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Creating some butterfly cupcakes for an order, they are gluten free & dairy free and you know what I love about the blog community, if you need some advice, there is always some sweet someone who is more than happy to help. Merci Sandrine x
I have to drop these off and will be back for some more baking, hopefully, some baby cupcakes…I am soooo excited, my sis is in the hospital right now and we are anxiously awaiting a new creation.

Have fun creating, will pop by and visit you later and may see you tonight at the NCB .

I am sooo excited!!!

  • oh a new addition! How exciting! The cakes looks gorgeous! Have a great day x

  • I agree, they look both gorgeous and delicious!

  • oh these look too yummy! and a "new creation" that's very exciting! best wishes to all the family!

  • what an exciting day! and those cakes look lovely… and maybe I'll meet you tonight at NCB? (if you're not busy meeting a new little person!)

  • The cakes look beautiful. Good luck on the bub front – we are still waiting for me nephew to make and appearance and he was due last Monday.

  • How exciting for your family – a new bambino! Those cupcakes look perfectly fabulous and delicious.

  • oh cathie, dear friend, can i please just eat one of those, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Totally jealous of the new addition, I can't wait to be an aunt one day…Lovely cupcakes!!! Can't wait for the good news 🙂

  • beautiful as always cathie…enjoy those soft baby cuddles. x

  • How exciting!! A new baby!!!! xx
    lovely cakes, look so yum, I am hungry- for cake.

  • These look delicious. I'm gluten and dairy intolerant so these would be absolutely perfect. xox

  • Oh they are so gorgeous, Cathie. Have a lovely day baking and waiting. How exciting!! xx

  • Ooh, those are gorgeous!! I have ordered Bakerella's cakepops book, just for fun, partly because I just discovered and realised I can get it for rather less than I can in the store. Sorry, off track!

    Hope the new bub arrives safely and I'm sure it will be just as gorgeous as those cupcakes!

  • Your cupcakes are beautiful as always Cathie. I wish I could pipe like you.

  • oooo I got butterflys in my tummy when I read your sister is in hospital ready to have little bubba! the most wonderful feeling ever (that is until the action really starts!)

  • these are so sooo pretty! hope all goes well with your sister, very exciting 🙂

  • These are beautiful my friend…your creations always make me smile and want to run out into the kitchen and bake.

    Hugs. xoxoxo

    Love to your sister.

  • They are devine! and your photography is always lovely. Little baby cupcakes sound so cute

  • Oh, how sweet! I live vicarioulsy through seeing your baking images. And now I am just thinking I forgot to take a photo of the birthday cupcakes my kids made for me. They weren't very pretty- they were sponge bob ones! They turned out such a mess we called them sponge blobs ;o)

  • Best wishes to your sister and the new creation. How exciting!

  • Vic

    Ooooooh, how exciting! Congrats to your sister, and to you My Dear, a more lovely Aunt I could not imagine… 😉

    Beautiful cupcakes… but that's nothing new, is it?!

  • How exciting!! I'm waiting to be an aunt very soon as well wouldn't it be amazing if they were born at the same time.
    Cant wait to see you tonight!!! xo

  • aww good luck with your sister 😉 And those cakes are just beautiful, they look so light and so pretty, to good to eat. very clever you are. Dee x

  • As always I love seeing your baking creations – they are simply stunning!! What a wonderful way to spend the day baking with the anticipation of a new arrival looming – happy days to you!

  • Oh, those exciting hours of waiting… hope your sister will be fine and the sweet petit off course too. Keep us posted! Your gorgeous cupcakes look amazing, sweet Cathie, as always.
    Have a lovely evening, hopefully you get to drive to the hospital to warm welcoming the newest family member 😀

  • oh I could eat those they are gluten and dairy free and look delish!

  • Loving those little butterflies Cathie!

    I hope everything goes well for your sister, you must be on tenderhooks! So very exciting!!xx

  • Beautiful cakes – how exciting, waiting to meet the new arrival!

  • They look {as always} DIVINE!! Yum. x

  • oh Cathie these look divine!!! Hope you are an auntie by now xx

  • Wonderful news, Auntie Cathie! What excitement!!

  • I always enjoy the peaks into your creative space. I've told you before how much I love your blog name, right? It's the most beautiful attitude, the most beautiful way to make a life. I am actually in too much of a rush. This is my little break before the class comes in from recess. I just have a moment and I wanted to personally invite you to participate in my blog swap. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'd love it if you'd join us. Of course, I totally understand if you can't or don't want to. Take care. Many blessings to you and yours.

  • Bec

    They look great Cathie! I would love the recipe if you have can, I have a felling that my daughter may be sensitive to gluten and my son is to dairy so this would be great to try! Thanks for your offer to help with my blog xxxx

  • Beautiful and Gluten Free…my daughter would love these!

  • You are so talented;
    I sure wish I lived closer to your place, I can almost taste the cupcakes.

  • Hi Cathie!
    What sweet cupcakes! The butterflies are so delicate.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family ~


  • oooh I have to be gluten-free and I have never seen such delicious looking GF treats !!! Here I am drooling….. 😛
    congratulations on your new nephew !
    a happy healthy life to this family of 5 x

  • Beautiful work as usual!