My Creative Space…

Things have been a little quiet on the m.e front lately, no time for fun baking because alot of this has been going on at the house..

Today though alot of baking is happening for some cake orders
and of course someone has to do the washing up…

Sorry, I may not be able to draw a winner for the giveaway today, if you haven’t entered you still have a chance, I promise it’ll happen in the next few days, things are just a little bit out of sync here in the m.e household.

Let’s hope not many others are out of sync this week.


  • Hope everything is ok Cathie xx

  • I hope things calm down soon. Are there some tradies there? Maybe they could be persuaded with some yummies to do the dishes. X

  • How come there isn't a 'dish fairy' that comes around at night to do the dishes after we bake?? sigh….

    Good luck with whatever projects you got going on. (Liking that green on your window trim ~ pretty!)

  • Oh, honey, I'm sorry things are out of sync! I'm sending hugs your way in the wind that blows from here to there… and I very much hope things return to a joyous calm soon. xxxx S

  • I can relate on the house front!

    Hoping that the household finds it's balance again quick smart.

  • when you have finished painting those pesky windows…do you think you could pop over here and paint mine!!! Hope it settles over there, still crazy here!!

  • Ah..renovation in the house? I do know how hard work is that, just to clean up the mess..
    I hope every things is going well to you. Take care!

    I'm trying to pop in to the giveaway but the line was way too long. I'm not signing in, but I'm so happy for you! ^^

  • Ooh that looks all too familiar – that was me 8 months ago with this house! Hope the baking therapy helped. Nic
    P.S. Your link over at Kirsty's takes us to last week's creative space – just thought I'd let you know. x

  • Humm washing up – I wish that there we special fairy's for that:)

    Hope aht everything is ok – is the m.e household getting a little revamp?

  • thanks all, no tradies around as mr m.e does it all himself…yep, chef & fixit man who never stops!

    no renovations, just things that needed to be fixed when we moved in 2 years ago.
    all ok, just a little routine disturbance.

  • I hope that you are not one of the things out of sync Cathie. Hope you are able to get those cake orders all done and then have some quiet time. xxx

  • Cathie, that doesn't look too fun to me. Is it cuppa time for you yet?

  • How can you make the washing up look so pretty?

  • I'll come do your washing up for you and I put the kettle on while I'm at it. Seems there is plenty going on at your place this week.
    Sophie x

  • Cathie darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness. Hope things calm down for you.

    Love & Hugs

  • Vic

    Oh for goodness sake! I just wrote a long comment & "poof!" GONE!


    Now. What I was TRYING to say, was that you should absoloutly share piccies of your place more often – I know I for one LOVE them! Even the flaking paint ones & the old wood ones… you inspire me my dear!


  • Hope it's not too chaotic although it does sound a bit that way. Good luck with the order, hope those dishes just disappear xo

  • Oh renovating can be so much fun, not. It will look great when everything is finished, hopefully it doesn't take too long and then everything can settle down. Take care. xo

  • Yep I have been waiving the paint brush too lately, bathroom, doors, etc…and now I am fed up with it:)Funny to read your post after that :)Hope you get some fun happening too !x

  • Ooh – if you bake for me I will definitely paint your windows for you and keep all the remaining bits of coloured wood that have fallen off to make exciting things with!! Mind you – if you look on my blog today you'll see that, from time to time, I bake too!

  • I'm sure you could trade off some jobs for cupcakes Cathie! We are slowly getting back into sync too ~ it doesn't take much to know us clear off the axis!