My Creative Space…

It’s been an emotional morning, tears and a few screams again, a look of horror as I was about to leave.

“Mummy don’t leave me”
It’s hard trying to control tears when all you want to do is cuddle her and take her back home.

I know she’ll be ok, the lovely teacher gave me a call as I was walking back home to tell me she was fine, I know she’ll love it, but for now, drop off is the hardest thing.

I made her a heart singlet using my old maternity jeans to wear on Sunday for her party



I am also baking her a special treat for when she gets home



and Aidan picked her a sunflower to make her smile.
It’s all new to me and I have the little guy going to 3yr old kinder for the first day today.
Fingers crossed neither of us cry.
For no tears creativeness pop round here.

Hope your day has been tear free ♥

edited to add that she puts her heart in her school uniform pocket so she knows I am sort of there with her