My Creative Space…

In a bit of a mess today, baking, tea drinking, baking, more tea drinking and more baking so I can finish early and be able to join the girls tonight for a bit of craftiness and chatting.
Who am I kidding…I know it’s more about the chatting.

But when you spend your days chatting with a 4 and a 2.5 yr old, any chance to hang out and chat with some adults is fabulous!


(Aidan’s creative space today)
Hey, why don’t you pop over to the land of creativity when you get a chance.

  • It's always nice to have some grown ups to chat to! Your photography looks great here…

  • hmm time for tea too :)Have fun!xx

  • Baking, tea drinking, baking, more tea drinking…
    sounds lovely.

  • I think that we are joining up in a couple of weeks with you north side ladies. Can't wait to hopefully meet you. Looks delicious at your place as usual!

  • Wonderful photos..I can relate to the taking to other adults, I often organise play dates with other mums for my sake as much as my kids!!

  • Loving those photos!
    You remind me of the pioneer woman (.com) with the baking and the wonderful photography!!x

  • Yes, I wholeheartedly agree about those luscious looking photos!
    and I love the look of your craft bonanza Cathy… many names i recognise, must be lovely to connect.

  • Love the colour in these pics. Adult interaction is a must..

  • love your strawberry cup! and I would like to lick the beaters please!

  • I find myself chatting to random mums and other carers in playgrounds, just so I can get some interaction other than from a 2 and 5 year old! But I notice they are usually equally as eager to chat, so I think this is a common issue. All day today is just me and my lil guys, so that's why I'm here in some down time chatting to you….and everyone else I can find online lol.

  • Oh yes, totally with you there. Hope you get through all the tea and baking and have a lovely night!

  • YUM!!!! I've been sewing, sewing, sewing!!! Nearly finished two more women's skirts tho – so YAY! May stop by tonight…

  • Yah see you tonight!

  • Thanks for these delicious and beautiful photo's! They really brightened up my day. Have fun tonight, it sounds like just what you need! xo

  • I love your photos! Have a great time tonight.

  • We were all like that on the weekend at the course – Poor Biggan – I am certain that at times she thought 'I wish these girls would just knit'

  • Your pictures are always so great!

  • It sounds like a lovely busy day. Enjoy.

  • You do take the most amazing photographs Cathie! I love the top two of the whisk. Hope you have fun tonight!

  • Oooo is that a Cath Kidston mug!? LOVE it!!

  • Hope you get it all done and cleaned away and have a great night tonight. Love the pic of the mixture dripping off the beater.

  • I can totally connect with your longing for adult conversation. Have a wonderful night 🙂

  • That batter looks good enough to eat raw! Love your photography.

  • Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you're having a busy day.

  • Oh I've missed your lovely photos! Whoa Nelly…that Sew,Mama,Sew! giveaway was insane. Sorry I haven't visited for a while. Glad to be back in such a reviving and inspiring place. You're a star Cathie 🙂

  • such gorgeous pics! But there's nothing wrong with a bit of creative mess.
    Hope you have a wonderful time tonight, I'm so sorry I can't make it. xo

  • Gorgeous images & that mug, very Cath Kidston, ahhhh, love Posie
    PS how did i miss that Choc Cherry post??

  • I know you're going to have a fun night. I can relate to the drinking tea at intervals! Cathy x

  • Yours is always the only creative space that makes my mouth water!

  • Love that second photo!

  • I soooo need a day of baking therapy…all I would need to do is look at your lovely mug and that would be therapy could you not be happy with a mug like that? Hugs my friend.

  • What a perfect day! I'll have one of those days tomorrow, with my niece. always fun!

  • Yum!- to the gooey baking, the cake below and that cute mug! xo m.

  • Can't decide if I love the mug or the balloon whip pictures more…hope your meetup was all you'd hoped for!

  • Hello Sweet Cathie,
    HOW DO YOU DO IT???…make egg shells & dirty beaters look so very artful…you my dear are good…and deserve an amazing weekend…so…go and have one…smile on Rosie

  • Love your photos so much. Hope you had a great night.

  • Love your space, it's making me hungry. Your photography is great! Hope you had fun hanging out with other grown ups for a change. Happy creating.

  • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words… and the feeling is quite mutual…Smile on Rosie

  • Gorgeous pictures, Cathie! I need to have a mug like yours!
    Have a great weekend. xoxox

  • Thank you for your cupcake hug…such a blessing you are…love Rosie

  • Hello~
    Looks like you are creative everywhere! Hope you had fun with the girls and got some time to enjoy creating and chatting! Grown-up-girl chatting is so much fun! Enjoy a beautiful Sunday!
    PS- I am still drooling over that chocolate cake from your last post!

  • You are so blessed to have girlfriends to get together with. I hope it was wonderful.