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Today I am really baking, but I can’t bore you with that every week.
What i really want to be doing is completing this project.

I found this lovely frame tossed on the nature strip the other day…(yeah, i know!!) and I had this vision that it will be my new note board, I just need to find a cork board which fits that isn’t already framed (any ideas where to get that from Melbournians) and cover it in this lovely apple fabric.

It will be done by next week and I can show you the finished product.

Are you having a tea or coffee? Grab another and pop over to Kirsty’s.

  • looks like a start to something sweet.

  • Cant wait to see it finished. But I never get tired of your baking!! Never.xo

  • The fabric and frame are a winning combination. Have fun! x

  • oh, coffee now I think! Always love stopping by your blog – look forward to seeing your note board

  • Beautiful frame, and i love the apple fabric. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  • What about IKEA? They generally have everything know to mankind.

  • It's going to be gorgeous! I love the apple fabric.

  • Clever! I was out looking for cork board a few weeks ago and had no luck. I hope your luck is better. What a lovely blog you have here. I love how it twinkles when arrow goes across!

  • Ooh the frame is awesome! Try going to a hardware store, balsa wood will work the same, or they might have corkboard (and they'll be able to cut it!)

  • It's going to look great!

    I would try Bunnings…

  • Another gorgeous frame, lovely!! Any hardware store should have cork boards, just ask!! I'm going to replicate your black board for Stitches & Craft to display my Creative Lab sewing class times in Canberra, will look so cool. Love Posie

  • Great find! RE: Cork – try ebay…I had a quick look and there seems to be a few selling.

  • Those frames are fabulous! I've been looking for some just like those! Nice find!

  • Oh you can never bore with your lovely baking! But that will be one beautiful board when it's finished.

  • Oh how lovely, can't wait to see it all finished. Just gorgeous!
    Sophie x

  • AS IF we could be bored by your cake pics! pffft.
    I was actually thinking I will pop over here to see whats cooking …

  • Such gorgeous fabric and an ace idea. I'm with the others, go and ask at the local hardware. X

  • I was inspired by your last frame makeover and picked myself up a nice frame at the oppy. A cork board sounds like a great idea for it!
    I'd probably try bunnings or a flooring supplier?

  • Beautiful fabric Cathie. I love fabric covered cork boards, they look lovely. I'm not sure where to find cork without a frame but I found this ( project on Tara Dennis's website and she uses a product called caneite for a fabric covered board. Not sure if that helps. I can't wait to see the finished project.xo

  • That's going to make a gorgeous note board!

  • Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  • Pam

    Really lovely idea, fabric and frame Cathie. Believe it or not, I've never thought to cover cork with fabric and use it that way!! lol. But I'm thinking I will now. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  • I'm visiting the kootoyoo creative spaces and love that you found that frame and putting it to good use. It's amazing what you can find out there!

  • That frame was a great find! Love the fabric it'll look lovely when finished. As for cork board I had a similar problem finding it for a small space of kitchen wall I wanted to make into a board. In the end I bought a pack of cork tiles and did two layers, they are easy to cut down to size. Internet search may be your best bet!

  • So anxious to se what you are going to do with this!

  • A very clever way to use a great find! I like covered noticeboards, and made one for my daughter, but it looks a bit 'unfinished'. I think a frame is exactly what it needs!

  • this will look wonderful … good luck with the corkboard and the material you've chosen will look great over it.

  • Beautiful photo. Beautiful frame. Beautiful fabric. Can't wait to see the "finished" result.

  • That note board is going to turn out fabulously! Can't wait to see how it looks.

  • Exciting!!Can't wait to see the finish creation and good luck with the cork!Bon weekend X

  • Yup – I would have rescued that too!! Lovely material. I spared a thought for you today… ruffling around in my garage of delights, I came upon an old suitcase that I had stuffed in behind some paraphernalia, waiting for the day I would have time to work on it… Will let you know when I do! Bisous

  • I was going to sujest wine corks hot glued onto a recessed backing – it looks great as a cork board and a great way of re using wine corks, but you are covering it. Why not ring around some flooring shops they might have scraps or NQR squares of cork you can use!

  • Can't wait to see the finished product – what a find! & I am loving all things apple at the moment 🙂 XO