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You can never have too much bunting around the house can you?
These vintage hankies were in the letterbox when I got home, so I knew that they were destined for a new life.

And how could I possibly NOT try this recipe, and as my 4-year-old would say “easy peasey lemon squeezey” and it really is.


Off to bake some cakes, have a wonderfully creative day sweet friends

  • Bunting looks beautiful – enjoy your cakes!

  • Oh I love your new bunting you made. great idea of using hankies!!!
    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  • Thanks for the inspiration Cathie! I have a pile of vintage hankies and was looking for something pretty to make with them. It was so lovely meeting you last weekend, hope to see you again one day xo

  • beautiful bunting, I love it!

  • beautiful use of hankies – I like the way you can still see that they were hankies too…

  • i won a bunting from the lovely little grubs one thursday and now i want one for every room. they are so happy in the home!

  • Fab bunting – gorgeous colours!!
    Hope you're having a lovely creative week!xxoo

  • gorgeous, what a cute idea – old hankies!! love it! might have to raid my nana's drawer…

    ~ Samone x

  • such a sweet bunting! happy baking!

  • What a fantastic idea for such pretty hankies.

  • I love love love your bunting…My front room is in some serious need of one! Yours is perfection and the crackles look fun and yummy

  • ooh too cute! Wonderful job!

  • What a perfect idea for such vintage loveliness!

  • absolutely, you can never have enough, especially when it is as pretty as this

  • Oh great idea – i'll have to start sniffing around for vintage hankies! Happy cake making.

  • Your bunting is beautiful and the all the more special because it's made from vintage hankies! Such pretty fabrics! AND choccie crackles….what a day!! Hope you have a brilliant weekend 🙂

  • Perfect use for those hankies Cathie! Looks just gorgeous!

  • So cute! I picked up hankies at lark on Saturday and this is the perfect use. Did you just fold them into the shape you wanted?

  • Oh, gorgeous hankies…I'm a hoarder of these but too scared to cut into them, silly I know. Just had a little read of your beautiful blog, I haven't visited in a while. Your photos are beautiful Cathie. I'm a sucker for a beautifully snapped image!

  • A hankie bunting… That will put a little boogie back into any room!! Hehehe

    Xo Steph

  • Love the bunting – and surely there is never enough of it 😛

  • Great idea with the hankies!!!

  • The bunting looks great. I am going to have to try that crackle reciep – have never been a fan of crackles because of the cohpa after taste.

  • I am enjoying your photo's…thanks!

    P.s. How did you get al those tiny tiny little stars???

  • The vintage hankies make the perfect bunting, love it!

  • your bunting is gorgeous…good thinkin charlie brown ( :

  • KIM

    oh my!! i absolutely love bunting! what an awesome idea to make them out of vintage hankies!! very pretty!

  • so creative! I would have never thought of using vintage hankies this way!

  • Those soft colors are lovely and what great idea hanging it outside. I know what I will be doing this afternoon… 😉 Lots of love for a wonderful Winters day, Cathie! xxxx

  • Pam

    What a brilliant idea for vintage hankies Cathie! They look fab. Why can't I ever think up idea like that then? 🙂 I've seen so many of those hankies in the op shops too. Enjoy the rest of your week. x

  • I love your bunting Cathie. What a great thing to do with old hankies. Wonderful idea. xo

  • Lyn

    They are so lovely! <3

  • what a great idea for old hankies … i have enough of them lying around.
    My Creative Space

  • What sweet bunting Cathie using vintage hankies, it looks beautiful. The chocolate crackle recipe sounds yummy too. Have a wonderful Friday. xo

  • Great bunting – enjoy the chocolate crackles!

  • Oooo cute and clever too – and tasty as well – what a marvellous woman you are. xo

  • Cute idea. The colours are lovely. And no – you can never have too much bunting – EVER

  • Oh those are so adorable!!! You are so creative:)

  • The bunting looks great – inspired idea to use hankies to make it. Happy baking.

  • There isn't nearly enough bunting in the world for my liking so am loving yours with it's beautiful vintage hankies. Just divine. And chocolate crackles? Well, the school holidays just wouldn't be complete without them would they? Have a great day. x

  • Hey there lovely lady!
    I LOVE your hanky bunting, just gorgeous.
    It was so ace having lunch with you last weekend.
    One day soon we should get all the littlies together.
    Thanks again so much for all the goodies.
    We got home last night and I was so excited to find them here waiting for me to play with.
    Have a great Friday. XX

  • Oh yep I agree so much nicer than wiping runny noses!! hehehe
    They look gorgeous and ummmm these choc things are in my to do list …next week hopefully!xx
    Bon weekend Madame !

  • are the flowers at the top new? they look gorgeous in any case! sounds like you have been having fun…i must make some bunting one day…i have to say I just love the word bunting too…it sounds like it's literally bursting with fun…

  • So sweet..I love bunting too…I would love to make to find some hankies. xoxoo

  • LOVE the bunting idea…I have so many pretty hankies I do believe this is their fate…thanks for the great idea…have a pretty day…love Rosie

  • i have a weak spot for bunting…especially when their made of vintage hankies.

  • lovely bunting!

  • how cute! I never thought of using hankies for buntings!!!!!!!!!!!

    and yes you can never have too many! I have one on my market stall and every market without fail I get asked do I sell them!


  • i love your bunting- it looks so soft! and the visit to the snow looks magical- I miss snow sooo much (being from Canada). Haven't seen it in a few years- next winter we are making it a priority! xo m.

  • You my dear are so clever! Love that bunting 🙂 I have passed a blog award onto you – please pop past to accept XO

  • Nope. You never can. Bunting is meant to be positively FESTOONED. It's a law.