My Creative Space

A bit of a late creative space this week as we have had a busy end of kinder morning and now it’s all about ME!

So I am cutting pieces and hopefully getting a start on my pincushion to take with me tonight.

Hope to see some of you there and hope to visit some of you here.

and a huge thank you for your sweet words

  • Hope you share the finished product,lovely photos as always..Have a great day!!!

  • Have fun!

    Just letting you know as well that i'm hosting a giveaway at my blog at the moment, and would love for you to enter!

  • Those pins look pretty special, you fancy pants you! Hope you have fun tonight, maybe Kate & I should come along one time? xo

  • Very excited to see what you've got going on there. Have a fab night and I think I like Beck's idea A LOT! XX
    ps thanks heaps for all the lovely messages you've been sending me. I appreciate them so much.

  • Yay … craftiness… is that felt I spy?! Hey I need help with a birthday cake this week end. If you have some advice stop by my blog if you get a chance!! Much Love Steph

  • I just finished my pin cushion today. Have fun!

  • I have been busy pincushion-ing too. Have fun tonight, I wish I lived close enough to call in 🙂

  • Oh yes I need to get busy with my pincushion too! Love your gorgeous photos. Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Sophie x

  • those pins are soo cute! Can't wait to see the pincushion you are planning to make.

  • Your pins are so pretty! Love!

  • Have fun tonight Cathie. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished pincushion.

  • Oh, yes I need to get on with my pin cushion too!! Love those fancy schmancy love heart pins! x

  • Gorgeous pics, love those glowy pins lying there waiting for their new home. : )

  • Lovely pictures Cathie. Enjoy your crafty project! Some how I can never ever have enough pin cushions…. Rather easy to make and sooooo sweet in my cupboard! xo

  • Love the way to show us how you get everything ready for your projects. Your daughter is adorable with that heart cookie in her mouth; thank you for sharing.

  • Hope you had a lovely time last night! Look forward to seeing the beautiful pin-cushion you make.

    Liesl x

  • Kat

    Hey I was just wondering if you would be able to give me some advise. Corey and I are considering moving to Melbourne when I graduate uni and I am trying to get as much advise as possible on what suburbs are nice but not too expensive and just general advise about moving interstate. I thought you might be able to give me some tips on Melbourne. Thanks so much. Its such a big move we want to research as much as possible before making a definite decision.

  • I am so itching a scratching to see what you come up with…oh and I just dribbled over your vintage sewing kit!!! Hope you had a ball at the craft bonanza!! xx

  • Well, if I'd only seen this post last night PRIOR to NCB I would've recognised you by your gorgeous tip shop sewing kit! Still feeling like a git… but lovely to meet you in person finally, and I'll stalk you at a market when I get a chance next. xx G

  • such beautiful photos, am loving those pins. Oh I do wish I could of popped along for a cuppa and some sewing last night, bit far to go though I suppose

  • Great to see you Thurs night