My Creative Space…

My Creative Space today is to hopefully finish part 2 of my Melbourne Epicure bunting which I showed you the beginnings of here.
The letters are painted on with fabric paint and I used a couple of pairs of Mr M.E’s ripped jeans.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement last time as this is my first EVER sewing project and I am quite enjoying it.

Now back to figure out why the sewing machine thread isn’t sewing all the way through in parts…hmmm, where’s that manual..

Have a look round here for Kirsty’s end of 2009 Creative Space and for some other fabulous ones aswell.

  • Vic

    Is there nothing this woman can't do? Not only that, is there nothing this woman can't do exceedingly well…?! I pretend I can sew on a regular basis, but I really just faff about looking busy. I think your bunting is looking amazing. A little too amazing.

    Okay. I'm jealous. There. I've admitted it!

  • Oh wow, that looks amazing! Can't wait to check it out on Saturday.

  • Looks fabulous Cathie! I wonder if you've been swearing at yourself for choosing a name with so many letters like I do when I make Daylesford Organics signage. Have a wonderful market weekend. XX

  • Ah ! now it all add's up. 🙂 …I was unsure what the denim meant with the last creative space post. This banner looks lovely Cathie…wow…handling a sewing machine sounds so difficult and scary… your work is just so neat…and i love the contrasting panels!
    ps: I posted my creative space with the last post i put up…did you see it cathie ? … the picture is inspired by your amazing work and also with the tips you gave me on how to get a nice shot with the use of the baking tin :). you are my photography guru ! 🙂

  • The bunting looks great, certainly doesn't look like you got into too many tangles putting it together (but better check the manual just in case!). Have a great day.

  • I love bunting – I made my 70 year old mum one that said 'nana' with lots of love – the grandkids loved it too! Well done and excellent old jeans use!

  • First sewing project – what a great job you've done.
    Definitely read the manual and change your needle just for luck – denim blunts them quickly.

  • It looks good- sometimes with heavy denim its easier to use a denim needle which you can put in any sewing machine- you can get leather ones too.
    It does look great!

  • Looking good Cathie! It's funny, this week you have a sewing creative space and I have a baking creative space!!

  • Your bunting looks great!

  • It looks so fabulous. I think you're a natural when it comes to sewing.

  • Your bunting looks fantastic, it will make your already delicious little stall even more irresistible! Good luck with both of your markets this weekend.

  • mmmmm bunting…. I just love it

  • Didn't I tell you!?! Not as scary as it sounds and VERY addicitive!

    Your bunting looks FANTASTIC x

  • Looks amazing. Can't wait to see it on Saturday. You are a brave vegemite to start sewing, next you will be sewing all the lovely bags to put the yummy cookies in. 😉

  • the banner looks amazing! great colours too!

  • I had to double check the blog link because I couldn't see yummy food… only yummy bunting… hehe They look great and I like the mixed medium of paint and fabric… 5 stars!!!

    xo Steph

  • Wow…it looks BRILLIANT!! Congratulations!!

  • Your bunting is great! I really like the cursive letters – very stylish! Good luck on the weekend!

  • The bunting looks great Cathie, you have done a wonderful job. Your stall will look great with that bunting. Have a good weekend at the markets. xox

  • Looks fantastic Cathie! Can't wait to see it finished 🙂

  • Wow, I think you did brilliantly! I've been wanting bunting for my stall too, but am too chicken to use the sewing machine…

    Maybe I should. hm. You have inspired me. XD

  • It looks great! I love the red stripes.

  • This amazing…I so love bunting and your lovely blog. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me.

  • I love ddenim and I love buntings so this post has cheered me today. many thanks!

  • I'm so proud of you Cathie! It looks fantastic. Well done to you.

  • Looks FAB! Well done clever cookie. : )
    I laughed when I read your line about going back to your manual. Truth is I check my manual EVERY TIME I go to thread up my machine… possibly because I don't use it often enough, I obviously need to build up that neural pathway. : D

  • cute space! i love cupcakes too. i love the banner idea. i was thinking of something like this for our wedding.

  • Ash

    Cathie, you did an amazing job!!! I love it!

  • Fantastic job! Do you think you could show us a photo of it up at the market? I hope you enjoyed making it.
    Cathy x