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Alot of birthday creativity throughout the week starting with some happy birthday bunting
a well loved wheat bag
some more bunting and a finished birthday quilt 

a requested bee cake with fondant bees

 and a paper mache beehive pinata (with lots of yarn)


and a reallly happy birthday boy with a knitted jumper from his great nanny


Hope your day is full of amazing creativity

Happy day to you ♥

  • I saw your un-iced pic of the cake and thought "oh, that's like the little one I did for Beth!", but while mine ended up looking like a wookie, yours was divine. And the whole bee-thing – inspired (those are the cutest bees!). What a lovely memory for your month. Hope it makes things a little easier on your Dad's anniversary!
    Thinking of you.

  • hurray for birthdays!!!! and wow… what an awesome birthday as well! that beehive is so clever!!! love it!!

  • Can you plan my next birthday please – especially the cake and pinata!

  • totally completely ADORABLE!!!! Happy Birthday little man!

  • What a lucky little boy! That cake looks scrummy!

  • Wow, it's all so utterly amazing! I am in awe of the beehive pinata, I made a Pegasus one for Pony Girl last year but, yours is stunning. Happy Birthdays!

  • That cake looks even more gorgeous on the inside!
    And what an amazing pinata Cathie!!

  • what gorgeous birthday treats and that beehive pinata is brilliant!

  • Lia

    awwww how sweet….I've just finished making bunting flags myself…for my friend's daughter's b'day :D…

  • Happy birthday to your boy! Great theme for his birthday and I love everything! x

  • beautiful Cathie!
    how cool is your beehive!

  • Holy macroni, you've just blown any birthday preps I've ever done to smithereens woman. It all looks so, so amazing, and so handmade. You're fabulous./

  • What a fabulous birthday celebration you created for your little man. It's all so beautiful.

  • You truly take some gorgeous pics.

    And just love the pinata:)

  • perfect pinata!! wow!!!

  • Happy, happy birthday little guy! It all looks absolutely sensational.

  • I am in awe of your beehive cake – it is just amazing!! I'm preparing for my daughters 2nd birthday next week!! I know their will be lots of buntings too as they are very much loved in our house too, but i do love the mini one you made for the cake – simply brilliant!!!!

  • what an amazing party, as usually you have filled my head with your creative inspiration!

  • Sounds like a perfect birthday week! The little bees are amazing, and how cute is that rabbit?

  • ah, i wondered if it was a pinata ~ an unravelling one? what a great idea

  • such a beautiful picture story of a happy day (days?). Love it all!

  • AMAZING! that beehive is freaking AWSOME!

  • Aww, such lovely ideas for a most wonderful memorable day! Will copy your pinata idea one fine day, sweet friend. It's ADORABLE!!
    Will throw three Cathie notes in the big Giveaway bowl when getting back.
    Hugs hugs hugs x x x enJOY your evening meal and the evening, Cathie xxxx

  • Huge and happy birthday to that gorgeous little big boy. It looks and sounds like the most wonderful time was had. Big love to you birthday Mama. X

  • I love that bee theme, and everything you create around it. Your little boy is so lucky!

  • What a gorgeous theme! ANd that last piccie is priceless. He looks over the moon!! And who wouldn't be with such a Mumma. Lovely!! 🙂

  • That is an awesome pinata!

  • oh, that bee cake is stunning. i love that idea. my boy will turn three in a few months…eek. happy celebrating. everything looks amazing…well done.

  • Oh, everything looks so sweet. Pirate bunny must be my favorite here 🙂

  • What a gorgeous lot of amazing handmade things. THe bee cake is seriously the bomb. Loving the quilt too and as always the bunting. xo

  • you've outdone yourself this week. what amazing birthday it must have been.
    My Creative Space

  • That bee cake looks amazing! What a clever idea! I love themed birthday celebrations, it just adds something a little extra special to the day – a step more than just random cake and party foods!

  • I am a little creative over here today but nothing like you!!!! Wow…I am calling you up next birthday party! Hugs…xoxoxo

  • Okay Cathie…how can you be so sweet & so amazingly talented! If I had 1/2 of your talent I would be a snob 🙂 Good thing there is no chance of that! 😉

    Thank you so much for your sweetness about my Dad. Nothing like a Daddy is there? he is actually doing so much better now that it is amazing! He is home now with my mom & after a few really rough days he seems to be perking up & fussing over us from the chair where we proped him up 🙂 Thanks again for your thoughts! You are such a dear friend!

  • Lovely stuff, the cake, bunting, beehive and especially your little love with his pants falling down! Adorable! Have a great weekend, xKate

  • What a bee-autiful birthday! Love the bee cake, the fondant bees, the bee-hive. So sweet. Then the quilt, the bunting and what a sweet pirate bunny. You make me want to smoosh up my kids and get them back to being little kids instead of teen-agers! (yes, I so wish I didn't have three teen-ager's at the moment. No one properly prepared me…)

  • yummy to those bees.

  • Everything looks so wonderful and beautifully made. You are such a good Mum Cathie and your little ones are so lucky to have such a creative and thoughtful Mum.xo

  • What an amazing party! Happy, happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  • Wow wow wow! That pinata is amazing Cathie.
    Happy birthday to your little guy.

    p.s Thanks for coming over to my new recipe blog the other day – and adding a recipe – Yours are so very welcome.

  • Mel

    Ack! I missed this! Happy birthday to the bee loving, truck loving three year old boy! Wow Cathie, just too much gorgeousness. What a lucky boy to have such a creative mumma!