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 I love winter, love the rain, the cosiness, the puddles BUT I don’t like the fact that there isn’t any sunshine and most of the time it feels muddy and gloomy outside.
It has been a little flat in our household of late and I’m sorry that I haven’t been around to say hi to you like I normally would and have just been doing a catch up on google reader. 

You know about my love of bunting, well after seeing a friend had made a birthday bunting for her family, I thought I’d start a new tradition for us as well and make one in time for my little boy who will be 3 soon.
After some great advice and the necessary stuff to stick my letters on it’s nearly there and all that is needed now is to sew it all together.



On our shopping trip, Aidan spotted the truck fabric and was squealing with delight, I had to get it and with a little help from mum will make him a quilt. If I tell you that he has been hugging the fabric since would you believe me!

Happy creating friends, I will pop round to the land of creativity after I have put my cakes in the oven for a cake order.


In the meantime, happy day to you.

  • It's going to be adorable…Atleast twice a week I tell myself we need some bunting in this house. One of these days I will get to it…

    And that truck frabric is too dang cute!

  • What a great idea, birthday bunting. I love the fabrics you've used. I might just have to put that on my to do list.

  • Your bunting is going to be fantastic! I must get one of those on the go, our last birthday had one of those ghastly sparkly paper ones from the supermarket – horror!

  • oh that's so sweet! love the bunting, i think that's a lovely tradition, and i love winter too ~ but also prefer the crisp, sunny days over the gloomy ones!

  • I love the style of letters you have cut out.

    (and its freeeezing here today – even though the sun is out!!!!)

  • Your bunting is going to look amazing! I would like to try and make one myself, do you have any tips to share?

  • Love the bunting! I'm sure that Aidan will just love his quilt when it's ready. x

  • oh wow your bunting looks super fab Cathie, denim is SUCH a great idea as it will hang so beautifully. The truck fabric is indeed very cute too

  • Oh Cathie, I adore what I'm seeing of the bunting- the letters on is that denim?- you truly inspire me to make some for my house with all the beautiful ones you've made. The truck fabric is too perfect too. Hope you have a wonderful day today xo

  • oooooooooooooh lovely!!! i wish i could sew so i could make bunting! hehe

  • Oh there is nothing like a lovely crafty day when the weather is not agreeable. Too cute about the truck fabric ~ very sweet!

    Have a lovely week Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • I think we are all feeling the annual Melbourne winter blues and hibernating in ourselves a little. Well I am anyway.

    The bunting is gorgeous. I love it. Bunting creates instant cheer. I keep meaning to crochet some for the bathroom window.

    See you soon.

  • B

    The bunting will be gorgeous when it's all sewn together… can't wait to see the finish product!

    Sounds like you have trained Aidan well 😉


  • I love this new birthday tradition that you are going to start, what fun it will be.

    Oh that's very cute of Aidan adoring the fabric:) The quilt you are going to make will surely be his favourite.xo

  • love the bunting. i too have pondered around wondering how to do the lettering. are they just ironed on with the sticking interface stuff? that would keep it from raveling would it? look at that y ! did you make your own templates?

  • oh yes, i thought i loved winter too, but this last one in tassie has seriously got me depressed. i cant take one more winter here. xx

  • Denim is so inspirational. I was just about to throw out my husband's jeans but they staying. I'm definitely doing a denim bunting for my boy's room. Maybe you could post on some tips for bunting making??

  • what a great tradition to start! that one is gorgeous.

    the truck fabric is quite the find! looking forward to seeing the quilt.

    hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Kat

    I love winter too but am also feeling a little sapped by all the gloomy raininess lately. I am going to make bunting for our engagement party. Not sure what sort yet but it will be cute.

  • It is raining non stop here too!!Kinda not really happy…How sweet your creative space is!Looking forward to see your quilt!Hope you have a nice week xx

  • oh yes, i can believe he has wrapped himself up – my son stole the "traffic" fabric I bought him and laid it out on the floor and played with his matchbox cars for ages!! I am loving the bunting – so cute!!

  • I'm another who has planned birthday bunting for ages, and yesterday as I hung the crappy cardboard one I got at the last minute from the supermarket – I promised myself it will be done by next year!!
    Good on you – it looks like it will be lovely.

  • I just adore bunting too. This will be fabulous. I really like your blog!

  • preparation time, birthday's always send me into full crafting mode. cute crafting, cathie.

  • Your bunting is looking great – I have made some for my little girl's room but am yet to hang it 🙂 I love the truck fabric!! And funnily enough, the yellow and white fabric on your bunting is one I've been eyeing off on my last few trips to Spotlight – I think I may have to get some 🙂

  • Good luck with the quilt…if you can pry it out of you little misters hands :o)

  • Your bunting is looking really good, love the fabric you've used. It is so nice to have some family traditions, I especially like the ones where we add our own personal touch to.

  • Denim bunting? Lady, you are craftier by the very minute! Love it (even though somewhat over birthdays)…

  • Gorgeous! I love taking the kiddles out fabric shopping, as they spot things that you would normally not look at. can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for stopping by at Little cooties. See you next week 🙂

  • Birthday bunting is a wonderful idea. Looks great so far.

  • That is a lovely idea….I can see it still being used at their 21st's!! 🙂 if only I could sew! hang in there Cathie…Spring will be here soon- I hope!! XO

  • Oh yeah, bring on some sunshine already!
    I had fantasies all week of selling up and moving up North. Unfortunately the Mr likes the cold and likes his farm too.
    LOVE the birthday and bunting and if he's anything like Pepper he's probably asleep with his fabric too. XX

  • Aww how cute is that bunting! If you need some more boys fabric for the quilt just let me know. I have quite a bit which will mix and match…. and probably some more trucks too!

  • Oh soooo lovely…I do not have any bunting but I must say I am charmed by it..must get on it. xoxox Happy weekend..sending you some of our SUN!

  • please let me reply blogger.. p l e a s e

  • yay after 3 weeks or so of not letting me reply to your posts.. I AM BACK!!

    love the bunting!! great idea!!


  • love it… just darling… xx pam

  • Well Hello There Dear Friend,
    Love this birthday bunting idea, A great NEW family tradition.
    And I'm sure your quilt will be the hit of the party…love Rosie

  • hey Cathie….
    love love your bunting….. could you give me the link to the advice you speak of and the supplies needed for attaching the letter's my wee boy's birthday is on the 12th next month and would love love to get this done in time :)) PS loving the fabric your wee man chose!! x

  • Love the bunting, I just finished mine 🙂

  • ooh I have been meaning to learn how to make bunting for a while. No chintz in Sydney are running a bunting workshop this month.. You have inspired me to go along!

  • i love the truck fabric as well. ; )

  • It's so nice to read about winter in snow… we're suffering from heat %)

  • I am definitely committing myself to making bunting after seeing how cute yours is!