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It’s been an emotional morning, tears and a few screams again, a look of horror as I was about to leave.

“Mummy don’t leave me”
It’s hard trying to control tears when all you want to do is cuddle her and take her back home.

I know she’ll be ok, the lovely teacher gave me a call as I was walking back home to tell me she was fine, I know she’ll love it, but for now, drop off is the hardest thing.

I made her a heart singlet using my old maternity jeans to wear on Sunday for her party



I am also baking her a special treat for when she gets home



and Aidan picked her a sunflower to make her smile.
It’s all new to me and I have the little guy going to 3yr old kinder for the first day today.
Fingers crossed neither of us cry.
For no tears creativeness pop round here.

Hope your day has been tear free ♥

edited to add that she puts her heart in her school uniform pocket so she knows I am sort of there with her

  • Beautiful Cathie, they all take their time, she loves you pieces & this is new – the uniform, long days, just have the most wonderful weekend together & subtle short chats about school, she'll be smoothly slipping into class soon. Teachers are amazing, they have seen it all & have that extra gentle touch, always know if your child is really distressed, they will call you. Enjoy your time with your boy, before you know it, he'll be off too. Sigh. I'm at high school & still miss my children, school holidays tease you that they are yours forever, then they are back in the thick of school & sports & social activities again. I bet you get the most beautiful hugs come 3p.m. Hang in there, why not make her a little heart key ring to pin to her bag or her uniform so whenever she misses you she can squeeze it?? Love Posie

  • Poor little thing – I really hope the drop offs get easier soon. It must be heart-wrenching!

    On the positive side though you are an awesome mummy for sewing up that cute little singlet and baking treats 🙂

  • Many hugs xxxx

  • LOVE the heart singlet, Cathie.

    Cappers has had a few tears since starting school last week too. She settles and is happy, but I guess some of the kids are a little more fragile with the 'newness' and 'bigness' of it all.

    I am familiar with the heartache. My little one (The Badoo) has had varying degrees of tears at daycare drop off for a year now. It's so emotionally exhausting, but I know that she settles the INSTANT we leave and she is always happy as a clam when we pick her up in the afternoon. Sigh.


  • Ugh! Sometimes this settling in stuff is so tough on the Mama.
    Huge hugs to you Cathie. Before too long she'll be skipping and hurrying you along to get there.
    ps Wednesday's aren't great but how about Tues or Thurs?? XX

  • oh no! i hope she gets used to it soon!

  • Hope she is cheery and having a great day. Funny how they can be teary when you leave, then fine five minutes later, but you are a mess all day thinkinbg about them. I am sure she will be full of stories when you pick her up this afternoon.

  • No tears here – just the usual little squabbles!
    I'm sure she'll be happy to get home and see the goodies you have for her.

  • hope they settle in soon – what a lovely idea with the singlet!

  • It's a toughie. Maddie has been fine but the kinder teacher had to pry Alfie off me screaming.

    Very hard xx

  • You will both be ok xx

  • Awe, so sweet!

  • Hi Cathie…it's hard isn't it..loved Posie's idea…I hope it gets easier quickly for you.

  • Banana Bread – be still my beating heart! She's a very lucky girl to have you as her mummy.

  • Oh I am feeling for you!! Loving your singlet – hope the tears fade away soon!!

  • Oh Cathie, I am sorry to hear that. I can't imagine it. You are lovely for singlet and banana bread making. I hope that before you know she forgets to say goodbye (in a good way!) because she's running off to find her friends. So have you had some no children time today? I hope that went okay xx

  • It is hard to leave the crying. Sometimes busy cries at drop off, it breaks my heart. X

  • Cathie, I hope (and I'm sure) that things will get easier soon for all of you, and that in the meantime, lots of hugs and yummy treats will help smooth the way.
    That heart singlet is beautiful xxx

  • Oh Cathie, it really is that time of year isn't it. So hard for us mums, and the little ones too. Doots started kinder today, she was a weeping, sobbing little mess leaving home, but ok once she was there. And when I picked her up at lunchtime, she was fine.

    Best of luck to you and your precious little ones.

  • I have been through this with my daughter, and still have it from time to time. Last year I bought her a butterfly necklace which she keeps in her bag to remind her that I love her and I'm never far away. She checks her bag carefully each morning when she packs it to ensure it's there. Doesn't always stop the tears but it helps.

  • Oh poor Amelie, poor Mum. It must be so hard on you, though I can understand why she doesn't want to leave you.
    I was a bit the same when I first started school, but got used to it.
    I hope she settles in soon, and is happily trotting off.
    Big love to you xo

  • oh you are such an inspirational lovely mother! So good to hear that she was ok and settling in more and more each day!! What lovely idea's to make a cake and pick a sweet flower – fills my heart (and I know Amelie's) with joy

  • Oh Dear! It's tough for both of you. It is awful leaving them in that state, but they always settle more quickly when the parting is brisk. I used to arrive with my little miss at the last possible moment, so I could hand her straight to the teacher and make a quick kiss and smile exit. I do hope the next few weeks get easier. What a lovely idea to have the heart in her pocket and a lovely singlet to come home to too.
    Have a super weekend with no drop offs.

  • Kat

    It must be really hard on both of you starting school. Soon Amelie will make some great friends and she will be excited to go to school and see them. Just give it some time and she should come around.

    I used to love coming home from school to fresh baked afternoon with my mum. Mum didn't work until we started highschool so she was always there when we got home in the afternoon and it was our favourite part of the day.

  • (((hugs)))I bet she will be settled in very soon..But I would totally be wishing to stay home too if I had all those pretty/yummy things hanging around 🙂

  • ooo i'm coming for afternoon tea. hugs to you for tomorrow.

  • Ow lovely Cathie Family. These days are horrible, tell me all about it. I used to call my hubby when walking back home these first days. Did it every time and I think I have to do so again when Quinten leaves home next year. It's true though, the minute we step into our cozy homes our sweet peas stopped crying. That is so sweet of the teacher to give you a call!
    I will think of you this week. The house will be empty when both your little ones are in school. Will you do a lot of bakery? You really must find something to keep your mind going …
    I have my maternity clothes somewhere in my closet, know I will copy your idea, i love love it!!
    Lots of L O V E for a sweet evening, full of cuddling and kissing xxxx

  • Oh Cathie xxx
    Been there, done that…it can be so hard ♥
    I hope your day wasn't too long with waiting…
    and the heart on the singlet is so lovely 🙂

  • Dear, my Aila does not go to school yet. I figure the day she will. Be strong dear! My prayers go for you today!!

  • I hope it gets easier for you all soon.
    How adorable is Aidan, picking her a flower, what a sweetheart – she is so loved.
    Big hugs. xox Cat

  • aww Cathie, everything takes time and i know exactly how you are feeling my children are older so i have the different side of it where they don't need me as much so my role as a mum is changing which i am finding very hrd to deal with. But going to school etc does get easier its just the thought and leaving that is hard when they are their they are having that much fun they forget until its home time and then the big cuddles come ;-)) Hugs dee x

  • Oh Cathie,
    My mama heart went out for you, I know how it feels, they cry, you want to cry but have to be brave… Love the heart idea, my oldest is going in may to italy for five days, I think I will give her a homemade heart to take with her too.
    Hope your little girl will go past this period quick, big hugs,
    Maureen x

  • It will get easier and easier!
    I love that top!

  • Oh Cathie,
    What a hard week for you. To be honest..little ones love there mummies and parting with mum is much harder then parting with dad.
    Well it is in our house anyway.
    Mr.Finny still gets upset at creche drop off if I am the one doing it. If it's ty he's fine.

    I think men are just more to the point and matter of fact about things. Where as we might linger and look on longingly hoping they are o.k
    I'm sure they sense that.
    So now, I try to get on with it..quick kiss and hug, see you at 3, and walk away.
    Don't look back, walk away confident and happy.
    If you look back with that god I miss you look and they see it. It's all over.
    In time, mornings will be much easier for you both.
    Till then,
    Hugs xx

  • Wanna cuppa?

  • Hugs to you all xx

  • Cat

    Oh sweetest lady I'm teary for you. I can't even fathom this stage yet and know I'll be the same way. I hope it's getting easier.

    A beautiful friend named her gorgeous new daughter Amelie and I went to visit them last week – I couldn't help think of you. She is a gorgeous brunette with a huge shock of hair and made me all clucky. 🙂 xxx

  • The poor girl. It isn't easy to have to grown up so quickly. What a great teacher she has to give you a call! Here that wouldn't happen, no way!
    And then your little boy starting as well today. That will be a empty house for you.
    Good luck but I'm sure you will be all fine soon.

  • So hard for you and Aiden Cathie ! Everythings seems to go on fast forward once they start school. Looks like you will make the best of being at home with just one, and preparing to welcome Amelie back to the nest each afternoon.

  • Katiecrackernuts told me about the lovely little heart you made for your little girl – and suggested I do something similar for wee poppet who is struggling with the drop off at her new daycare.

    Its tough seeing them so upset isnt it – I literally have to prize Ellie's fingers off my hand they are gripped so tightly at good bye time.

    Hope your beautiful girls settles in very soon.

  • TK

    I see the CUTEST singlet and think to myself "oh don't tell me that Cathie also made that!!" and then I read that you did!!! Girl, you are so clever – can I order a singlet like that for me please – super big adult size!!! Hearts and love to you as you get through this emotional time with the kids – its a heart breaker, TK xx

  • Vic


  • Cathie! I SOOOOOO loved your heart for her pocket! I could look at that post over & over again! So sorry it was a tough day too…I was all teary on the ride home even though Annie was all smiley & couldn't wait for me to leave 🙂 So I can imagine how you felt today!

    Super cute heart on the T too! I have lots of fabric in these maternity jeans I am weraing right now! I am going to have to put it to good use! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

  • Bec

    oh my, one at school, one at kinder… big stuff.. I feel anxious for/with you xoxo

  • oh honey….
    it's never easy…even if they want to go…are we ever really ready…
    your heart in her pocket made me smile sooo wide…
    the sunflower waiting for her…
    all love….

    melissa xx

  • I read this post and totally understood what you meant. This year our four year old started kinder and it was an emotional event to say the least. And it's hard for mummy too 😉 xx