. Any plans to bake a magnificent “blog day” cake for us all to drool over?

  • A very happy blog birthday to you!!! I hope you don't have to bake your own birthday cake. 🙂

  • Happy 1st Birthday Cathie! What a beautiful blog and business you have built in only a year x

  • Happy Birthday 🙂

  • ELK

    cathie . you have a truly lovely space here… happiness radiates …a year of fun !

  • Mine is in a few weeks too! Happy Birthday x

  • Happy 1st Birthday Cathie 🙂
    I have enjoyed popping over for a cuppa immensely!

  • Happy Anniversary, Cathie! I look forward to following along with you for your second year. Love the joy you bring to every post.

    xo Gigi

  • Hi Cathie, looks like we share a birthday….Happy Day to you my friend.

  • Great minds!!!! Happy Bloggy Birthday to you…!!! xx

  • How wonderful. Happy blog birthday. It does seem like it's been much longer than a year.

  • How sweet!Happy birthday to your wonderful world of M.E! XX

  • Happy bloggy birthday! Cheers to many more! Nic

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! me loves you right back!!! xxx

  • Pam

    Yay! Very happy 1st Cathie!! Here's to many, many more. Me luv m.e.!! xxx

  • darling… and congratulations!!!! xx

  • Happy # one to you my friend…I so do love coming to visit you…you always share so much JOY! xoxox

  • Yay – happy birthday to you – keep up your amazing blogging cause we love your stuff!!!

  • Yay! Happy Blogiversary!! And we love you too!


  • Happy Birthday Me!!! You don't look a day over 1! Cheers to the next 5 years of blogging from your new cafe?

  • Happy Blog Birthday – hope that you have enjoyed our year as much as we have all enjoyed reading it:)

  • Vic

    Me luffs you too sweet pea. xo

  • Wowee Happy Bloggy Birthday Cathie. Is it really just a year ago… that little get together before Made'n'Thornbury feels like an absolute lifetime ago!

  • Wow – one year – it feels like you have been around much longer (in a very nice way).

  • Happy blog anniversary Cathie! Here's to another fabulous year of seeing your beautiful cooking and wonderful creations. xo

  • Happy birthday m.e. How wonderful. I too would have thought you were much older in blog years! What time is the birthday cake!

  • Happy 1st birthday!

    It's been a joy to visit your scrumptious blog and your delicious stalls at the markets. And it's been great getting to know you, Cathie. xxn

  • What a deliciously happy birthday! Go you! Lisa x

  • Me love you too Cathie, beautiful blog, you know i think it's the prettiest one ever!! Love Posie

  • Happy 1 year birthday!!! Love the blog so lovely! Look forward to another year 🙂

  • Happy Birthday to you! and thank you for all your recipes and for being so inspirational, and honest too. Kisses.

  • Happy 1st blog birthday! It's been such a pleasure to read your post, enjoy you photos and try out your recipes (of just think about trying them). You are very genuine and generous to share with your readers.

  • Happy Blog Birthday! How exciting!

  • oh, happy day to you!
    here's to another sweet and beautiful year, my friend.

  • Happy Birthday m.e! Sorry I'm a little late but I am running about a day behind you anyway! x

  • And so much has happened over that year Cathie… it has been lovely to laugh and smile with you, mouth watering to see and taste your delicious treats and sometimes sad to know you are sad. It has been a busy year. xxx

  • Elizabeth from the Gold Coast

    Congratulations on your 1st Birthday…..
    ♥Me loves reading your blog too♥, keep up the good work.
    Oh, and I should say Thank You for writing such a great blog ☺.

  • Yay! Happy blogversary, hope you stick around for another year and keep me hungry!

  • Happy birthday, I love the virtual cuppas!

  • HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!! keep up the amazing recipes & beautifully delicious images XO

  • Joyeux anniversaire to you too Cathie! Looking forward to the next year!

  • awww how adorable!! congrats! 🙂

  • Well done on your first birthday. I raise a cupcake and a cuppa to you and wish you many more happy bloggy birthdays 🙂

  • I wonder if it more appropriate to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary! Happy happy, anyway. I am glad to celebrate your blog!

  • Happy belated first birthday 🙂 I have been so busy but have had a chance to catch up on your blog today…I always enjoy it so much…

  • Happy Birthday! I didn't realise ME was so young, here's to many many many lovely years to come for you and your delicious goodies Cathie!

  • A huge Happy Blog Birthday hug to you Cathie!

  • Mel

    Wow so many of us turning one around the same time! I so wish I'd had such a yummy treat on my bloggy birthday!


  • congratulations on one year! that's fab. such gorgeous photos again!!!

  • Yay, congratulations and happy 1st blog-birthday!
    Here's to many more!

  • Happy happy birthday!!! What a good reason for celebration and hope you gave yourself a pat on the back for this achievement.

  • congrats and look forward to more inspiring cooking and beautiful photos

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