• Sounds yummy!

    I love your black rose – i have one too!

  • Thanks a very funky apron and enticing looking baking preparations. Love that ring too. I wish I could pop over for a cuppa.

  • mmmmnnn…I hope that biscuit recipe finds its way onto your blog! Sounds lovely.

  • Ooh what a fun swap..And beautiful pic! Love anything honey, I'll be back 😛

  • I have been meaning to make myself an apron for an age. I think I will bump it up on the sewing list of jobs to do 🙂

  • hmmm…will be back too :)Love our apron colours very nice!

  • Seriously, I just want to smell your house.

  • Yummo!
    as always I am adoring your photos muchly.

  • KIM

    YUM!!! im coming over to your house for tea! :KIM

  • Yum! Honey & spice cookies sound delicious, wish I had a recipe.

    I've passed along a blog award to you (you can see it in this post). No need to respond, I just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog 🙂

  • beautiful as always, everything, the photos… that isn't as apron is it? it looks far to nice???

  • i want to lick your photos sometimes…um, not in a creepy way just in a 'oh yum,' way.

  • That apron is most excellent. Is that a detachable t-towel? Genius if it is…if not it should be.

  • Honey and Spice cookies sond delicious. Love the apron.

  • Now you have me wondering what Kirst is up to too. I will have to pop on over there!

    That honey looks so good…guess what I'll be sneaking into my yougurt tomorrow 🙂

  • i love your photos, and their suggestiveness!

  • and my word verification was TRAMP so i have to follow your blog now…ha.

  • Honey & spice, doesn't that sound dreamy? It would make a good song/book title! Bet the biccies are delicious, hope you are having a happy day Cathie xo

  • Just beautiful, love Posie

  • Looking good! hope you like the apron, bickies look delicious!
    thanks for being an ace swap partner


  • Your piccies always make me smile. And I can smell those bikkies all the way up here…mmmm! Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • Oh yummy … that sounds amazing.
    My Creative Space

  • you know how to entice a girl! Love the little apron in the picture

  • I am really, really, REALLY in love with your ring. Really, really! Can you tell me about it? And where you bought it. Pleeeease??

  • Seeings I'm late I bet all the biscuits have gone. Gorgeous pic Cathie!