My Creative Space…

Oh my, my creative space involves thread! just maybe, that pincushion has inspired me 🙂
Can’t say that I will manage this at all, but it will be attempted and you may even get to see me do something with fabric after all.

Stay tuned.

Hey, why don’t you have a peek over at Kirsty’s for some more creative spaces.

Psssstt, don’t forget, Northside Makers Market on this Saturday where you’ll get to see some real creativity!

  • Vic

    Oh you've made me very curious – what can it be now…?!

    Can't wait to see – how exciting…! 😉

  • I hope it works! I would love to see the results. I want to get into sewing too!

  • Nat

    Oh my ! …me anxiously awaiting ! : ) !

  • I knew you had it in you Cathie… you'll be whipping up clothes for the kids in no time!!

  • I love that top shot of the blue thread.

  • Ooooh cotton and denim… what are you up to?

  • Good luck Cathie. I'm so excited to see more of what you're up to there… but most of all I hope you're enjoying having a go at something new.

  • Can't wait to see your creation!

  • Good luck with the 'thread' I'm sure your talents will create something just wonderful!

  • Blue binding and thread…how exciting…cannot wait to see.

  • Love the blue. thread, denim and cotton… hmmmm. Love your sweets too they look mouth watering. xo Meagan.

  • WoW!!! Its good to see some FABRIC!!! Congratulations to you..May you have the minimum amount of needle pricks as possible!!

  • good luck! you are certainly braver than me! (but how do you find the time)

  • Oh that beautiful beautiful colour! I'm in love with it already. Best wishes for the finished product. K

  • Woo hoo the pincushion started the addiction!Can't wait to see what you make:)xx

  • As long as you don't stop making cakes, you may do all the sewing in the world!
    Hope to be at the market on Sat, if so I'll introduce myself between mouthfuls.

  • And another sewer is born. I hope you won't be shy in sharing the results of this little experiment.

  • Have fun sewing! I find having an unpicker gadget invaluable, in case things don't go according to plan. Mine gets put to good use! Bye.

  • I am officially holding on to my hat!

  • Good luck. Can't wait to see the results 🙂

  • Go for it! It can be so satisfying to play in a different garden. : )