• So cute ((love))

  • They look delightful, have fun at the zoo!

  • Oh, they are so pretty!

    Have a lovely time at the Werrbee Zoo!

  • Delicious – the darkness of the chocolate and the subtlety of the flags, hmmm!

  • you had me right up to the last photo Cathie !
    I had no idea what you were making – they are delightful – and narry a needle to be seen 🙂

  • Beautiful! You must stop teasing me with those gorgeous cupcakes, no fair!

    Hope you are having a terrific time on your adventure today!

  • They look gorgeously delicious! Have a brilliant day at the zoo!

  • dl

    Beautiful blog 😀 I love your photos.


  • is that double sided tape?? I tried with glue and it was messy arrghh! thanks for the tip

  • Those cupcakes look delicious…were you taking them to the zoo? Love the pink!

  • Those flags are gorgeous Cathie! Have fun at the zoo x

  • So divine!!!!!! Have a wonderful day..

  • Simply adorable yet again Cathie!

  • Beautiful! I love the cupcakes and the pretty flags. Have fun at the Zoo, I'd be excited too 🙂

  • Beautiful as always! Hope you have a great day out – both of you. Can't wait to see the photos of that excursion. We came back with great photos so I'm sure yours will be beautiful! Great subjects of happy children and beautiful animals.

  • you always come up with the prettiest projects and photos !

    enjoy your day at the zoo 🙂

    ps : the card is not here yet but i'll let you know as soon as it is !

  • super pretty!

  • so lovely! thanks for showing how… and have a lovely day!

  • Oh indeed ~ no words needed for that sweet treat! A trip to the zoo ~ oh you lucky girl. Hope you had a terrific day!
    xo Catherine

  • Very pretty .. and the cup cakes look yummy too!

  • Oh I love going to the zoo so much. I have heard so much about Werribee Zoo and I plan to visit it next time I am in that part of the world.
    Lovely flags too btw!

  • The flags are way cute! Have fun at the zoo!

  • Way too much sweetness here! xxt

  • So sweet, they look like they might sail away. Have a beautiful day xo

  • Your photos are always so gorgeous Cathie – hope you guys had a lovely morning!xxoo

  • yummmmmmmmmmm!
    they look fantastic and the cupcakes look delicious!

  • So, so gorgeous. Beautiful photography too!

  • completely and utterly delightful.

  • yum and lovely. Brown paper (with the lines through it) would be super too.

  • Hope you had fun at the Zoe.
    Lovely little flags. Your creativeness is endless. And always so beautiful.
    Have a lovely day 🙂

  • oh a day at the zoo, how fun
    the flags are lovely, love the way you did them

  • I don't need words – but you do! Lovely stuff. I actually tried making these but without the 'knobbly bit on top' toothpicks and I now see the error of my ways. Thank you very much. x

  • oh yum. great little flags

  • Oh love love, hope you had a ball at the zoo. I love being a class mum, but the school has cottoned on, as i can fit 7 students in my car with me, so i'm like the school bus!! Love Posie

  • How could I not have a great day after looking at gorgeous pictures like those. I hope you guys did too. X

  • Hope you had a fun day at the zoo today!! We went to see Bad Jelly the Witch today with Maddy's school. I LOVE school/kindy trips :o) Loving your cupcake flags too. x

  • Cathie these are just so beautiful. I hope you had a great day at the zoo. xo

  • That is the cutest pattern, Cathie, in sweet pink. How was your day at the ZOO? It must have had a great time!
    Sweet dreams to you, lovely friend. Off to get the children back from school, we'll have french frites for dinner. Hooray, big hooray for me too 😉

  • You are a genious with that camera.
    Hope you and Amélie had a nice time at the zoo.
    I love her name.
    Bonne fin de semaine,

  • Pure delight! I hope you enjoyed your day.

  • Hope you had the loveliest of days at the zoo – and thanks for the beautiful photos! Love!

  • oh the giraffe's roaming that zoo take my breath away. enjoy.

  • hello my friend! i love the zoo! i am hoping you all had a lovely time.

  • Love it.

  • I hope you had fun at the zoo.Love your pretty cup cakes:)) xo

  • Oh my Darling,
    Say "hello" to the Happy Hipo's for me, if you would.
    …………Smilin' BIG…Rosie…………….

  • oh my they are so sweet in so many ways!