At our house today, inside we are doing some construction work

with some heavy duty glueing and tea drinking


lovely visits and gifts from lovely friends


and outside, some soon to be shade construction happening from salvaged burnt tree trunks

What’s going on at your place today?

  • Sounds like a yummy, sticky, happy day at yours.
    I hope you and your head are coping with this weather.
    Missing you. XX

  • wow – lots of construction work going on there!
    Can't wait to see both when they are finished!
    Much love, XX.

  • Your pictures make me want to come over and do some building…and lick the bowl. Your tree trunks are intriguing! All the best!

  • TK

    My M & I have been busy doing Christmas Class Gifts….lots of messes but lots of fun & a spoon or two left over for M to lick!!!

  • Looking forward to seeing some pics of that outdoor construction… intriguing! 🙂

  • I love both the indoor & the look of the outdoor construction!

  • I like YOUR kind of construction. Especially when it comes with tea drinking and maybe a lick of the spoon at the very end…

  • Visually stunning blog as always x

  • Bec

    oooh gingerbread house!??? The outide cover looks like something I would like! W have been doing all things christmassy today YAY!

  • mmm, indoor constructing and tea drinking – sounds wonderful!

  • Oh I cannot wait I tell you … CANNOT wait to see your ginger bread house. It will be magical and awe inspiring – I just know it. I'm excited!

  • wonderful project cathie – the "paintwork" and roof tiling will be awesome i'm sure 🙂

  • Hello Cathie!
    I have been catching up with your last few posts and it looks like you have been very busy! There's always so much to do for the holiday season. I got a bit of baking done this weekend and wrapped some Christmas presents. We have so much snow right now that is truly does look very Christmasy! Hope you are having a beautiful week friend!
    xo Catherine

  • Sounds like the perfect day!

  • oh a gingerbread house! have a wonderful Christmas with you little family, Cathie xx

  • you've ALMOST inspired me, I got out the old ginger house recipe today after your email and it stirred up suppressed emotions

  • I'd forgotten about gingerbread houses. I think we MUST do one here this year. I'm going to pop it in my activity advent calendar. I love the look of that burnt trunk in your back yard…

  • Have a great great week, dear Cathie friend!!! Love!! Bela

  • Can't wait to see more pics when construction is complete! 🙂

  • I do love the construction going on at your house Cathie, very yummy. It sounds like you had a beautiful day today. xo

  • Today I am going to be cleaning up the huge mess we made decorating the tree and our house for Christmas!

  • What fun you are having!! make sure you show us your finished product 🙂 happy days XO

  • Lovely to visit you as well! Thanks for having us. I hope your house all worked out beautifully. Love the new pergola too – will be so nice in summer. Sorry to hear about the tanty at the shops.
    See you again soon. Lou.

  • Looking good:) Happy Times
    x Kylie

  • MMMm, what a beautiful post !
    See you Saturday, Dee x

  • I always love your photography, Cathie. It looks great. Don't forget to show us the finished gingerbread house and whatever you're making there from your treetrunks!! x

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