• Ooh, I have the same ones as you. I have just been using it to wrap my parcels but I LOVE the peg idea.x

  • I have a problem with painting furniture bright and bold colors. I don't think my husband would let me loose with tape too! It is very lovely though 🙂

  • Just lovely Cathie, you know how to make the humble peg look gorgeous!
    Oh, it looks so addictive – so I better not buy any!

  • I love it!!!! Your decorated pegs would look fantastic in a garland for Xmas to hold all of your cards..

    Jodie 🙂

  • They look so cute…I would never have thought to dress up pegs!!

  • LOVING the pegs Cathie!!!!

  • I love Japanese Masking tape too! too cute!

  • oh I saw that Borders are now stocking this, I had an armload of it yesterday and then did something that I do not normally do, I stopped and said to myself, Tamara – what are you going to do with all this tape? So I put it back and have been thinking about it ever since! The pegs look great!

  • It's the cutest touch to the pegs…. your ideas always bring a smile to my face with your creative ideas!!!
    happy day indeed,

  • Oh wow those are too cute…I have never used it but now I want to.

  • They are gorgeous Cathie!
    I've never used it either – but want to!xx

  • As always, you have fabulous ideas. Thanks for the inspiration….may have to go out and get me some of this tape…if only just to look at.

  • How fantastic is that tape! It looks gorgeous on your pegs..

  • What happy tape! Oh yes, I would cover as much as I could with those smiley sticky tapes.

  • Love the pics Cathie!Thanks for the inspiration xx

  • I have some tape but nothing as cute as those spotty ones. Time to go shopping! Thanks for sharing the link to the shop : )

  • Gorgeous pegs. Just imagine the things yoyu could get up to with that tape….

  • They are so LOVELY – thanks for the inspiration – going to check out links. x

  • totally without you on this Cathie, I'm addicted to it.
    I use it for wrapping guys when I send them off.
    Of course mine aren't so stylish, but rather more childlike ( with lots of bears) See you tonight?xo

  • Wow! I think they're the prettiest pegs I've ever seen:)xo

  • oh i have been having some fun with this tape also … found it last week in a lovely little store and had to have it.

  • Look at how gorgeous it is!
    I love your pegs. I've never used it but I might have to put in order now.

  • Gorgeous ~ so many great uses for it too! Love the pegs.

  • Pretty, pretty, pretty!

    I've been using it to cover some baby jar lids and have plans to make some super quick, little bunting with it.

  • I'm with you. If I had tape like that I would be sticking it everywhere! Even the toddler would not be safe!


  • oooh i love this… for the first time on your blog…i go to follow you!
    Wauw…what a great blog
    greatings from holland

  • So cute…I love that tape! I must order some..polka dots make my heart sing! What a lovely idea.

    Have a great day my friend. xoxox

  • Cathie, what a wonderful find and a great idea, now I will have to start thinking what else I could use it for…..

    Have a lovely evening. xx

  • Oh, I love my tape too! I've used it to "frame" many a photo or picture drawn by nieces and nephews, wrapped around tooth picks…I need to order more of this happy tape!

  • That is pretty cut ebut then I have always been a sucker for anything polka dots!!!

  • What pretty pegs you've created. I love you happy pegs. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  • Ash

    it's lush! so creative of you..as always 🙂

    ~ash's mum

  • I love your cute pegs and I LOVE children's drawings. HAve a lovely evening, sweet Cathie, my Saturday is about to start. xxxx

  • adorable! what a great site 🙂

  • ooo, i knew the pink parasols on the Papermash site looked familiar, they're by Livy from the blog A Field Journal!

  • Cat

    I'm a sucker for washi tape too! 🙂 Gorgeous as always lovely one.

  • i can never have enough of that tape.