• Hi Darling…. I'm starting bake too! I wanna make some goodies for my friends… It's a sweet alternative to material gifts!

    don't you think?

  • Do you ever feel slightly baked-out ? I hope not, because I am very much looking forward to seeing your lovely Christmas recipes.

  • Cant wait!!!

  • I am rather keen on that recipie sharing too. Last week I made this http://alicejeans.blogspot.com/2009/09/spring-fresh-lemon-slice.html and it turned out great.
    It's nice to try others 'tried and true's!

  • Staying tuned for those recipes for sure!!! I plan on baking up a ton for our Christmas celebration too…YUMMMM

  • Vic

    Hey! Where's my cupcake…?! 😉

  • me too ~ looking forward to seeing your Christmas recipes. Thinking of doing some baking of gifts too

  • Yum – can't wait for your recipes!

  • Love Christmas baking! I'd better get cracking on my cakes too!

  • Oh yum Cathie, I love homemade Christmas cake. I look forward to seeing what recipes you have to show.:)

  • looking forward to the recipes… i have a request for vanilla icing. i can never make it as good as when you buy it at a nice bakery… xo m.

  • One of my clients has a Christmas pudding hanging in cheesecloth ( or whatever it is that you hang them in…) for me that she made in october- letting all the alcohol soak into it i assume… or whatever that aging process with the puddings is….whatever its goning to be bloody fantastic!!

  • I would LOVE to make my Dad a fruit cake. My nan used to always make one for him but she's not up to it anymore so I would love to do it.

    OK, I'm listening…..

  • I normally make a fruit cake (or 2), but not this year.
    It's off to Darwin for us. Will be making the most of Mum's cooking.
    Am so looking forward to enjoying your recipe posts!
    xo, Kali

  • Hi Cathie,
    Thanks so much for finding me 🙂 Can I just say your blog is fabulous…I'm absolutely loving it!!

  • mmmmmm I can smell boiled fruit cake.

  • We don't do Christmas but I reckon you could inspire me to do a bit of baking along. XX

  • 22 days…yikes. Looking forward to your recipes.

  • I am assuming that those will be fashioned a la Cathie into Christmas cupcakes with a glace cherry on top?

  • look forward to further developments

  • oh i can't wait to see your creations.

  • Mmm, mmm, I love Christmas cake! I made one that gets sent to a great aunt in Holland, my sis's and I take turns making it, as it costs a bomb to send, all that heavy dried and alcohol soaked goodness, yummy!