After a busy weekend, we are enjoying the quiet and heading off to kinder soon.
Had a wonderful day on Saturday at my first cupcake workshop, the girls were sooo lovely and really made me enjoy this workshop thing.
They rolled out their own cupcake decorations out of fondant, made cupcakes with surprises inside and piped an amazing buttercream. 

I loved it and I hope they did too.
Later on met up with some really lovely girls for a hot chocolate and chatted away with a new friend like we’d known each other forever. 
Don’t you just love that about the blog world!                 
Off to kinder now, with a new lunch bag, using this tutorial,made out of recycled denim, my favourite and it matches her amazing apple cosy that arrived the other day.

Happy Monday friends, hope your week is a happy one


  • So glad that the cupcake workshop went so well! Let me know if you do another one – pity this one clashed. That apple lunch bag is just beautiful. The apple cosy – priceless! I could never trust my daughter with something as gorgeous as that – we have been through 5 lunch boxes and 2 jumpers in the last 18 months since starting school – she loses everything!

  • The demin lunch bag is really really sweet – cute hearts and apple motif on it! Maybe I should use one of these at work to break the corporate boredom LOL!

  • What fun!! Love the lunchpak and cozy..So so cute!!

  • Vic

    Ah, I'm jealous of the girls that got to enjoy a fun cupcake workshop with you!

    Love the lunch bag & the apple cozy… so damn cute.

  • Great to hear the workshop went well. Love the lunch bag. I think I might try it out (if it's not beyond my creative capabilities!!)

  • What a way to start Kinder! I don't think there is anything as sweet as a kindergartener.

    So glad your workshop went well!!! I am glad the girls were sweet!

  • Hello Lovely Lady!
    So glad the cupcake workshop went well for you. I'll bet your class had a wonderful time learning all your tricks and tips. I so wish I lived much closer so I could have been in attendance!

    Love that apple cozy. I am thinking I need one too! Hope the school day was delightfully full of fun and new friends!

  • It sounds like your workshop was lots of fun for those that attended. I'm glad it all went so well.
    Love the bag and cosy!

  • Hey Cathie, I tried to comment earlier but Blogger wouldn't let me! Love the new lunch bag and how cute is that cosy? Gorgeous. Hope you are nice and snug on this wintery day xo

  • I love the apple cozy. It makes me grin and grin. And, of course, the lunch sack is wonderful.

  • The workshop sounds great, glad that you were able to enjoy it.
    Mine is heading to kinder too, I am about to whip up some "snack bags" for her lunch, I'll have to check out the tutorial for the lunch bag! I love the denim with the apple, so sweet!

  • Hi dear lady. I'll put my hand up for joining in another workshop if you're going to do one.

    You're rockin the sewing with that lunch bag.

  • the cupcake workshop sounds really fun! happy monday to you!

  • Kat

    good to hear your cupcake workshops went well! I would love to do one one day.

  • Yes, it was a great workshop. I really enjoyed it and learned lots too. I feel confident now handling fondant and piping bags!

    And the cupcakes tasted delicious – everyone loved them. Thank you, thank you. And see you at the next workshop. 🙂

  • Great, it went well Im so glad.Nice to hear Cathie.I too love the lunch bag and the apple cozy…really cute!

  • melissa Grindal

    Cathie!! I loved, loved, loved the workshop!! Loved it so much that I cooked up another batch of chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing yesterday!! Yumm!
    Belinda and I are now in love with the suppliers shop! Not too much damage was done to the bank accounts although that was because they didn't have eftpos machine 😉 Thanks heaps Cathie for sharing your know how and please consider more workshops. It was a really fun 3 hours on a sugar high!
    Melissa 🙂

  • aren't kindie munchies super gorgeous at cathies house !
    thanks for blogging me cathie you lovely bearer of happiness – keep on sharing your cooking, creations and houshold with us 🙂 I so look foward to visiting !

  • Hello gorgeous Cathie, wish I was closer to be able to join your workshops. Sounds to me like you are in high demand for another one. Well done to you. No need to thank me by the way (re: your comment on my blog) – all thanks are to you my dear. It's easy to see why so many people think you are wonderful – your generosity is limitless. Have a wonderful week. Trace 🙂

  • Cathie, your cupcake workshop sounds so yummy and inspiring…i could have used a workshop before I attempted the birthday cake on Saturday night at 8.00pm – giggles at the mess i made – I wish I lived closer to Melbourne! have a beautiful week.

  • That is one gorgeous lunch bag!! & every apple needs a cosy 😉 XO

  • Your lunch bag is sooo adorable, Cathie. Happy happy lunch, so your day must be happy too when taking your lunch out of this sweetness!!
    Hugs for a happy week, we're back in school from this week on.

  • i thought of you~ i knew the workshop would be lovely fun. : )
    hello there, friend.

  • .. cannot comment at your incredibly touching post, sweet Cathie.
    So I'm typing once again here.
    Your pictures say more than a thousand words, always. I love love my visits at your lovely tiny corner in the world. I always get inspired, get that smile on my face by your pretty pictures and the happiness you spread.
    This post today is really beautiful. I do feel the same, I small note or gesture can mean so so so much to some one else.
    I hope from the bottom of my heart that your days are good, you can enJOY your beautiful little ones to the most and find a little bit more happiness every day.
    Lots of love. xxxx

  • Bel

    Hi Cathie
    Thanks SO much for Saturday. The class was awesome and Melissa and I had SO much fun. Topped by fun at the supply shop.
    Even better that Spotlight had 20% off on Tuesday and I brought even more piping tips. Now I just have to get the family to adjust to eating cupcakes for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!
    Definitely looking forward to more workshops.

  • Sounds like fun. Love the lunch bag.