My Creative Space…

Finally home after a busy morning and back to making some more hearts and stars.

Thank you for all your cupcake feedback, very helpful indeed.

After I finish these I think I may bake some chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, come back tomorrow for some tea and a taste.

In the meantime, why don’t you pop round to Kirsty’s and see what everyone else is up to.

  • All those tiny hearts and stars look lovely (as does your pincushion in the post below)

  • Looking yummy at yours as usual!x

  • Very dainty and i'm sure very tasty too!

  • gorgeous hearts and stars xx

  • I would cut off my right arm right now for a chocolate and raspberry cupcake! Lovely as always 🙂

  • So that's how you make those, always wondered. Lovely photo Cathie.

  • Those are so cute I could just eat them up. But I guess that's the point :P.

  • Amazing photo Cathie! Love the white on white. X

  • Wow! This is a temptation post of the week in MCS! 😉

  • Those hearts and stars will look so good on any colour of icing.
    I'll be back for sure to see those raspberry and chocolate cupcakes!
    Cathy x

  • i would love to wander into your kitchen and see all the fantastic little tools you have to create all your wonderful bits and pieces, for your cakes!


  • Yum! Delicious as always Cathie!
    You pin-cushion is gorgeous too.

  • there soooo tiny….my mouth is watering already chocolate and raspberry cupcakes = yummy

  • A happy day it must surely be when it includes making hearts and stars.

    BTW – I always love popping by this bloggy space of yours when the fairy dust is sprinkled by my mouse. Always makes me smile.

  • The little hearts and stars look so tempting. Are they pure sugar?????

  • Hi Cathie…
    Cutest LITTLE hearts I've ever seen….
    along with those Heart straight pins in the faux cupcake on your precious blog…

    I must have some of those!!!
    I have a cupcake holder that they would be darling in!
    the pins are the best!

    xoxo~Kathy @Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  • Very sweet Cathie:) I'll be back tomorrow to check out your delicious sounding cupcakes.xo

  • Such sweet little white hearts and stars ~ I am thinking they will look lovely sitting on top of some yummy chocolate icing! 🙂

  • Lovely shot of all this loveliness, Cathie! XOXO

  • I love those hearts Cathie!

  • Mel

    I will come back tomorrow 'cos it's my birthday tomorrow and I shall need a cupcake!

  • It really is all in the detail, non?

  • I have never seen anything so sweet!!!! What are these made out of? I love the little cutter..I will be back for a cupcake…yum! xo

  • Hi cathie! I finally got your giveaway at last,lol.It was so worth the wait.To sweet,no pun intended.Will try the recipe too.;)

    Thanks again Happy Weekend soon!

  • Good Day Sweet Girl,
    Well these are too cute for words…what are they made from ??…how very AMAZING…but then, we would expect nothing less, from your creative mind…smile on Rosie…

  • such a beautiful picture…

  • Okay, I have never seen anything like that white utensil you have in the picture. Please tell me that you can use it to cut out those darling hearts? OOOHHH! I am so in love!!! Now why don't we have those in our stores here??? You are so lucky!!!