• They are adorable! What a lovely way to use up pretty scraps.

  • Totally cute idea!!! love'em

  • Ooh they're so pretty!

  • I never had a visit here I didn't LOVE!!!

  • They are absolutely gorgeous!!x

  • They are very cute Cathie. Definitely a great gift idea. Loving seeing all of your new creativity here. Lou.

  • Cute ~ and crafty! 2 enjoyable things! 🙂

    xo Catherine

  • Great idea – very pretty!

  • That is a brilliant present idea!

  • They look wonderful! They will be winners for gifts 🙂 k

  • great idea! I have lots of scraps that are piling up!

  • Kat

    Gorgeous! What a great idea. I have so many scraps I could do this with.

  • OK, these are cute as a button…I'm sure these look delightful in your little cupcakes locks. Wish my little Lizzy was not all grown up…smile on…Rosie

  • Very cute! Why would you ever spend money on a hairclip again!? xo m.

  • adorable…don't honestly have long enough hair really for need of clips but wishing i did right now!

  • They look great, my daughter would love them, and they would be easy enough for her to help me with! 3 out of 3!

  • They are really nice, me niece would love these – shes a girly girl.

  • I love these my friend….what a great way to use up fabric…hugs. xoxoxo I think I would even wear them…my students would love them.

  • Me too… I am starting to become obsessed with fabric scrap management. It is a craft in itself. Love your bobby pins – totally ace 😉

  • They are so lovely…and photographed beautifully too! Hope you have a marvellous weekend 🙂

  • Very cute! Take the next step, be brave get some fire into the edges!!! But be warned it’s addictive and stinky, but oh so effective.

  • oh very cute!

  • Divine and strangely edible too…

  • what a wonderful idea! And they look so delicate too…like paper thins:) xoxoxox

  • great idea, would make great gifts for little friends xx

  • Nothing like a little instant gratification…
    They came out great, Cathie! I'll definitely have to give these a go…

  • They look fantastic Cathie, having two girls we can never have enough hair accessories at our house!

  • These will make a little girl very HAPPY!Bravo and thanks for sharing the idea! 😉

  • Great Cathie. And as I am NOT a button lover, I really like the way you've used beads.

  • Lovely. The beads are a nice touch.

  • oops and I just parted with a scrap pile too. These would have been perfect!

  • What a great idea, they are so cute,

  • Great way to use up scraps. They are gorgeous Cathie!

  • That's pretty & of course, nothing wasted, just like a patchwork quilter would do . . . my scraps go on cards or tags, then smaller ones on buttons or badges. I swear i lose only tiny millimetres of precious fabric. Love Posie

  • Very cute, and some great links there – thanks!
    Your blog is awesome…I love the little stars which follow the mouse around. 😀

  • They're adorable! Hey I see you're teaching cupcake classes soon. How super exciting.

  • Simple and very cute Cathie! So effective and Oh Boy have I got tons of scraps I can not bear to throw out! x Michele

  • The hairclips look great Cathie and another good idea for presents I'll bookmark. Thank you for the link:) xo

  • How clever! They look gorgeous and achievable. I need some good ideas to use up my ever growing pile of scraps, so thanks for the great links.

  • That's it. From now on you are the Crafty Cupcake Queen.

  • They are really sweet! And yep, a perfect use for scraps!

  • I make embellishments for my scrap pages this exact same way. Yours are so cute with the extra beads in the centre though and I'd never thought about adding them to hair grips. Cute 🙂

  • Thanks for the link! I 'm glad my post inspired you to make something. Your blog is beautiful!

  • And you probably have a Greek root, I just saw the cute γιαγια embroidery.

  • Looks like a good one for my Girl Guide unit. We could sew buttons into the middle for button stitching practice. I love teaching them ways to be thrifty.

  • Vic

    Gosh they're pretty… and brilliantly photographed as always… you are just a BIT too talented, me thinks. 😉

  • I'm a bit obsessed with fabric scraps at the moment too so I am loving these. I love how scraps tell the stories of past projects but in a new way. Have a wonderful weekend. X

  • I have always loved this type of hair pins and yours are so pretty !

  • They are fantastic…I love a woman who can handle a glue gun. xx

  • what a lovely idea

  • what a great idea!

  • Fantastic!!

  • Oh these are just gorgeous Cathie!

  • oh how sweet they are, just divine, perfectly fine for big girls too! lovely idea

  • Oh Cathie, I would LOVE you to bring a plate of cupcakes…YUM…Have you any plans for the weekend ?{besides coming for a tea party}:)… Give "cupcake" a hug…and have a glorious weekend
    ………Love Rosie……….

  • Very cute, what a great idea.

  • Oh what an easy scrap project…

    xo Steph