• Gorgeous! I love the heart stamp. Hope all is going well with you and your family.

  • So fab!! What do you use to carve the stamp from? Is it some special stamp carving product I should know about??
    Sorry I missed your post the other day – I hope things are off your back a bit today and that the sun in shining in through your windows again 🙂

  • Hey Cathie, very cute stamps…and note, and hey, behind that note, hmmm, is that an apple? Hooray! Creating is good for the soul x

  • Lovely! Of course I love the heart shape best, but all are so sweet. Must put a little note in for Rosie tomorrow! Hope you week is going well, lovely to be in your space xo

  • oh they are gorgeous! I love the little lunch box notes too! Hope you are well xo

  • OH I have been wanting to give it a shot for a little while…That is fabulous Cathie!Elsa is refusing to eat her lunch lately :(, maybe I should try to make it fun like that?

  • just adorable as always Cathie – how lovely that you pop an note in your kids lunch boxes, what a gorgeous sentiment xx

  • Apologies for not commenting to you lately. Love the stamps. Must catch up!!!!!

  • I love your stamps, they are gorgeous!

  • I really want to do this and tried t o order supplies online at christmas but everywhere was closed!! Where do you get yours???

  • Gorgeous! x

  • Jen

    You're so clever 🙂 xx

  • So cute! My girls love stamps, I think I need to learn how to make some!

  • Hi Cathie!
    That heart is too cute! I didn't know stamps can be made by one self, thanks for the tip.
    You know, I make lunch box messages too, she still loves them at 13, so as long as I can do it now and then, I will! Time really flies, perhaps a sign that I really am getting older…oh well, that's why I try to stay focused on the little things that count (not always as easy as it sounds…). Couldn't stop thinking if you where doing better, so glad to see that you created a heart, always good for the soul.
    Maureen xx

  • O Wow what a lovely sweet idea 😉 You must have a very steady hand to cut those out. Bet the kids love them to. Have a lovely day, dee xx

  • they are so lovely, gorgeous idea! Have a wonderful weekend..xx

  • They are so cute! How did you make them ?
    I used to love putting notes in my childrens lunch boxes but now they have hot school dinners.
    I'm not sure if they were appreciated or shoved very quickly back in to the box.

  • Loved the stamps. The heart is especially fabulous. I've been in a somewhat of a slump myself of late and only just read a previous post about your 'sadness'. I've been in a serious 'sadness' state for a while. So much so that I finally gave up my blog. But I'm still around reading lovely blogs (ahem, yours of course). I hope you get through this yucky part and come out the other side a little better.

  • Tas

    Aw, gorgeous. Takes me back to my high school art classes cutting lino days! Maybe I need to revisit…

  • wow i love love LOVE that heart stamp. actually they're both pretty cute!
    hope you're feeling better!

  • How cute! I LOVE that heart (of course).

  • Wow, Cathie, these are beautiful – and thank you for including the supplier details, this has been a "one day I will try this" thing on my list for a while! See you soon, xo

  • Clever lady they are just beautiful and truly you.Thanks for sharing.

  • They are so cute Cathie, what did you carve them out of? Hope you are feeling much better xo Rach

  • Lunchbox notes – what a sweet idea! I will have to add carving stamps to my "to do" list… I love stamping! 🙂

  • Very clever Cathie! I have always wanted to try this – thanks so much for the link with supplies. Lunchbox note is precious. I still remember the smiley faces my Mum drew on oranges on occasion in my lunchbox 🙂

  • You are so uber talented, Cathie. Best of all you always make me want to have a go too!! x

  • That heart stamp is divine. And I love how you write notes for your kids' lunches. You're just too gorgeous. And how are you feeling? Thinking of you… xxx

  • Oh, these are wonderful. I want some! Really cute. I think I'm going to link up this week to creative spaces or is there a creative mess post? x

  • Cathie how simply adorable. I'm loving both of your stamps. You're a clever cookie that's for sure. That note would have made her day. Have a relaxing weekend OK. Pruxxx

  • Gorgeous I love them all!!!! I can't pick a fave.
    sending you much love and hugs xo

  • Delightful, Cathie. Thank you for following my blog – now I've found yours back and it's wonderful x

  • Sweet sweet friend…I just received that most thoughtful little treat in my mailbox today!!! Thank you soooooooo much…so unexpected and so appreciated..how thoughtful are you!Always thinking of others.

    I am in love with everything and can't wait to do some baking!!! Happy dance. I am so going to have so much fun…SO FUN…so happy it is Spring Break…time to bake. xoxo

    You really did brighten my rainy day….a million thanks…hugs and love to you sweet one. xoxoxoxoxo

  • What a gorgeous way to remind your princess that you are thinking of her.
    Its been such a crazy year I still haven't played with my set from you. I must. have a wonderful weekend. X

  • These are fabulous – LOVE these pretty hearts! Must try this one day. Have a happy weekend!

  • Gorgeous stamps, and I love your photos – they always make me smile.

    I'm definitely trying these!

  • Hey Cath, I've been slowly getting back into the swing of blogland and have just caught up on some of your posts. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling yourself. I think we can all relate to this. Sometimes I find it helps just to sit with it for a while and think about why I'm feeling that way. A wise colleague of mine has a saying: "if you're feeling crappy, sad or confused…welcome to the human race". It helps put it into perspective when I think I may be the only one feeling that way. Sending you my virtual hugs. By the way, those stamps are fantastic and you've inspired me to give it a shot. Your photos are always exquisite. I now have a new and very much improved camera yet I have no idea how to take shots like yours. You have a gift my friend….on so many levels. Have a great weekend.