m.e is two

Time does fly when you are having fun!

I have had a year of ups and downs, hopefully, more ups than downs, but you know what, you stuck by m.e and made me smile every time you popped by and left a sweet word. 
Every time you sent me an email, every time you shared a bit more about you and wanted to find out a bit more about me.
This year has been more about me as a person, a mum, someone who likes to create more things than just a cake or a cupcake and I enjoyed it.
So I once again thank you for allowing me to be me and talking back so I knew that you were listening.


Huge love, hugs, hearts and cupcakes to you lovely friends ♥

  • being you rocks! You have so much beauty within you, and that shines through your blog. Thank you! xx

  • I love popping by your blog! So many gorgeous photos and beautiful words are found here!

  • Your blog is beatiful. Lots of hugs

  • Thank you for two years of gorgeous photo's, sharing your recipes & life stories. The honesty of your posts make this blog stand out. One of my fav's xx

  • here's to lots more years of blogging and new friends!


  • Happy Birthday!! This is always such a wonderful place to come visit, thank you! xx

  • happy blog birthday

  • Tas

    Happy blog birthday. I am more than happy to share a cupcake any time 😉

  • Congratulations!! Always inspired by your posts and beautiful photography!!

  • Mmm now I'm hungry for cupcakes!!!
    happy 2nd bloggerversary.

  • As my first follower you will always have a special place in my heart!! I love admiring your blog, your pictures, your words, your honesty and the fact that we've met is the icing on the cake (ha, no pun intended!!!). Happy 2 years in the blogging sense! your blog is a true reflection of you – absolutely beautiful xx

  • TK

    to the lovely bloggy friend who keeps me going at times…..many many thankyous! TK xx

  • I was just thinking about you this morning. About how you are one of the really sparkly, shiny, beautiful people in blogland.

    Congratulations on turning two – it's amazing to see your photos all together like that, just beautiful.

  • Happy blogiversary!
    I'm glad I found your blog, I really do enjoy reading 🙂

  • Well I'm-a-not going anywhere!!! I'll see ya when your 50!!!xx

  • Wow, you are so kind. It is such a blessing to read beautiful kind words. Thankyou for sharing you to us! xoxo Rach

  • Happy 2. lots more happy. xxx

  • How I L O V E your pictures, sweet Cathie. Looking so so forward to a whole new year m.e. Joy!
    Huge hugs right back at ya XOXOXOXO

  • Congratulations… I love your blog! Kate x

  • Congratulations on two years of blogging – looking forward to another year's posts 🙂

  • : o)

    Wish I could share that cupcake with you over a chai…

  • Happy two to you – congrats. Your blog is a delight to visit! Nic x

  • Happy birthday m.e – has been such a pleasure reading, knowing & listening, one day hopefully taste testing too!! Love Posie

  • Happy bloggy birthday – hope you've baked this blog a beautiful birthday cake xx

  • You have such a special way of telling us and showing us about your life, always a delight to visit. I LOVE your blog and reading your words and looking at your pictures! Congratulations on your two-year-blog-birthday!

  • Vic

    Happy Bloggy birthday gorgeous! xo

  • Happy Birthday m.e! Always such a lovely place to visit! x

  • Happ birthday 😉 I love your blog and the honesty and sweetness within you. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  • Yay, happy 2nd birthday! I am so in-love with your gorgeous blog. I love your words, your sweet comments and your amazing photographs ♥

  • Happy happy happy birthday!
    How exciting … congrats on all of your wonderful posts – I look forward to reading many more x

  • Happy Birthday Beautiful!! Hip hip hooray!!! I love to be in your space and feel your warmth, read your words and see your gorgeous photo's. Looking forward to many more opportunities…xo

  • You can't have only been around for 2 years! I feel like you've always just been HERE. I love your photographs and the sense of peace and gentleness that is always present in your writing and thoughts. Happy 2yr Birthday!

  • I'm a little bit late to the party tonight but Happy Happy Bloggiversary! I love seeing your beautiful space and lovely creations. Here's to many more bloggiversaries!
    Cam x

  • Happy 2nd Birthday lovely m.e.!
    23rd March is a special day for us too, I am so happy to share it with you 🙂

  • Oh, Cathie. Congrats on the blogoversary. I'm so delighted to have found you in the vastness of Blogland. J x

  • Happy Blogoversary to you Cathie!! I look forward to your lovely posts for many years to come! 🙂
    xo Catherine

  • psarroulita

    Happy birthday m.e!!
    My lovely cousin,we miss you!
    Your blogspot makes me smile every time,so…keep going!
    Lots of hugs,

  • Happy Birthday!!! Two years & going strong!!! & it has been a great year! We all so inspired by you!

  • Oh sweet friend your blog is one of my favourites! Happy Birthday to you….I may just have to eat a cupcake to celebrate with you. xoxoxoxo

  • Happy Blogiversary, lovely Cathie! Looking forward to many more years of photo-bliss on your pages.


  • What a wonderful collection and celebration. It's always such a pleasure stopping by 🙂

  • happy happy two year! always sending good thoughts your way! And always good to hear from you 🙂

  • happy (belated) bloggy birthday! thank you for making a beautiful space here, and for being a gorgeous person too xo

  • Love your pictures and your cupcakes look delicious. Will make my first chocolate cupcakes tomorrow for carnaval celebration at school.
    One year blogging congrats!
    Take care

  • happy 2 years to you!
    your blog is amazing and delicious and fantastic!

  • Congrats Cathie! Two and thriving 🙂 love coming to your blog, always something lovely to look at or be inspired by.

  • your blog is lovely, and so are you. happy birthday, dear girl! x

  • 'Happy Birthday to you….' Can you hear me singing?!

    Your beautiful personality shines through your blog and your photos never fail to make me smile (and sometimes drool!)

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    Helen xxx

  • happy birthday darling cathie. thanks for sharing so much of you with us. xo

  • Happy Birthday Miss! I love stopping by here and drinking in your heavenly photos. May it continue until we are old and grey and probably still oceans apart! x

    {ps. thank you for your lovely comment on my photo.x}

  • Happy Blog Birthday gorgeous Cathie! The number of well wishers I see here is more about your sweetness than that of your cakes (as completely delectable as they look). : )

  • your have such an appreciative heart. xx.

  • Happy 2nd Birthday Cathie, may all your (bloggy) wishes 🙂 come true!
    It is always such a pleasure visiting you and admiring your gorgeous photographs.
    Vive m.e!!!
    Sandrine x

  • all I can say is YUM, I want a cupcake 🙂

  • Hi Cathie!
    Congratulations with your second blog bday! Woohoo! I haven't read all your posts from day one but I am glad that we have found each other with blogging, otherwise we would never have *met* right? Hope you will print out your collage photo and look at it with pride, it looks gorgeous, a true reminder of how lovely your blog is! Take care hon,
    Maureen x

  • I just turned three. Isn't blogging the absolute best? Happy, happy blogiversary.

  • Happy BloggieVersary to you dear Cathie. 2 years of beautiful images, happy moments, yummy food – all delivered to us by your gorgeous self. More of the same please!
    Millie x

  • Bek

    Happy 2 years! You have a really lovely space here. Love the photo collages. You have been busy making beautiful things!

  • Kat

    Happy (belated) Birthday! The time sure does fly doesn't it. I just realised the other day that in September I have been writing my blog for 3 years and I could hardly believe it. It doesn't seem like that long ago I started. Heres to many more years of m.e because I really do love reading your blog!