My Creative Space…

A bit cold today, foggy, drizzling and all I want to do is have cups of tea.

I thought I’d make a different cuppa today though.

Hope you are inspired today, I loved your winter thoughts and I hope you managed to leave a message here as well, I’ll leave it open until the weekend.

I’m playing around with this world of mine, excuse the mess, I think I have lost my sparkle, hope to get it sorted soon and a warm hug to all my new friends.

Grand inspiration over here.

Off to make another cuppa, would you like one?
May even bake a cake as well.

Enjoy your day

  • Take care Cathie I hope that ray of sunshine comes by to visit you and gives you back your sparkle. It's a miserable looking day here too so I'll pop over soon for that cuppa. Hugs to you lovely. xo

  • I hope your sparkle is on its way back to you quick smart. Love the little stamps, but watch it, making stamps is a bit addictive too. I love the feeling of the blade moving through the block.

  • I love these! Doesn't look like you have lost your sparkle at all. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Cat

    That is one awesome stamp. I LOVE stamps! 🙂 Your pics are always so evocative Cathie. Losing your sparkle is not fun but often a great chance to reassess and revitalise. Thinking of you. xoxoxo

  • Oh no you haven't lost ANY sparkle…are you kidding me? Your sparkle blinds me all the way over here!!!

    It's totally just the weather…trust me on this one…shine on!!!

  • Love your little cuppa! Hope you're staying warm and cozy…

  • I absolutely love your stamp. It's just grand!

    Hope your beautiful sparkle finds it's way home soon.

  • I get it now! I can see your new changes I hope you can find your sparkle.;)

  • I love the changes already made! It gives you a lift to change your blog i think – just like redecorating. Love your sweet teacup!
    I've been fattening up my son (he needs it!) with your lemon cake recipe each week. Made one yesterday – thanks!

  • It's wild an woolly weather in Sydney too. I'm nursing a cold, sitting with a warm laptop on my…well…lap, and my day is brightened by your cute little cup. How awesome to be able to think up your own stamp design and then to make it! Hope the sparkle comes back soon

  • What a great cuppa! you are very clever Cathie.Have a nice warm and cosy day X

  • those stamps are fantastic! would love to catch up for that cuppa soon! especially if there is cake involved.

  • Oh – i want to do one of those now!
    They look great – were they hard to do??

    Thanks for the cuppa Cathie!xxx

  • Loving your cuppa Cathie! xo

  • clever you Cathie, love the stamp! you carved it yourself, yes!
    Love the new background, and the moving picture thingy up there.

  • I love that stamp- the fact that you can create such genius when you say you have lost your sparkle.. you are one clever lady… I KNOW your sparkle will return…. until then: drink tea.

  • Well you've certainly lightened the place up a bit. See you tonight maybe, for a nice hot drink? (Although this afternoon has come over all balmy…)

  • Pam

    It always seems to sparkle here when I visit Cathie! 🙂 But I know it's hard when you yourself can't feel it there. But something always comes along eventually to inspire it back into glitter!
    Loving your new header! It's so happy and pretty. The new look is lovely. Perhaps this is what you need. Big hugs. x

  • What a gorgeous little stamp Cathie! Sending you some virtual sparkle (from my daughter's stash of fairy dust that she keeps under her pillow) to brighten up your day. x

  • Now you've made me want to stop everything else I'm doing and find that stamp rubber thing I ordered ages ago and haven't yet carved. Love the cupcake and teacup. Hope you find that sparkle when you're ready. Breathe deeply. Be kind.

  • What a gorgeous stamp! Your changes look lovely…

  • I LOVE the stamp and your blog is looking BRILLIANT… Heaps faster and no text problems…I'll pop back in a couple of days to see what else you have done. xx

  • I do love your sparkle….I wonder where it has gone?

  • Love the stamp. Oooo I can see new packages of cafe stamp goodness coming on for markets.

  • Sending you sunshine & happiness. I'm pretty worn out too, so changed the vibe of my stall for this weekend's Handmade Market & the weight has lifted!! Much happier. All the best my sweet, love Posie

  • sounds like you could do with a weekend away being pampered and rubbed with sweet smelling oils…. Mmmmm, my idea of blissssss 🙂

  • I love that stamp, so sweet. xx

  • Your redecorating is looking so lovely! And those teacups must have been so much fun. Oh lino prints take me back to uni art classes…great times! Sorry I haven't popped in for a while. Madly sewing for Mathilda' first ever market Eeek!! Have to keep telling myself that I must step away from the computer! Lovely to see what you've been up to. Sending a happy and sunny Friday your way 🙂

  • YES, your stamp is so so happy and cheery! Adore your cute cup and that cupcake in the back is a sweetie too. You have inspired me here today, Cathie. Must try this.
    Many many warm winter thoughts for another cozy creative day! xx
    Your new header is pure happiness! xx

  • Oh, I would love to join you for a cuppa and cake. LOVE it!

  • Now that's the sweetest cuppa I've ever seen! Big warm hugs to you, I hope you find your sparkle again soon xxx

  • a cup of tea is always welcome … don't sweat your mojo. i know it will come back. maybe it's nature's way of saying you need a few minutes or days to step back and take a breath. have a lovely weekend.
    My Creative Space

  • oh dearest,
    you may borrow some "sparkle" from me…know that you are loved…sending a tender hug your way…Rosie…xoxo

  • You and your new stamp are looking pretty sparklarkley from here lovely Cathie. I hope you guys have a fabulously wintery weekend. XX

  • Cute stamps and lovely new look blog. Yes would love a cuppa and piece of cake of course 🙂 You'll find your sparkle I know you will.

  • So loving your cup! So sweet, great job!
    PS- hope you find your sparkle, while you are on the lookout, keep your eyes open for mine as well! 🙂

  • That's so sweet Cathie!
    Sometimes I do forget your part of the world is having your Fall/Winter. Have a cozy weekend dear!

  • wow your stamps are great and look, the sparkle is back…

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