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Today is all about amusing the little people around here while I get some baking done for the Made n Thornbury winter market tomorrow.  
Looking forward to it and hope you can pop by for some handmade goodness and support the wonderful talents of many women. 
Also a BIG thank you to the amazing woman behind this fabulous market, Justine, who is leaving the neighbourhood house at the end of the week. You’ll definitely be missed Justine!



So today we are creatively baking, food colour painting, dressing up and of course thanks to a sweet gift from a super sweet lady they look super good whilst doing that!
Hope you are happily creating, I wonder what the beret-wearing Ms Kirsty is up to today.

Happy day ♥

  • So gorgeous Cathie….might just swing by for a visit tomorrow♥

  • Those crowns are brilliant!

    Hope you have a productive and entertaining day Cathie!xx

  • Love the crowns. Hope you have a wonderful day at the markets tomorrow.

  • Happy baking and happy playing. Sounds like a lovely day to be had in the m.e. household.

  • The crowns are very cool, have fun baking today!

  • Everytime I visit you I sooo want to go create!

    Your images just jump right out at me…hugs for a great day and wishing you many blessings at the market..if only I could come!!!

  • If only I lived in Melbourne…the market sounds like a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon. Hope you get lots of baking done today.

  • Bec

    Hope you have a fantastic market. Love those crowns 🙂

  • Happy dress ups! Hope you have an ace time at the markets!


  • Oh lovely, I hope tomorrow goes well. I might even see if I can pop past (I'm getting an exit pass from the Beloved tomorrow night!). Those crowns are super. So is Curlypops.

  • Gorgeous crowns there! The market sound great, I lived in Melbourne years ago and the daggy suburbs I lived in, thornbury and Brunswick seem to be getting all funky?!

  • i love those crowns – did you make them?? what are you baking for the market?? I am still eating my treats that I made yesterday…come past and check it out when you get a moment – all the best for tomorrow 😉

  • Okay those crowns! SO cool! The sewing on them is perfect! I have never seen any crowns as happy or colorful as these! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fun day tomorrow!

  • Loving those crowns…and food colour painting…what a gold idea! Hope your market goes exceptionally well! Keep warm and toasty 🙂

  • love those hats!!

  • I hope they let you get some baking done too.
    Me and Pepper were painting with food dye in the bath this morning. Too much fun but you should have seen the colour of the water when we were finished. Hope you have a great market. X

  • I'm loving the crowns Cathie. Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow at the market. xo

  • Hope you had a great day baking and entertaining the littlies. How fun are those superhero headbands, CP always chooses the best fabrics!

  • Good luck with all the baking! Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow night, and thanks so much for my delicious muesli bars.

  • J'adore!
    Isabelle de Paris.

  • Hope that they let you get some baking done – wish I was down the road to pop in for some treats (you never know where the end of next year will take us!)

  • I so need to make some of those super hero crowns. I have the tut all printed off here but just never started!!! Your place is looking fab as always. xx

  • Everything looks so gorgeous. have fun at the market.
    My Creative Space

  • Those crowns are adorable! Have a sweet day!

  • i am off to have a look into where this market is…have a lovely time amongst all the handmade and homemade.

  • KIM

    i love the crowns!! they are absolutely wonderful! great job!

  • Love the super hero crowns. Hope your baking went well, and have a great market day tomorrow.

  • So cute.Your always so busy that is wonderful.Have a lovely day and a great one tommorrow.

    Wintertime??? Its hot hot here I may just move there for a few months LOL

  • Dressing up is so much fun… especial with those gorgeous super-hero headbands. SUPER!

  • Thanks for the link to 'Curly pops' – what a great tutorial. I have been keen to make one of these for my little girl's 3rd birthday..and now I know where to go for help on how to make one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • These crowns look really fab – i bet the kids had a great time dressing up and being involved that way. Wish you great success for tommorow – and a fantastic time!

  • This first picture remind me of childhood memories of "wonder woman"!hehehe Looks like little people must have had a ball :)Happy market Cathie x

  • TK

    those crowns are to die for – I want one & I want it now!!!!!!

  • Oh Cathie,
    Those sweet little crowns are so delightful …Ahhh…the days of playing dress up seem so long ago…my children are in their early 20's…so I look forward to many grandchildren…
    Thanks so much for popping by…and for the lovely cupcakes…they were delicious…love Rosie

  • We've just finished that divine leek tart (had it as an entrée) – just as delicious as I'd remembered! Thanks so much for making it; I'd love to try making it some time (but I know I'd never get the pastry to be as perfect).

  • I love the crowns you amused the little with. Hope the market went well. This weekend I've promised to make my littles (and not-so-little) your honey jumbles recipe. Thanks for all the recipes you share.

  • may i borrow your crown for the day?? please.
    i love ya friend! this is an inspiring post. i could do this right.

  • Wow…..those dress-up hats are amazing, all the colours are gorgeous! Hope your market was a roaring success and that your weekend is super lovely. xo

  • Hi Cathie-
    Still here, reading and catching up with everything. Sigh… Looks like you have been one busy girl, luscious banana bread, the cupcakes, the buntings, the party, quilt, those crowns!!! Love them all! And you know I just need some of those sweet hearts, I am on the lookout!!! Yours are the best though!

    And I was planning on asking you if you would by chance, move your entire family to Minneapolis, Minnesota (home of the Mall of America!) so Libbie and I could adopt you into our family? We want another sister like you and both Lib and I adore you! Is it a possibility??? (HEHEHE… but just wishing!)