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hmmm…now can anyone tell me what to do when I run out of wool and need to join more on…
(I’m editing it to add that I do have more wool, just need to join it on, somehow..)
perhaps someone over here can help me…. well, after they stop laughing at me that is!

  • I'm not laughing honey, I'm just loving your beautiful photo's xo

  • Oh I love your photos, so beautiful! Can't wait to see what you are creating and I hope you find some more wool!
    Sophie x

  • Ummm, not sure, but love the photo's – ;o) Someone like Kate at Fox's Lane will surely know. Good luck!

  • Well look at you go – I think the crafty folk you've been hanging out with here are rubbing off on you. Look forward to seeing the end result.

  • Hello, first time visitor here 😉 I'm settling in for a nice look around your blog, but before I do: They have different types of joining yarn videos (scroll down), you can pick which you like? (And no, I wouldn't laugh. How can you learn if you don't ask?)

  • Not laughing, can't wait to see what you are making 🙂 The knittinghelp link posted by ginevra should help.

  • Do you tie the two ends together? That's what I would do hee hee!

  • i am kind of giggling, don't you just tie a knot? i have know idea, i cant knit to save my life! good luck cathie & cant wait to see the end result xox

  • Mel

    Yeah I'm with curly pops and jade – I think you just make a small, neat knot that ties the two ends together and it's pretty invisible in the final product. Good luck!

  • Knitting is not my department either. Have fun though!

  • What is going over at yours Ms Cathie? No laughing from me, just a bit of hoping. XX

  • Even your wool looks delicious enough to eat Cathie! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job if you ready to move onto a second ball of wool. Did you get the help you needed?

  • Wow, you do make a good wool drama a mystery & beautifully photographed post. Love Posie

  • Jo

    knitting and crocheting is not my thing>< So can't help…

    ps. it's my first time here!! and i really like your photos!!! ^0^

  • Sorry I am not a knitter but I admire anyone who can do this; be sure to show off what you are making. YOu do take great photos

  • Oh wish i could help… i'll make you a latte if that helps 🙂

  • Not laughing either…Excited for you!!!

    So what's your venture? Knit or Crochet?

  • How can you make a scrap of wool look so beautiful? I applaud you.

  • Pam

    Nice to see you engaging in some craftwork Cathie. and have to agree with many of the others re your pics. They look fab. Fab like your recipe for those soooo delicious Choc Mousse Cupcakes which I wanted to let you know that I made two days ago! They were the best, and so I have just posted about them. Thanks for a truly great recipe. Think I just saw one for Red Velvet cakes, so might have to go check that one out now! lol. 🙂

  • beautiful pics. i don't knit but you make me want to. 😉

    sending you a big HUG.

  • No, no…don't tie the ends together! You just put the new strand alongside the wool you have bee working with and continue to knit.

    You end up knitting 2 strands instead of one and this weaves it into your work without knots.


  • I just begin the next row with the new strand then tie them together and darn the ends in later. I don't tend to fuss to much….that how my nan taught me…simple and easy!!

  • Kat

    Gorgeous photos. I just tie the two ends together which is the easiest but probably not the most professional way of doing. For other methods search youtube. I always find good knitting tutorial videos there.

  • My suggestion…er…oh yes, I forgot, I know nothing about knitting, sorry, but your photos are lovely.

  • Haha all I can say is good luck – I started knitting a scarf a couple of months ago, and when I realised I didn't have enough wool (I'd knitted about 3 inches and then ran out) I just gave up. But don't do that! Keep at it!

  • Hopefully it's all worked out by now, though it's been too hot for knitting over the last few days, so maybe not yet? Tying a knot is not ideal – then you end up with a bump in your work that's hard to hide. Starting a new ball at the start of a new row is the strategy I like best: just make sure to leave a couple of long tails (30cm-ish?) so you can weave them in up and down the sides eventually, pulling them taught and snipping as close to your work as possible. Once you smooth your work out again, the snipped ends should disappear! What are you making?

  • It looks like lots of lovely helpful people have come to your rescue.

    here's one of my favourite joins: