Hope you had a great day yesterday and I bet you are probably up to your ears full of chocolate.

As I was visiting a few blogs yesterday in between making a lemon tart to take to my mums, I realised that I didn’t buy a single chocolate egg.
It’s not that I haven’t had a chance, they have been in the shops for what feels like months, I just didn’t.

I happily realised that I don’t purchase a lot of “shop” things as I am quite happy to make them from scratch.

This little bunny was made especially for my little nephew who is allergic to dairy and egg and I can say he LOVED them and will definitely make them again. (thanks Penny)

Hope you have a good week and thanks so very much for the virtual hugs and making me have a happy day!

  • Oh how adorable! Happy Easter!

  • Love that little bunny Cathie and I didn't buy any chocolate eggs either. So pleased to hear you had a happy day. XX

  • Happy Easter Cathie.

  • I was totally ready to skip the whole "chocolate overload" bit. Mainly because of the new car and house and stick with nintendo ds games. But my wonderful sister bought gobs of it so seems it couldn't be avoided this time around…

    That bunny looks cute enough to eat 🙂

  • What an adorable little bunny!

  • Great bunny. It is so much nicer to make things than buy them. You're so super talented I'm not surprised at all that you didn't buy any choccie eggs.

  • Yay! They are so good, aren't they? Yumyumyum. I am going to make some more this week!

  • what a cute bunny!

  • Love the bunny!!

  • Happy Easter Cathie – hope you've had a relaxing weekend!

  • Oh what a lovely bunny! Hope you've enjoyed a lovely weekend.
    Sophie x

  • We didn't buy eggs either. We had hot cross buns in the freezer in case people popped around – and our eldest and her man did. And dinner was simple fare. A spiced pumpkin and apple soup (not as good as it sounds, but had to be tried) served with a store-bought parmesan and olive loaf, nice cheese and a fruit chutney. Simple.

  • I can see why your nephew loved them…such a sweet looking bunny.

  • What a tasty looking bunny! Its nice to be able to do different things for special times like this. Hope you've had a great weekend!x

  • That bunny is very sweet- another gorgeous pic too…

  • I love the fact that you didn't buy any shop easter eggs!! At least you know exactly every ingredient in your sweet treats. I think that's fabulous 🙂

  • How sweet that you made your nephew his own special cookies! I am sure anyone receiving your special baked goods enjoys them much more then anything we could buy at a store ~ yummy goodness! xo Catherine

  • What a lovely little bunny! Maybe I should make bikkies next time…my Hot Cross Buns were a disaster! Hope all is well in your little slice of the world 🙂

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  • that is so sweet! hope you had a lovely holiday.

  • I could use your baking skills~ your bunny is adorable…. and to my surprise i didn't buy any chocolate eggs this year either but made lemon bars instead… it was a nice change.
    Happy week to you 🙂