My Creative Space…

Creating some new friends to play with whilst big sister is at kinder
admiring lovely gifts from new friends in lands far away and remembering paper and pen…oohh, such a beautiful thing to see in the mailbox
and loving fairytale pressies delivered by sweet Dorothy herself, red shoes and all!
You must be doing something more creative at your place, if not, pop by here, there’s some nice stitching going on.

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Have a happy day

  • O wow – that glasses case looks very familiar 🙂 How lucky are you!!!
    I'm loving those sock puppets even more.

  • Love your crafty new mates & the red shoe wearing one is pretty cool too.

  • Lovely sock puppets, hope they provide hours of fun 🙂

  • What sweeter friends then that of sock puppets? So cute!

  • Enjoy the time with the little man, it is so precious!

  • I adore those sock puppets!!!!!! And what sweet things you received. Lovely things for a lovely lady

  • Hi Cathie. So glad you enjoyed your surprise in your mailbox. Love your site. so many luscious photos of luscious things!

  • very cute sock puppets. love that they're pink- how very feminine. xo m.

  • That glasses pinch purse is a winner. Hurrah for SuperPops.

    Sock puppets look so fun. Really must try some with the lads.

  • How much fun are sock puppets??!! I now need to make some… I should stop looking at everyones creative spaces because I have a big list of things again which I want to do…hehe

    xo Steph

  • Mother's are the most creative people in the world, always having to keep the little ones happy and nurtured. Looks like you met the challenge today! and received some lovely rewards too. Cathy x

  • Those little friends are just the cutest! Love your work! XX

  • Sock puppets are wonderful things, aren't they…sometimes my little girl will just put any 2 socks on her hands, and it's hard to pull them off her.
    Your mail looks very lovely.

  • J.H

    Impressive, should borrow this idea for my toddler 🙂

  • I love the sock puppets you made I don't think I can remember making any of these with my little ones, I think we should give them a go. It looks like a fun activity to do together. Such sweet gifts you got too.:)xo

  • There's a lovely sense of tranquility in your space this week. Super cute little sock folk 🙂

  • I have a two year old in a permanent barely-a-daytime-nap grump. Sock puppets sound like an excellent Friday plan!

  • Awww sock puppets!
    I really need to get the nephews over for some kiddie craft.

  • Love the sockies – I must do this with my little boy – he would love it! Nic

  • You know, I keep a warm eye on you and inspite of my normally verbose manner – I don't always comment. I just smile to myself seeing all the beautiful things you are making and what you are up to. Could really do with some of your nurturing muffins up here at 1700m altitude in the snow and plagued by a house sale that's going poisonous in spite of all efforts to sort things out with grace and sincerity. Sigh – lucky you are around 😉

  • Looks like a lovely day my friend..I so love visiting you…I always leave happy. xoxoxo

  • I see a future softie maker…

  • Sock puppets fabulous! Thanks for the reminder, Little Guy’s probably big enough to enjoy that sort of fun now.

  • oooh puppet socks 🙂 I can't wait to make some with Zoe!

  • Scrumptious fun – lovin' everything about your blog 😉