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It feels like I haven’t baked for you in a while.

Oops, I think I may have been too preoccupied with twirling around.

I made a caramel mud cake and a pear & almond tart for an order but I have more to bake so I might not pop round for a bit.

I’ll have to share my pear & almond tart recipe with you too.

Promise I’ll visit, I hope you put the kettle on, I’ll bring cake 😉

Happy creating

  • Oh Im liking the looks of the white cake.I love coconut.Looks delish!

  • Bec

    yeah I like the look of the white cake too, its way to early for me to be salivating over cake 🙂

  • I'll have a piece of each!

  • oh yeh that pear and almond tart looks good for a nice French style breakfast, espresso in hand !
    Have a happy baking session – lovely to be paid for such splendors

    P.S. let me know if you come across anything using candied ginger in your baking session – i have a care package with a kilo of it 🙂

  • Holy delicious looking! Such pretty pics too.

  • Vic

    Wow hon, they both look AMAZING!

  • Want. it. now 🙂

  • Your photographs are amazing. And that mud cake looks better than the V8 cake on Masterchef (the one with 150 ingredients). Love love love it. Well done.

  • I really, really want to be in your creative space! Your photography is amazing and that cake!! 🙂

  • oh my. the white cake is divine. x

  • Pear and almond tart sounds fantastic. Yummo!

  • delicious as always Cathie! now I feel like something sweet for morning tea …

  • oh my goodness…….my mouth is watering over here!!!!

  • All looks so very delicious. Happy baking

  • Ohh they both look good. I've never tried Caramel Mud Cake before, I'll definitely be trying it though 🙂

  • Pear and Almond tart. Yes please. 🙂

  • Oh they look so delicious! I'm off to put the kettle on…

  • May I add the best cake!
    ssoo many yummy things here. I love a pear dessert xo

  • Anything with pears wins me over….
    happy baking !

  • Yum!

  • They both look soooo delicious – you clever thing! I need to see inside the caramel mud cake! I haven't heard of that one before!x

  • It's not that far to travel. See you soon with that cake. Kettle has boiled! I'm so hungry right now – your cakes always tip me over the edge!

  • Pear and almond tart – my most favourite!! I wouldn't have any problems demolishing the cake either. Too yummy.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  • You have to share that pear tart…please. Looks amazing.

  • Do I have to choose? Or could I please have a slice of each. 🙂

    Happy Week Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Oh yum Cathie. That Caramel Mud Cake looks delicious! I hope all the cooking goes well. Have a wonderful week. xo

  • I could do with cake and a cuppa right now – big time. Wish you were my friendly neighbour, if there was even the remotest chance you would drop in to visit it would brighten my day!

  • Both cakes look extremely tempting!

  • delightful as always XO

  • See, there I was plotting dinner. Now all I'm thinking is late-ish afternoon tea.

  • Please do share the tart recipe; it looks yum!

  • Wow, those look amazing!

  • one word…. drooool!

  • I love how the cursor makes it appear as if I'm dusting sugar on your cakes and tarts!

  • These look sensational Cathie. I'll have a slice of the pear. x

  • Oh my! Salivating a river here!! Those sweet delights look heavenly…you can pop round here anytime!! Wishing you a lovely Friday 🙂

  • I'm sitting here, it late, I have just finished my TAX and boy oh boy I could go one of those tarts!!! yummmmmooo!!! xx

  • my kettle is always on! You are welcome anytime sweet one. Now that cake is amazing…I will be waiting. Hugs. xoxo

  • Those two look amazingly delicious, Cathie. Your home must have a gorgeous smell, everyday. A warm welcoming smell!!
    Enjoy your morning tea and the weekend, sweet friend xxxx

  • yum! Looks beautiful!

  • Looks so so good!

  • If you need a bed and breakfast in sunny Qld, just let me know :)I will do with you baking in my house any time Cathie!!!xx

  • Hi sweet Cathie, I still cannot comment on your two top posts.. So I'm doing it here.. I love love the swirling little Amelie. I love daffodils. Aw, Spring must be in your house right now, we are having a very Fall like weekend… You're leaving the cold, we're entering the cold.
    Have a warm and cozy weekend my friend. xxxxx

  • Is that first picture of a pear & almond tart? That looks amazing, be sure to post the recipe when you find the time 🙂