My Creative Space…

I absolutely LOVE visiting peoples creative spaces so I thought that I would join in today for the first time.
So my creative space today is of course in the kitchen where alot of baking is going on for a cake order.
I’m off for now, the timer has gone off.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you can come back for a berry recipe in the next few days, but for now why don’t you visit some more creative spaces here.

  • Ooooh I can't look around today. It could have some serious consequences for already expanding self…YUMMY..Your pics are beautiful!!!

  • Kat

    I am going to be doing some baking this afternoon too! I am making some cupcakes for the picnic on Saturday. That way all I have to do Saturday is ice them.

  • oh, that all looks delightful. You have inspired be to go turn the oven on…

  • It already look so delicious…Would love to see the finished product.


  • Fabulous photos! I feel hungry now 🙂 Great space. K

  • How delicious…your photo's too! Hope you have a great afternoon xo

  • Ooohhh I would love to be a fly on your wall!

  • relish the images of a kitchen in full busyness!

  • Love it – I am very familiar with those images 😉

  • Love the photos of your space. Are they wallnuts? Is there chocolate hiding somewhere?

  • I know your end products look beautiful, but you even manage to make the process of making look great too.

  • i've not done any baking for such a long time! i really shld get down to baking some cupcakes or maybe some cornflake cookies? 🙂 enjoy ur baking moments! i'm sure the cake will turn out superb ;D

  • WELCOME!! Your pics are just stunning – I love the copper cake pan (a have asked Santa for some copper pans this Chrissy)!!

  • Nat

    Thanks for the link Cathie, i enjoyed seeing everyones work space's. It has inspired me to maybe post my work space as well … : )

  • your photos are really lovely. hope the cake went well. it made me hungry. ok off to the gym

  • Oh even your bicarb is beautiful, mines in the tatty old box it came in!! I can’t wait for our new house, where I will have a big pantry and a great oven. You might be the girl to go to for advice, I want a gas cook top and oven, but everyone seems to want to steer me towards an electric oven (they all agree a gas cook top is best). What do you think is best? Why?
    It was my first week playing along with My Creative Space too, I’m going to become a regular, it was lots of fun.

  • OH I am going to be looking forward to see your creative space with soooo beautiful photos Cathie!

  • Kitchen creativity makes me giddy with glee. I love to bake, I love to look at baking, I loooove to smell baking & of course I truly love to eat baked goods. Mmmmm….