Monday at our place

Making some cupcakes today for a special big boys birthday.
Hope it makes up for not getting him a present.
I hope you can pop back later I’ll share the recipe for rose cupcakes.
More things at other people’s houses here

♥ ✗

  • What sweet little patty cases. I'll pop back for the recipe for sure. x

  • Now where are those patty pans from..I make about 60 cupcakes a week for my brood of boys, something pretty would be nice! xxt

  • Happy Birthday to your other half!x

  • Looking forward to reading your recipe…they sound so pretty. The little cupcake cases are so sweet. Enjoy the special day.

  • I am pretty sure that a cupcake from you IS a present!!!

  • Cupcakes are the best present, atleast I think so! Sounds like a keeper I will be back…

  • Happy birthday Mr Cathie!
    You are a present, so there is no need. xo

  • Sweet cupcake cases but I think your beautiful phtography does the trick:)
    Hope your all enjoying great birthday celebrations! x

  • Hope your boy had a very nice birthday. A lovely couple of days of celebration for him after father's day yesterday. Surely there must have been something from Bunnings yesterday that could be called a birthday present 😉 I'm sure he will love the cupcakes (and so will your little helpers).

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lovely to see what's happening at your house. Lou.

  • I LURVE cupcakes and those patty cases are gorgeous!
    And Happy Birthday to your man!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mannie !
    Yes bring on the recipes – like Tina (above) we make loads of muffins/cupcakes each week – onto our second dozen this afternoon already(I only baked Sunday avo!)

  • Bec

    Cant wait to see the cupcakes! Happy birthday to your boy and hope its filled with lots of beautiful birthing memories for you too!

  • Pam

    Sounds like a lot of fun cooking and celebrating for you and yours Cathie! Enjoy it all!! Definitely off to get your rose cupcake recipe. Thanks with hugs.

  • looks so delicious. 😀 you take very fabolous pictures too.