My Creative Space…

It was international Women’s day the other day and I was lucky enough to enjoy a few morning gatherings and a wonderfully organised movie screening with lots of other women.
I enjoyed a few hours of being a woman, not just a mum, not just a partner, but a woman.
Today I am celebrating creativity around me.

The henna tattoo on my hand was a creation by a talented woman from India


the fabric covered canvas I made so I can store my beautiful brooches created by lots of other wonderfully creative and talented women


the lovely family portrait by the little guy framed and admired


the magic of liquid chalk for drawing on the window and practising our school words



and of course, the gorgeous girls in the background creating what they do best… a bit of a mess.

Hope you have had a day full of creativity and enjoyed being a woman ♥

  • I'm glad you got a little 'me' time Cathie! And I love your henna tattoo ~ so pretty. Liquid chalk ~ I've never seen that before ~ but it sure looks like fun!

    Hope you are having a lovely March friend!
    xo Catherine

  • Hi Cathie – what a lovely post! the covered canvas is such a good idea, and your collection of brooches is enviable! I must get some liquid chalk – our back doors would be the perfect "canvas" for Mr 4! Have a wonderful looong weekend! Nic x

  • oh just a post full of loveliness!!! how wonderful you got to celebrate IWD!!! love the tattoo and all those lovely broches and handmade delights xx

  • I would love to get a henna tattoo one day – it's absolutely beautiful!
    I'm noticing a bit of a theme with your brooch collection too….lots of butterflies

  • I always imagine that receiving a henna tattoo must be the most relaxing thing – or does it tickle?

    Gorgeous post, Mrs.

  • So lovely to hear you had a day just for you 😉 Its much needed sometimes and to feel like a women and have your identity so to speak, i love the tatoo its a beautiful work of art and you just can't beat childrens art work simply lovely, enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  • I used to paint henna tattoos at markets. I loved pipping the swirly patterns all around peoples bodies. Its was such an amazing trusting experience. I must buy some henna and paint my girls one day. Yours looks divine.
    Your whole space does. And another thank you for making my day a bit special today. You really are a wonderful friend. XX

  • Such a great idea to celebrate the Women's day! Love the tattoo and the family portrait! xx

  • Lovely post Cathie! Never heard of liquid chalk but then my kids aren't that small anymore. Must be great drawing on windows. I used to frame a lot of their first drawn pictures too. I still have those drawings in a box on the attic, memories of a wonderful time when they were still little. Next week is 'mondial week' in my sons school and Henna is on the program too. Maybe a women's thing but the boys will experience it too, along with cooking and dancing and… it's destined to be a great schoolweek!

  • I think that is awesome that you had some time to celebrate and relax! How fun. I love your pictures and that henna tattoo is great!

  • love the framed portrait !
    henna tattoos are the best invention – yours looks divive – did my kids some mehndi weeks ago – had a great time – very relaxing, creative and they had to sit still until it dried (miracle).
    dig the chooks looking through the window 😉

  • very nice tattoo. I'm glad you had a good day and I must find some liquid chalk for Sam, he would just love that!

  • liquid chalk! that's what I need – have been wanting something to write words of inspiration on my mirrored splashback in the kitchen (and maybe the shopping list!)
    Love the henna! So intricate and pretty 🙂

  • Everything in this post has made me happy! I love all the creative going on. Now let's see, my new shopping list: Henna, liquid chalk, art frame…
    Thank you for the lift this morning!
    Have a wonderful day.

  • Lovely, lovely post.

  • Sweet post, Cathie. The henna tattoo is amazing!
    Have a fabulous Friday, my friend. I am looking at the loveliest teacups right now, they found the perfect spot on my moodboard.
    Much love xxxxx

  • Love your Henna tattoo! And the whole post is gorgeous. So important not to forget about ourselves, especially as wives, mums and everything else!

  • The henna tattoo looks so beautiful!

  • so much creativity and inspiration here… thank you xo

  • TK

    liquid chalk – how amazing, henna tattoo – just gorgeous, brooches, piccie and all your creativity – inspiring….thankyou Cathie, TK xx

  • Liquid chalk!?! I love it, I must get some of that, I can't bare to touch the real stuff. Such beautiful pictures, especially your family portrait. So glad you enjoyed womens day, and your henna is lovely…

  • Bec

    Hi Cathie! That film looks awesome, I was just having a chuckle watching the trailor! I love your brooch idea. I bought a cork board about a year ago with intentions of covering it and pinning kids drawings to it but lately I have had it sitting by my bed and waiting for some inspiration to come to me. I am also getting a little collection of brooches so maybe I will do something like yours. Its so nice to take time out just to be YOU now and then isnt it? Have a lovely weekend xx

  • HI Cathie, I have never had a henna tattoo, your's looks lovely. I am very pleased that you had a great bit of adult girl time x

  • What a beautiful tatoo, what a beautiful post!!
    Loving the creativity of all around you and you who makes it all the more beautiful xo

  • Nice to see my butterfly brooch up there Cathie! yay!!!

    I need some girly time! Soon soon soon!!!beautiful henna tatts.xx

  • I've never had this done to me before – but would love to. I commitment to the real thing when I was 20 – somewhere private. I don't regret getting it done, but I do regret the image.
    Looks like you had a beautiful day.

  • Your henna looks gorgeous. And I love the idea of liquid chalk – I might have to go get some!

  • Truly amazing henna. We all need to remember to have a little ME time. As moms we are constantly giving of ourselves for those we love…it is so important to rejuvenate, refill and stay strong, for both family and self…hugs…and love…Rosie

  • The henna looks amazing!! We have preschool art framed like that, it was a fundraiser but completely gorgeous addition to our collection. Love Posie

  • What a wonderful post…thanks for including my brooches 🙂 and I agree with everyone else – Liquid Chalk! Must get me some…

  • Love this post. xx

  • Love the Henna – I have a friend who married an Indian and had her hands and feet done for their wedding. It looked amazing.
    The liquid chalk looks like lots of fun – might have to pick it up next time I see it – does it wash off easy enough (we move at the end of the year and DH will not be impressed if he is up for new windows before we move)

  • Oh I really love all the things you posted about here – the henna tattoo looks so beautiful (and what pretty hands you have!). Brooches are my accessory of choice and it bugs me the way they just float about atop my chest of drawers like so much flotsam and jetsam… I think I might just 'pinch' your idea if you don't mind!

    Love your little busy creators at work – Amelie with her gorgeous window mural (liquid chalk looks amazing!) and Aidan's framed family portrait – too cute! It reminds me of Doots who has started drawing and colouring and 'writing' again after not doing much of that over summer (I think she was too busy perfecting her somersaults and headstands!) it's as though starting kinder has put her in a creative mood again.

  • Loved this post. How cool is the liquid chalk – where do you get that?