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It’s cold and if you live in Victoria you’d know that.
We were talking about wheat yesterday and I knew I had all the right ingredients at home to make a little person wheat bag.

Sure, it’s not as flash as some amazing ones, but it’s repurposed, apart from the chicken material pocket, and I made it, which makes me just smile looking at it.
Now I hope the chickens don’t mind sharing their wheat.



I’m off to visit some amazingness over here and if you have a minute, why don’t you pop round to a lovely friend’s place and say hello, but don’t talk to her about Man vs Wild, someone drove her crazy with it yesterday.

Are you going to Daylesford on the weekend
I am and so very looking forward to it.


Happy day friends, I’ll see some of you tonight at NCB

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  • I wish I was going to Daylesford this weekend! your wheat bag is lovely I love the chicken fabric- of course!

  • That's so lovely and clever, and ticks the practical box too. I have heard so much about Daylesford recently, I am definitely visiting next time I am down in Victoria. Have a lovely weekend there.

  • I love your wheat bag, what gorgeous fabric, and it with the denim is fab. xo

  • I love your little person wheat bag!
    And i wish we could come along to Daylesford!xxx

  • KIM

    lots of blue! i love blue. i love the wheat bag!

  • I'm going to chuckle every time I see an ad for Man vs Wild now! Thanks so much for coming to visit with the beautiful munchkins yesterday. They make me laugh!

  • Your wheat bag is gorgeous & just the thing for these chilly days & nights. I'm going to Daylesford on the weekend – Yay!!

  • would love to be going to daylesford too!
    i feel warm just looking at your lovely wheat bag

  • Makes me smile just looking at it too!


  • oh gosh i wish i had some talent to whip something like that up!

  • Love the wheat bag, perfect for those chilly nights. I will be in Daylesford this weekend – can't wait!!!!!

  • Lovely warm and made-with-love snuggliness…. well done, you!

    Wish I was going tonight and on the wekend, but I'm too busy having "adult croup". Nice how kids share, isn't it?

  • How daughter has made me rice bags…love them to snuggle up to in the cold weather.
    I do love the chickens. xoxoxo

  • Gorgeous wheat bag! Made me smile too!!! Hope you have a wonderful night and weekend…sounds like a blast 🙂

  • I love that wheat bag. Such a great idea for the little ones as they get neck and back aches too. My kids are always stealing mine and snuggling up to it under their blankets at night.

  • I think it’s a pretty amazing one! Beautiful and practical.

  • I use a wheat bag made by my mum every night at the moment (it's not as beautiful as your one though) – I think it might be time to make one for my little person too!

  • That is gorgeous Cathie, I like the chicken theme in and out!;)Have a lovely time, I wish I could join in (big sight!):)x

  • Cat

    Gorgeous and just the thing for winter. Have a great time. xoxoxo

  • Super cute!

  • What a cute wheat bag!

  • Too cute, Cathie. Beautifully made! Hugs for a lovely evening and Friday. Stay warm, my friend. xx

  • is the craft market in daylesford quite amazing? i have never been but was thinking of going.

  • Oh yay for wheat bags! I need one here with me right now! How very inspiring!
    Sophie x

  • Really cute and happy chickadees. They'll keep someone very warm in this cold weather – it's even it's way up here! Time for wheat bags all around.

  • It is gorgeous! I love all the bits and pieces you have used.
    I was going to buy one yesterday when Bren reminded me that we have a container full of organic wheat. I guess I'll be making on too.
    So looking forward to seeing you again on Sat. X

  • I've been craving a wheat bag but we got rid of our microwave and I don't know how i'd heat it up. Do you think I could put the oven on low for 10 minutes, turn it off and then stick the bag in for 10 minutes? Looks lovely. x

  • i agree … it's not as good as some. it's BETTER! I love the little chicken and the colours. so nice.
    My Creative Space

  • Beautiful – great job!

  • I love the chook fabric and denim combo, very swish!
    My 6 y/o will not go to bed until he has warmed up his "cozy critter" I made for him! But putting a wheatbag with a face in the microwave still looks a bit wrong! ( photos at

  • what a cute pillow…love the fabric. You are so incredibly talented (I know I've told you before). Enjoy your day. one love.

  • I love it. Looks tricky to me! The frog ones are even more tricky. Love chickens. I am sure they will try there whole life to get that wheat…

  • Great wheat bag! I wish I was going to Daylesford.

  • Growing up in a little Victorian farming town where it gets so cold
    the pipes freeze and there's no water first thing, I can really
    appreciate your little bag. What a great idea for a little person.
    I've been wracking my brains for an idea to warm up my eight year old.
    He's a skinny little guy and is always complaining how his bed is too
    cold when he first hops in. A bag like this is just the thing. Thanks
    Cathie! Brilliant and beautiful.

  • love the wheat bag, it's a work of art. love the chicken vs wheat connection too

  • Chickens and Wheat do seem to go together! Great job and very appealing too. Enjoy the weekend. Cathy x

  • super cool wheat bag – I use one all the time just perfect for these cool nights.

    I'm off to Daylesford Craft Experience tomorrow – not sure I'll have time for the market too.

    Enjoy your day.

  • I just discovered your blog & it is such a gorgeous visual feast.
    Love the denim on the wheat bag… I'm sure the chickens won't mind about the wheat.

  • I'm still trying to figure out these wheat things…I live in the US and I've never heard of them.

  • Ahhh… sweet one, I have missed you. That is the cutest little bag of wonderful warmth I have ever seen. Somebodies toes are gunna be toasty warm… ….love…Rosie

  • Nice wheat bag! Very talented woman you are!
    I love Daylesford – wish I could meet you there. We'll be visiting near there this Christmas…can't wait! I love "A Day On Earth", David Bromley's shop/warehouse – fantastic.

  • Oh, that symphony of blue buttons makes me happy.

  • Thank u for voting for Runti :–))

  • That wheat-bag looks awesome! A fantastic blog, Cathie – very inspiring.