Monday at our place

It’s been a bit of a hectic weekend so I am glad that today has started off slowly.
We popped into a wonderful market yesterday, said a few hellos and came home to finish off these little figurine cake toppers for a little boys birthday.

Now the hard part is how do I pack them to post them off later today! Any ideas??

Hope your Monday is the start of a great week.

  • Vic

    OMG woman, you are amazing. LOVE these little cuties!

  • Hi Cathie. I ordered some incredibly delicate cake toppers for Eloise's birthday and the lady packed them in a small but tough post box with lots of tissue paper and bubble wrap. They arrived in great condition. She said she made sure they were completely dry before she sent them so maybe that is the trick? Are the little figures small enough to go inside a kitchen roll tube? Or how about an egg carton? Hope they get there okay!

  • Sooooo cute, dear Cathie!!! Adorable little sweet ones!!!
    Wish you the best week ever!!
    Kisses!! Bela.

  • Very cute indeed -but don't ask me how you are going to post them!! 😉

  • they are just the sweetest cake toppers, how clever you are! I was going to suggest box & lots of bubble wrap to keep them safe & sound in the post…

  • How gorgeous you clever thing!!

    I would just be worried about the propeller,
    can it be removed and then put back on when received?xxx

  • OH Cathie- they are totally ADORABLE!! I love them, I think they are the best cake toppers I have ever seen.
    I would go a box, with either bubble wrap or butterick, mccalls etc patterns from the oppy.

  • gosh you are a clever lady!!!

    i saw the pic on my sidebar and was like.. where can i get myself some of those cute little toys.. Can't believe you created them… just… like… that!

    so what market did you go to???

  • Oh my! Another talent! I love it! They are the cutest cake toppers I've ever seen! But yes I bet that will be tough sending them off! Good luck with that!

  • I have no idea how to pack these, but I just had to tell you how much I love them, Cathie! You are such a talented woman. That airplane is the best!!! xoxo

  • I love to see wonderful things made especially for the boys Cathie. I think then can sometimes by forgotten in our pink world of fairies & pretty things.
    Millie ^_^

  • The cake toppers are way cute! You are so clever! Have a great week xx

  • Oh my goodness, they are the cutest little things.
    I hope you have a wonderful week. X

  • Cat

    As the person receiving them I am totally overwhelmed by your talent. My Bebito is going to flip when he sees these Cathie. I know, I'll jump on a plane to come and get them. 🙂 I really can't thank you enough. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh they are so adorable, they made me smile!

  • They are beyond sweet! I would varnish those little dudes and keep them forever.

    Wrap them in bubble wrap if you have some to hand and pack them in an oversize box with lots and lots of scrunched up paper supporting. x

  • They are very cute. You are very clever. I hope you got the packing sorted – tricky one.

    Thanks so much for joining in again this week. Lovely to have a virtual visit to your house.


  • Cake toppers? Wow, you talented sweetest soul you, those are too cute. Did you find a good way to package those sweet petits? A cupboard box with bunches of bubbles plastic in between, maybe?
    You have a beautiful Spring week, sweetie xoxoxoxo

  • Very cute cake toppers. Looks like some people have some great ideas how to post them safely. Hope you have a good week.

  • Wow i seem to be using that word a lot since i started blogging but goodness they are amazing what a clever lady you are. Well done. That little boy is going to love them ;-))

  • So cute Cathie.Have a great new week!

  • Wow what a talent! they are really cute!

  • Wow, you made these? You are a woman of MANY, MANY talents. They are adorable.
    Happy week to you 🙂
    Cat xox

  • oh they're fabulous- you clever thing. hope the packaging was sorted out… they are so cute!

  • Cathie, these are amazing!
    I know you have posted them already but for next time, I receive parcels that have air filled sections instead of bubblewrap – a bit like little balloons. They seem to cushion the items instead of squashing them.

  • Wow Cathie these are so cute and so beautifully made. The birthday boy is going to just love these. xo

  • They are so cute! I hope you found a safe way to post them – I could have suggested a box with bubble wrap, bubble wrap and more bubble wrap!

  • Oh my…they are so cute!
    You're so clever!
    Have a great week!

  • Oh my dear girl…such talent!!!!
    What a lucky little boy.
    I am home, rested and ready to get back to work.
    Thank you my dear for each and every kind word you sent my way…they were well packaged and arrived just in time to welcome me home…smilin' BIG…Rosie

  • Waht a nice way to start the week; love it all. Wish I could have been at the market with you.

  • Cathie – These are so so cute!! You are a very clever chicken 🙂

  • They are really cute!Are they edible?Packing….hmmm when I pack a hat or a fascinator I use the post office boxes and fill them up with eather newspaper or whatever I can find light enough that would avoid movement in the box.
    Not sure if it is what you wanted?Good luck lovely!

  • I'm curious as to how you did it now. Do you know if they got there Ok yet? They are so gorgeous, what steady hands you must have.

  • very cute and colourful :-)))

  • These are just too cute! I hope they make it to their new destination unscathed..

  • OMG how cute are they !

  • Super duper cute! What a talented sculptor you are! I know I am too late for helpful packaging suggestions but, I am sure you are going to be inundated with orders for these. So for next time… what about packing them in a box with rice or lentils? Just seems a little more natural than bubble wrap on an edible surface. Hope your week is going well.

  • …. If we like? We do , we do, we DOOOOOO, you must share your gorgeous works, Cathie. So clover to bubble wrap the box too, must remember that.
    Hugs hugs and more hugs for a lovely Wednesday's evening, sweet friend. xoxoxo