• These colors are such happy and bright colors, Cathie. They fit just perfectly in the Spring season… oh wait… you're enjoying Autumn time at the moment… hmmm, anyway, the colors are cheerful and happily!!
    Of to visit your link…
    Hope your week is great so far! xoxo

  • your bunting is gorgeous- i love the fabrics you have used especially that cute elephant one!

  • As soon as I started scrolling I thought, wow Cathie’s been sewing!!! And you have been, looks great! What a multi talented lass you are.

  • Gorgeous Cathie!

  • Beautiful!!

  • you constantly do things to 100% don't you? No half efforts here! Just gorgeous and lovely choice of fabrics too!

  • Absolutely gorgeous Cathie, love the fabrics you chose as well, especially the one with the elephants.

  • Cute cute cute! Lucky kids! Love that elephant fabric.

  • This is sooo cute…And as always your pictures are perfection 🙂

  • Oh wow Cathie, that is gorgeous! Love those fabrics together.

  • Oh…Me…Oh…my..I have never made bunting. I have this fear of binding!!! Yours look just FABULOUS!!

  • That elephant fabric is so cute!

  • Crazy cute…So much fun when kids are involved…they are so excitable… enjoy your babies…love your project,really well done…smile on Rosie

  • Well done, the room will look fabulous. Currently munching on a ginger cupcake, mmmm, thanks for the recipe!

  • just gorgeous!

  • I just LOVE it. I have two…unfinished, but done in my head. ha ha If that counts.

  • I really love all the fabrics bunting you made. Love the white polka dots on red fabrics!! So exciting to look at! 🙂

  • Loving the bunting! Just beautiful in those colours.

  • oooh cathie, i'll have to come over for a tutorial. i really want to try making some in gingham for fraser's "farm" party. obviously it is a while away, but as you know, i do like parties…….
    yours looks gorgeous!

  • Love that elephant fabric, I haven't done anything with mine yet, trying to finish all the other stuff!

  • Lovely.

  • Such lovely bunting…the fabric is so cheerful and lovely! Made your gingerbread cupcakes….heaven!! You are going to make me go up a few dress sizes girl! 🙂

  • You must be super pleased with this as it's super beautiful! I'll bet the kids love it too.
    I love the way you photographed it too, it's perfect.
    Cathy x

  • Beautiful. I love the elephant/apple fabric

  • Sweet as.

  • Gorgeous! I just love the happy fabrics you have used.

  • It's just gorgeous Cathie! I really LOVE that elephant fabric!

  • Lovely bunting Cathie!

  • fabulous!! So cook AND you sew. Hmm – you must get many more offers of marriage 😉 LOVE your cheery bunting. Am getting a vague desire to learn to sew 😉

  • I love bunting, Cathie, and yours is some of the cutest I've seen! That elephant and apple fabric is beyond adorable. Okay, I need to haul my sewing machine out of the closet and get stitching! xo

  • It's gorgeous! I love the colours you used.

  • Oh CAthie – I really like that colourful bunting… Um thinking I should make some for the boys rooms…

  • bunting does spread the cheer around doesn't it? I bet it will put a smile on the kid's faces for a long time to come…

  • Everything you touch turns to gold, well pink . . . love Posie

  • {{ if you are missing a cookie~girl
    from your banner

    i confess.
    it was me

    but there were stars falling all around me
    and i thought you would want me to feel at home

    so yes

    that was me.
    eating your banner…

    ooops }}

  • Looks gorgeous Cathie! I love the elephant fabric. Its so rewarding to finish a project, especially if it looks great and you have fun in the process. 🙂

  • all this baking and gorgeous photography and you sew too. where does your talent end?

  • Super dooper cute!

  • so pretty. such happy colours and designs.

  • I love your bunting…red is so pretty! Just looking at it makes me smile today. xoxox

  • Cat

    Absolutely beautiful bunting! I love it 🙂

  • Those fabrics work so well together – happy, happy colours.

  • gorgeous bunting! just gorgeous! love the fabric, looks japanese to me 🙂 my favourite kind of fabric


  • delightfully bright & cheerful, it makes me smile 🙂

  • Apples and elephants belong together.. great bunting!!

    xo Steph

  • I love your bunting Cathie, it is my cup of tea!