My Creative Space…

My creative space today is to put together a heart brooch from the heart brooch kit I was very lucky to win from the fabulous Dear Fii
very excited indeed!!!
Thank you Fi
Why don’t you pop round to Kirsty’s for more creative spaces.

edited..because I keep forgetting..oops, have you entered my giveaway 🙂

  • Lucky you Cathie!

  • what fun! the photos reminds me of candy and chocolate

  • I got my brooch kit today too – very exciting – but you've got yours out of the packet, that's much more than I have done so far!

  • I love her heart button brooches. Have fun creating.

  • That DOES look like fun! Enjoy 🙂

  • Oh Cathie, can't wait to see it once you have created it.


  • Such lovely colours! It will look beautiful when it's done

  • Luck you! I really love blog competitions as it's such a nice gesture from the blogger themselves plus there's a lot higher chance of winning as there isn't as many participants as in most competitions.

  • Oh what fun. Those buttons are going to make a beautiful brooch.

  • Looks as if you've had yourself a lovely afternoon.

  • Cat

    SO pretty! And I love that you have had some blog-competition-winning-luck. xo

  • Oh you've reminded me I have a brooch from a Fii kit that I started, I must get back to it. Thanks!

  • The buttons look gorgeous, hope you enjoy making your brooch xo

  • Gorgeous pinks! Looks like a fun project 🙂 hearts are a fav of mine!

  • pink buttons funny :))) i love your photos!

  • Lucky you!!Have fun;)xx

  • Oh Cathie, it's a bit exciting to see some crafty creativity in your space! Maybe some sewing or knitting next….???!!!

  • That sounds like such fun. Do hope that you'll show and tell the end result.

  • so different to making yummy food

  • That looks like fun!!

  • The buttons look oh so pretty! Have fun in your crafty space!:)

  • Looks like fun. You take the best photographs – I love your blog! nic xx

  • what an inspiring space today…

  • I love the color combination on your brooch kit! Looks like fun 🙂

    ps. thanks for your sweet comments about my work and studio on my blog!

  • I was sewing pink buttons tonight..hehe and I must say they are so pretty to look at… not like the big black buttons at all… can't wait to see the finished product!!

    xo Steph

  • I love these colors. What a sweet kit! Hope you're having a lovely day. xoxo Gigi

  • So pretty!

  • What pretty pictures and lovely colours. I've always admired these brooches, I'm sure you'll have fun putting it together!!

  • I scored a simple little heart shaped button in an op shop jar the other day and every time I see it I think of you and your hearts. If you want to email me your address I would be more than happy to send it to you. It just feels like it belongs with you.

  • Lyn

    lovely creative space, cathie!
    will u be sharing the finished product with us? i have no doubt it will look very lovely 🙂