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Just a bit wet at the moment after our walk this morning in the rain.
I have been playing around with these and the kids love them. 
It’s nothing you haven’t seen around before, but it’s something that encourages their imagination and calm role play which is definitely a good thing.
Hope you are having a wonderfully creative day, there’s definitely a whole lot over here.

  • Love a good vintage dolly peg!! I've seen them for over $1 each at craft shops, hello, $2 shop anyone, where they are actually $2.50 for a dozen??!! You're using similiar colours to me this Creative Space, great minds darling, GREAT!! Love Posie

  • Only you can make clothespegs look so breathtaking, Cathie…

  • They are gorgeous, I used to have hours of fun with my peg dolls when I was little…

  • Enjoy! your photos are always so beautiful!xx

  • Oh so cute – great to be reminded of these classsic ideas! I don't remember doll pegs looking as cute as yours do!

  • I'm all for calm playing this week! Not that there is anything wrong with a bit of hijinks but it can take it's toll on a fragile mumma! I love your photo's, so soothing and sweet xo

  • Calm = Good!

  • I love coming over to visit …you always make me leave with a smile. xoxo

  • What a perfect little rainy day activity (and a great way to get rid of some scraps too)! Where did you find those lovely wooden pegs?

  • mmm, calm is good… much better than "no, mum, you've finished resting, I kissed you so now you're all better and ready to play" (but to be honest, that's kind of nice too). Thanks for another beautiful post!

  • Calmness in wet weather is hard to achieve… I might go find our peg people too…

    Xo Steph

  • they are really cute C 🙂

  • That reminds me of Playschool! Ahhh the memories :o)

  • Vic

    Hehe, I love how the CALM is emphasised… 😉

  • Yay for dolly pegs! Have you seen the ones with flat bottoms and stands? They're great for the kids to paint and dress up. They sell them in our local emporium for a couple of dollars for 6 so you should be able to find them locally to you.

  • I might have to make some of these, very cute.

  • I just may need to run to the craft store to create these cuties… calm role paly sounds good to me 🙂

  • Your skirts are the cutest. Haven't met this kind of lovely pins before on the net, Cathie. It's so true about the calm role play, love your view on raising.
    So far on your lovely post. Today Mr. Postman arrived at my doorstep. Sweet, sweet Cathie, thank you so so much for the beautiful treasures. You are very talented, loved all of it. The cards and that gorgeous pin… really made me smile ear-to-ear. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Keep your eye on your mailbox, a small envelope will travel the world to your lovely little corner of the world, next weekend. xx and some more xx

  • cute, so lovely!

  • They're so sweet. What a lovely thing to do. The kids and I made painted peg soldiers, like the little tin soldier, which we read, at Christmas years and years ago. We still have a couple for the tree, but most went to people as gifts. I'd forgotten until now.

  • Oh, and you're not 'dramatic' or 'vivacious'. Go on, be. Just today.

  • we need to encorage so quiet play in our house…. I have some of these but may need to make so more.

  • pretty in pink!! xo m.

  • We love a bit of peg play over here. Yours look gorgeous.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Ms Cathie X

  • Beautiful! Hope your weekend is lovely and holds more calm role play. Lisa x

  • They look very beautiful!! 🙂

  • Simply adorable!

  • Good morning my dear…
    what fun it is to play with our babies…these dolls are charming…have a good weekend…love Rosie

  • you are too scared to post food photos after my lick comment last week ;o) these images do take me back to reminisences(??) of childhood-i can almost see my pudgy kid fingers struggling to glue and tape paper and cloth dresses onto them…lovely photography

  • When I first saw this, before I even read a word, my first thought was, "Oh! Sloane would LOVE to make those." My second thought was that my students would, too.

  • i love this idea and i just brought home a bag of vintage clothing pins from the thrift shop.